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Why Wait Until Jan. 1? Start This Supersimple 6-Step Fat-Loss Plan Today

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused about how to move forward on your weight-loss journey, here’s a simple plan from fat-loss coach Carter Good (@cartergood on Instagram) to help you get started. With colder weather and the holiday season, Carter said it may be hard to muster up the discipline to stay consistent with a weight-loss plan. You may be thinking, “Forget it. I’ll just start Jan. 1.”

Only you know if now isn’t the right time. But what if it was? What if you started today? Imagine waking up on New Year’s Day, feeling lighter and stronger, with an arsenal of healthy habits built up? You’ll feel “energized and excited to make 2019 the year you build the body and health you’ve always wanted,” Carter wrote. End 2018 on the highest note possible, feeling proud and psyched to keep going.

If you’re ready now, Carter’s plan is a great place to begin. To follow it, he recommends starting each week with one of these habits; if you already do one, move on to another. He also said you can follow the order he has or pick and choose which ones you want to start with. “There’s no right way to do it,” he wrote. “All six habits are going to help you stay mindful and consume fewer calories.” Let’s do this!

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