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The Metallic Lipsticks That Finally Made Me a Believer in Lipstick

Growing up, I always admired the women who were prepared for every situation. To me, that meant keeping three things in your bag at all times: a piece of dark chocolate, a few hair ties, and at least one lipstick. My mom learned this trick from my grandma, who said the right shade of lipstick can change everything.

A couple of years ago, I decided to adopt this motto. Even if I didn’t put on any other makeup, I would be wearing some kind of lip product. But this got harder and harder every single day. Some of my lipsticks would dry on my lips and look horrible by the end of the day; some matte formulas were so hard to get off that I would have to scrub my lips every single night. Just like that, after three months of wearing lipstick daily, I stopped completely.

Then, after a few weeks into my internship at POPSUGAR, my curiosity over the Beauty collection came over me. Of course, I really wanted to try the new Gem Sticks lipsticks, hoping that somehow they would change my mind. I had three shades in my hands: Gosh Garnet, Ruby Rising, and Precious Pink. All of these lipsticks were easy to apply, and they smelled amazing.

You can see what the colors look like, plus my full review, in the slides ahead. Spoiler: I think I finally understand what my grandma was talking about all along.

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