Von Miller Gives His Fitness Tips

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Von Miller Gives His Fitness Tips


NFL star Von Miller has become a success not only due to his talent and ability but also his lifestyle and works ethic. Here are some of the fitness tips that helped him reach the next level.

Super Bowl Success

Von Miller with trophy

Although Von Miller was always a successful football player, he really reached the next level when he changed his health and nutrition habits. His changes allowed him to endure a grueling season and become a Super Bowl champion.

Get the Rest Your Body Needs

Man and woman sleeping

It may sound easy to do, but many people overlook their need for rest. If you’re working out and staying active, you have to get enough sleep to reap the benefits. Miller sleeps for extra hours during the playoffs and regular season.

Two-A-Day Workouts

Two people running

Miller’s unique schedule as an NFL player gives him the ability to work out more than once each day. He took advantage of his time during the morning and evenings to work out more often in preparation for his Super Bowl winning season.

Train Your Body In Different Ways

Girl stretching

The doubled-up workouts allowed Miller to use one workout per day on weight training and another on speed and explosiveness. If you have multiple times to work out, you can do the same by working on flexibility, strength, endurance, or other areas during certain workouts.

Nutrition to Succeed

fruits and vegetables

Miller realized early on that his body requires plenty of protein and quality food. He focuses on eating lean meats while taking in raw vegetables from time to time for convenience and nutrition.

Don’t Get Burned Out

Von Miller throws a football

You’ll get tired of working out really fast if you do the same workouts all the time. That’s why A very good fitness tip is to switch things up occasionally. For Miller, that meant occasionally throwing passes or running routes like a wide receiver.

Other Fitness Tips to Consider

Von Miller running

There’s a lot to know when you want to be at your best, but the most useful tips are the ones that are easiest to implement. These other areas to consider will help you ensure your success.

Make Sure Fitness Is Fun

Girls holding yoga balls

Von Miller says that it’s important to have fun when working out. If you aren’t having fun, try taking a break or adding elements to your workouts that will make them more enjoyable. That way, you’ll continue on the path you’re on.

Change It Up Regularly

Girl exercising

Von Miller has also benefited from a multi-faceted approach to health and nutrition. In addition to switching up your strength or conditioning workouts, try different types of exercise, as well. Do some yoga or try Pilates, for instance. You never know what might help you grow as you work towards your goals.


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