The Perks Of Adding Fish Oil To Your Diet

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The Perks Of Adding Fish Oil To Your Diet


Fish oil is considered to be a vital component of our regular diet. It strengthens our immunity system and keeps us away from several heart diseases. However, the intake of fish oils has been linked with the prostate cancer in men. This research study has caused a lot of havoc with those who were actively taking fish oils as a regular component of their diet. Read on to know the benefits and side effects of fish oil and decide whether you should really be taking fish oil or not.


Fish Oil for Brain Development

Different studies have shown positive effects of fish oil in the development of the brain and its functions. Fish oil is known to reduce the occurrence of Alzheimer that is caused by low levels of DHA.

Healthy for Pregnant Women

Fish oil has been termed as a healthy component for pregnant women. As per a research, women who intake sufficient amount of fish oils give birth to babies with enhanced eye and hand coordination and better cognitive development. Furthermore, it also reduces the risk of premature deliveries and post-pregnancy depressions. Fish oil is also known to prevent newborn babies from developing allergic reactions.

Apart from healthy pregnancy duration, fish oils have also been associated with enhanced fertility and helping in getting pregnant.

Reduces the Risk of Mental Diseases

Fish oils are known to reduce the risks of various mental disorders such as depression, dyspraxia, bipolar disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder among children.

Helps in Reducing the Risks of Heart Diseases

One of the major benefits of fish oil is that it is healthy for our heart and prevents it from the occurrence of many diseases. It helps to prevent the risk of blood clotting in the heart, coronary heart diseases, and heart attack.

Stops the Growth of Cancer Cells

Fish oil can help in reducing the risk of developing of different cancer cells. It has shown resistance against breast, colon, and prostate cancer and inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

Side Effects

Fish oils are usually considered to be safe and free of side effects. However, high intake of fish oils can harm an individual in some ways. It might increase the level of sugar and be a cause of diabetes. Although, fish oils are known to enhance the immunity system but its higher dose can have the opposite effect and lead to a weaker immunity system. There have been noted effects of a higher dose of fish oils causing liver diseases in the body of an individual.

Looking at both the aspects of fish oils, it can safe be said that fish oils are absolutely safe for our body. It can have various positive effects on our body, however; the quantity of fish oil matters a lot. You need to consult your dietitian to know the ideal quantity of fish oil in your regular diet to get its maximum benefits without any risk of side-effects.


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