When Talking To Boy Scouts Is A Real Moral Dilemma

When Talking To Boy Scouts Is A Real Moral Dilemma

When scouts turn up at your door selling their wares, we tell ourselves that by buying a box of sugary goodness, we’re really donating to a worthy cause that helps children across the country. No matter if it’s a box of Thin Mints from the Girl Scouts, or some caramel coated popcorn from the Boy Scouts, the guilt of possibly adding to your waistline is squashed by the moral superiority you feel.

But what happens when your choice of flavor can have some real world consequences?

The team over at Funny Business continue their ‘Door To Door’ series with a sketch that forces a friendly couple into a moral dilemma when a Boy Scout comes selling popcorn for charity.

Watch the first installment of their series below with a sketch that deals with the horrors of war and the ugly consequences of telling an honest citizen that their loved one never made it back from battle.

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