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Let’s Get Sweaty: 9 Peloton Instructors You Should Take Classes From in 2021

You might have noticed Peloton has been the go-to home workout for a lot of people who can’t make it to the gym right now, whether they bought a bike or treadmill or started paying for the app, which features classes that don’t require the brand’s equipment. Personally, Peloton has given me the means to…
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I Was Nervous to Get Back Into Running – but Peloton’s Guided Runs Made It So Much Easier

Looking back, my break from running needed to happen. Without working in any other cardio variation (or giving myself enough rest), I had mentally exhausted myself of it, and my routes became stale and boring. Top all that off with nightly knee pain, and you can see why I called it quits. But after four…
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Shonda Rhimes Is Teaming Up With Peloton For a Motivational Class Collection

Last month, Peloton announced an unprecedented partnership with Beyoncé, and now they are back with another exciting collaboration. This time, the popular fitness app is joining forces with one of the most influential women in television: Shonda Rhimes. The prolific TV producer behind Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away With Murder worked with Peloton…
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If You’re Wondering How Cody Rigsby Creates His Fire Peloton Playlists – Here’s How

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Cody Rigsby (@codyrigsby) After every Peloton class I’ve taken by instructor Cody Rigsby, I always think to myself, “This guy has great taste in music.” But I’d like to give him more credit than that. Rigsby strategically curates his playlists with the sole purpose of connecting…
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The Peloton Instructors Share Their Beyoncé Series Outfits – Get Ready to Fall Crazy in Love

When I first started taking Peloton classes, I was quite honestly amazed by the workout outfits the instructors put together, prompting me to quiz them on how they get dressed for the spotlight. But this far into social distancing at home, I feel like a Peloton digital app veteran, and I expect these guys to…
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Peloton Just Announced the Release Date For Its Smaller, Less Expensive Tread

The Peloton fitness program seems more popular than ever, as many are increasingly making the switch to at-home workouts. But the hefty price tag of its top-of-the-line machinery – the Bike, the Bike+, and the Tread+ – may understandably deter those who are trying to decide whether or not home-workout equipment is a worthwhile investment.…
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Ally Love on the Special Bond She Shares With the Other Peloton Instructors

Ally Love, a senior Peloton instructor, was one of 11 teachers when she joined the company four years ago. Now, that count has reached 34 teachers – and Love said her incredible colleagues and the community she’s helped cultivate solidifies her sense of purpose. “As an early instructor, it’s been incredible to see this sensational…
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Calling All Peloton-Lovers: This Gift Guide Is For You

We’ve always been big fans of Peloton’s fitness content, but it feels like the brand has exploded in popularity this year, thanks in part to its extensive library of at-home workouts. Peloton has proven that an at-home sweat session does not lack intensity, and the platform truly has something for every kind of exerciser. Whether…
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Stream Netflix While on Your Peloton With These 3 Easy Steps

If I had to pick between working out for 30 minutes or chilling on my couch watching Netflix, I’d pick the latter. As much fun as Spinning is, exercising isn’t necessarily what I look forward to doing every single day. Sometimes I don’t feel like being coached or listening to a hour of spirited exclamations.…
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I Bought a Peloton During the Pandemic, and It Has Improved My Life in Ways I Never Expected

When shelter-in-place orders first took effect amid the COVID-19 pandemic, I had no problem shielding myself from the world. I found new ways to keep myself occupied, and my mental health was better than ever before. But as the months went by, things began to change, and I found myself struggling to stay afloat. It…
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How Does the New Peloton Bike+ Compare to the Original At-Home Bike?

With COVID-19 making in-person workouts more difficult and unsafe, people have had to adjust to at-home workouts. Many love the Peloton at-home bike, which includes great features like a moveable screen, a solid sound system, and workout classes (there are even Disney-themed ones). On Sept. 9, the new and improved Peloton Bike+ dropped, and it…
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Now That I’ve Discovered Peloton’s Cooldown Rides, My Soreness Isn’t So Uncomfortable

For as much as I love sweating out all my stress on a stationary bike, I had always been the person unclipping from her bike and sprinting out of the indoor cycling class the very second the instructor’s final countdown was over – fully skipping the cooldown, of course. As you can imagine, my full-steam-ahead…
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Trying to Decide Between a Peloton and SoulCycle Bike? We’ve Got You Covered

Image Source: Getty / Adrian Gaut After six years, Peloton is no longer the only megawatt fitness brand offering at-home spin rides for its customers. In late 2019, SoulCycle announced the release of its very own at-home stationary bike. While the bikes have a lot of similarities (like HD touchscreens and bluetooth), their differences are…
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Peloton’s Guided Stretching Videos Changed the Way I Warm Up and Cool Down

Throughout all the Peloton hype, no one is talking about what I believe to be one of the app’s best features. So I’ve taken it upon myself to share what I think is currently Peloton’s best-kept secret: the music-backed guided stretching videos. For those who haven’t taken the Peloton plunge, the app offers more than…
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The Original Peloton Bike Is on Sale – Here’s How Much It’ll Cost You

If you’ve been debating buying a Peloton bike, now might be the perfect time to take the plunge. It’s been six years since the original Peloton bike came out, and now you can get it for much less than before. Originally retailing at $2,245, the Peloton bike is currently on sale for $1,895. The news…
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How to Keep Your Peloton Bike Squeaky Clean

After using your Peloton quite a few times, for everything from core work to cardio, you quickly realize that cleaning becomes necessary (hello, sweat!). Even more, if you keep it in your living room or even bedroom, it is super important for everyone’s wellness and health to keep your bike as squeaky clean as possible,…
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Yes, There Are Disney-Themed Peloton Classes – Here’s How to Find Them

Fact: a workout is only as good as your workout playlist. If you have a Peloton bike, then you know that – no matter your preferred genre of music – you’re always guaranteed to spin to some incredible tunes. As well as searching for classes based on the instructor, length, and class type, you can…
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Peloton Original Spin Bike for $1,895 + free shipping

For the first time ever, Peloton has reduced their most popular spin bike by $350. This deal is an excellent way to save and stay at home while shedding the quarantine pounds. Buy Now Features 24-hour access to studio cycling classes

LeanJoeBean Coffee’s Peloton Bike $3,000 Giveaway

Enter to WIN a #Peloton Indoor exercise bike  + 1-Year Supply of @lean_joe_bean Coffee – a $3,000 Value! The Peloton bike is an indoor carbon steel and aluminum bike cycling bike. Lean Joe Bean is a 5-star rated great tasting instant coffee that dissolves in hot or cold liquids and assists in improved body composition.…
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Nike, Adidas, Fabletics, Peloton, and More: Fitness Brands Giving Back For Pride 2020

Just as fitness brands gave back last year for Pride Month and the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Uprising, they’re giving back this year for Pride 2020. Sure, Pride looks different this time around – parades have been canceled or postponed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic – but Pride Month and Pride celebrations…
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