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Spotify Launches an Apple Watch App

Spotify has launched its long-awaited app for the Apple Watch. This allows Apple Watch owners who subscribe to Spotify to control what’s playing without having to wrestle their iPhone out of their pocket. Which is invaluable when you’re on the move.

Proving the Worth of the Apple Watch

When Apple first unveiled the Apple Watch, many of us wondered what the point was. Here was a glorified timepiece that essentially just saves you from having to get your phone out of your pocket so often. And while that’s still true, there’s some value to that.

Spotify’s new Apple Watch app demonstrates that value. It lets you control your favorite music and podcasts without having to fish your phone out of your pocket. Which, while not life-changing, is certainly useful when you’re out and about and/or have your hands full.

Spotify Lands on the Apple Watch

Spotify for Apple Watch lets you play and pause the song currently playing, skip to the next track, rewind 15 seconds while listening to a podcast, and save a new favorite track by tapping the Heart icon. It can also connect to other devices using Spotify Connect.

This is just for starters too. In a post on the Spotify Newsroom, the streaming music service promises it will “continue to innovate,” and teases “many exciting things coming up—including the ability to listen to your music and podcasts offline.”

The Spotify app for Apple Watch is officially live, but will be rolling out to Apple Watch users over the next week or so. To access the Apple Watch app you’ll need to have the latest version (v.8.4.79) of Spotify installed on your iPhone.

Spotify Is Promising More to Come

This is clearly just the first version of the app, with Spotify promising new features are on the way. Still, for Apple Watch owners who prefer Spotify to Apple Music, this is a match made in Heaven. After all, haven’t you always wanted to DJ using your watch?!

Spotify users should check out our unofficial guide to Spotify or our pick of playlists to beat the winter blues. And if you own an Apple Watch you should learn how to watch music videos on your Apple Watch or learn how to change your Apple Watch face.

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