Top 10 Fitness Vacations

Top 10 Fitness Vacations


The newest trend of 2018 in fitness, is one that might turn some heads, it combines fitness and sports with vacations, where training fanatics are spending their weekend, in beautiful natural reserves. So let’s take a look, at the top 10 fitness vacations around the world that 2018 has to offer.

Sicily cycling tour
This trip consists of a 10 days, 120 km cycling trip, through Europe’s biggest island, Sicily. Throughout this legs braking adventure, you will be treated to the beautiful Mediterranean coastlines, as well as views of old Italian cities and towns, truly a trip that takes your breath away.

Santosh Retreats
This sensual trip is meant for the ladies. In Ibiza, you will be treated to group dancing classes, where you will enjoy dancing at the rhythms of Salsa, Bachata, Jive and many more. These are offset by private dancing and yoga classes, to give you all the time to relax and learn the proper dancing routines.

Big Blue Swim, Ionian 12 Islands
If swimming is more your style, then these 12 Greek untouched islands, with their clear turquoise waters, are sure to have your attention. Big Blue Swim offers an irresistible 7-day trip throughout the 12 islands for 800 euros per person, a small price to taste paradise on earth.

Le Grand Bellevue
Does relaxing by sipping hot chocolate, and yoga classes’ sound more like your thing? Well then the Swiss Alps might just be your ideal fitness destination. While you are not busy sipping herbal teas, you can take long hikes through the snow-covered beautiful Alps.

The Body Holiday
Are you perhaps unsure of what activity you want to do? Well The Body Holiday, located in the beaches of Santa Lucia, has everything you could think of, from relaxing yoga and spa sessions, to high intensity training exercises.

Swimtrek vacation model, involves making you swim yourself to fitness, or about 4km a day, through the azure and temperate waters of Eastern Europe, this is accompanied by hikes on foot of the beautiful national parks and breathtaking landscape of the Slovenian Alps.
Pop up fitness
For those that truly want a breathtaking fitness vacation, in the literal sense, Pop up fitness has the answer for you, an intense boot camp, with an insane diet, and a beautiful view of the French countryside.

Yoga Season Experience
Now, if you like looking at beautiful French mountains, but don’t like to brake your back in intense workouts, you can spend your weekend at Lake Geneva, in a five-star spa hotel, spending your days in yoga classes and tasting the exquisite French cuisine.

Alladale Wilderness Reserve
If you feel like you need to move away from the buzzling city and its noise, and to reconnect back to your roots, then there is no better vacation than a week in the Scottish highlands, where you will get to enjoy fly fishing, mountain hiking and barefoot running.

The Nevis Triathlon
Triathlons have always been the best trial of one’s fitness. Incorporating 1km of swimming, 10 km running, and 62 km cycling, the Nevis Triathlon will take you through the perimeter of the dormant Nevis volcano, its beaches and jungle.


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