Your essential skincare guide

Your essential skincare guide


The biggest praise that folks love to hear is, “you look beautiful”. A face that glows and looks pristine is not only a sign of beauty, but also a symbol of good health. Like your body, the skin also needs the care to maintain its charm and attractiveness. The skin is the topmost layer of the body and is exposed to harmful rays of the sun and pollutants present in the environment. Staying outside for long often damages the skin and makes it look pale and dull. If you don’t pamper your skin, over the years it will turn out to be dry and full of wrinkles making you look more than your age. Along with having a healthy diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, it is vital to follow a suitable skincare routine to keep your skin lively and lustrous. Below are few tips that can help you get a wonderful skin.

1) Get over the dirt– Never sleep with your makeup on, as it can lead to various skin outbreaks and clog the pores of the skin. Take a mild cleanser and remove of all impurities of the skin with warm or cold water.  Use olive oil or an eye cleanser to clear off eye makeup. Select the cleanser based on your skin requirements, like an oily skin needs gel based essentials to ward off impurities, dry skin needs milk-based products to retain moisture on the skin.

2)Exfoliate your skinIn order to experience a glowing skin it is vital to first remove the dead skin cells. The use of exfoliator or scrub tends to make this process easier. The scrubs eliminate the outer dead skin, ameliorate clogs and quicken new cell development leading to healthy clear skin. Moreover, the process of exfoliation doesn’t need your regular attention; it can be undertaken once or twice weekly. However, men and women having sensitive skin need to be extra careful while using scrubs and only opt for fruit-based scrubs, which doesn’t contain any microbeads to prevent skin irritation.

3)Hydrate – The skin loses moisture each day due to changing weather conditions, skin growth and also due to the usage of soaps. Using a good quality moisturizer after a bath helps in combating dryness and skin dullness. During the day, when the skin is exposed to harmful sunrays, it is vital to use a sunscreen, the SPF of the item depends on how long you remain in the sun. For shorter durations, a sunscreen with SPF 15 works well but for longer time-period, you may need a sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or 60. Moreover, during the night, it is important to pamper your skin with a thicker formula like olive oil or a night cream. These help in repairing the skin and keeping it soft and supple for a healthy glow.

Along with these processes, it is necessary to not indulge in prolonged hot water showers, as it leads to dry skin and even losing the protective oils of the skin. Regular exercise and having a stress free life is also key to maintain an attractive skin.


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