The Keto Beginning Review

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The Keto Beginning Review

the keto beginning review

The Keto Beginning is a highly comprehensive guide and nutritional program, helping you transition into a ketogenic state. As you reduce your carb intake and increase your intake of healthy fats, you will finally shed those stubborn pounds, all while feeling like a new and improved version of yourself. This guide takes you on a journey, and as long as you’re willing and motivated, you too can achieve incredible results.

The Keto Beginning began when the author, Leanna Vogel, decided to change her diet and life. Documenting her experiences, she then developed a program that could help the masses. Based on scientific research, the tips and advice are backed by evidence, as well as her own personal experiences The Keto Beginning takes the guesswork out of healthy living — see for yourself!

About The Keto Beginning

Are you ready to lose weight and improve your health, but simply do not know where to begin? If so, The Keto Beginning will be your one-stop shop. Everything you would possibly need to know about the highly effective ketogenic diet, can be found within the program. Covering ALL the bases, you’ll know what to eat, when to eat, how to exercise, and so much more.

About the Author of The Keto Beginning

Leanne Vogel was like any other woman, trying to improve her health and weight. After switching to a whole food diet, she was determined to discover the causes behind her hormonal and weight-related issues. She began writing a 30-day journal, covering the foods she was eating, along with any symptoms.

ketogenic diet plan guide basics

What to Expect From The Keto Beginning

In Chapter 1: It Begins Here, you will learn how it is your body functions, specifically in relation to ketosis. In order to understand why you’re taking part in this program, you need to know how your digestion works in relation to carbs and fats. The goal here, is to become fully keto-adapted.

By Chapter 2: My 30-Day Experience, you’ll be intrigued by the author’s personal journey. In many ways, you’ll likely relate parts of her journey. She had severe issues with her hormones, was gaining weight, and was simply out-of-touch with herself and her body. This is when she began her daily journal, focusing on what she was eating, in addition to how she felt.

In order to better prepare you for your journey ahead, Chapter 3: 9 Gems of Advice, focuses on what you may experience in relation to brain fog, hunger, nausea, and more. After all, your body is transitioning into a new, more sustainable state. As you begin to alter your diet, your body will adapt, allowing you to feel like a whole new person.

Chapter 4: How I Found My Macros, helps address the importance of macronutrients. Covering everything from calorie intake to your metabolism, you will then discover what it is your body truly needs. Once you begin to understand how a ketogenic state influences your body, you’ll soon realize that natural weight loss is possible.

Soon you will see that fat is not the enemy, and Chapter 5: Ode to Fats, goes into greater detail regarding this critical macronutrient. Learn all about fat digestion, the importance of good fats, as well as the dangers associated with bad fats. This is an important step, and the following chapter will guide you in terms of your new grocery list.

Chapter 6: The Macro-Rana Dance, covers all the foods you’ll want to readily consume on a daily basis. Offering a thorough list of fats, proteins and carbs, you’ll know exactly what foods to stock your fridge and pantry with. From beverages to spices, this is a great chapter to constantly refer back to.

Although fresh is best, there are some store-bought items that Leanne highly recommends. Outlined in Chapter 7: What to Watch For, certain foods are listed in terms of her recommendations. For example, when purchasing bacon, opt for sliced pork belly instead of the heavily processed, sugar coated options.

When starting this diet, expect the keto-flu. Although you will feel drained and weak, this simply means that the diet is working, and you’re currently transitioning into a new state. Chapter 8: Power Supplements For Every Day, will help guide you through this challenging time, offering key tips for each day.

Chapter 9: Lessons On Low Blood Pressure addresses the fact that your blood pressure will likely drop. In order to maintain a healthy balance, you’ll need to drink plenty of water, focus on your salt intake, and more — all which is outlined in detail.

In order to be more in-tune with your body, you need to test your blood sugar and your blood ketone levels. By following the recommendations in Chapter 10: Testing, Testing, 1-2-3, you’ll not only understand when you should test, but how you should perform these tests.

By the time you reach Chapter 11: Actions That Increase + Decrease Ketones, you’ll discover what it is you need to do in order to increase ketones, and what causes a decrease in ketones. For example, when aiming to increase ketones, take MCL oil, regulate your blood sugar and consume moderate amounts of protein.

Followed by an additional six chapters, including: Chapter 12: Workouts + Endurance; Chapter 13: Eating Schedules + Intermittent Fasting; Chapter 14: After the 30 Days; Chapter 15: The Shopping Lists; Chapter 16: Meal Plans; and Chapter 17: Recipes, this program is certainly a page turner.

ketogenic weight loss results

How Will I Benefit From The Keto Beginning?

When you first order this program, you’ll notice that it’s not only unique, but credible. The advice and tips provided throughout are not only based on Leanne’s experiences, but also scientific studies. This is a diet that works — helping you maintain a healthy weight, all while boosting overall wellness.

In that sense, positive health is the greatest benefit, but you’ll also love the program itself in terms of the way it’s written and presented. Anything but boring, you’ll be excited about your new journey, as you work towards your short- and long-term goals.

In Summary 

Offering a money back guarantee, you have NOTHING to lose. See why so many people are switching to a ketogenic diet, and how it can improve your life — order The Keto Beginning program today!


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