Simple Exercises To Burn Belly Fat From Home

Simple Exercises To Burn Belly Fat From Home


It is not uncommon to find men and women who are uncomfortable with how their midsection looks like. This is because the ideal body structure that keeps being advertised often peddles a slim waistline as the acceptable standard of beauty. This body is however not common for many people outside of runways and magazine spreads.

Going by the ever increasing methods of allegedly reducing belly fat and love handles without hitting the gym, it is obvious that there is a need to reduce belly fat. While many people tend to shy away from going to the gym, it is still possible to reduce belly fat by doing simple exercises from the comfort of your home.

Some of the exercises that one can do to achieve this include:


There are different variations of crunches that can help you lose belly fat. All you will need is your yoga mat on the floor and you are set to go. With your back flat on the floor and legs folded at a 45-degree angle, lift your upper body off the floor while exhaling. Hold for a moment and then return to the initial position while inhaling slowly. Be sure not to interlock your hands as this will exert pressure on your neck. Start from at least 4 sets before increasing as you go on.


Planks are core exercises that can help you tone your belly and reduce belly fat as well. You can do forearm planks while resting on your elbows and lifting your body off the ground for a minute before going back to the initial position. You can also do side planks while lying on your side and then resting on your elbow; lift your body off the floor. Breathing slowly without letting your hips dip will ensure you get the most out of this.


These exercises will work out your abs and glutes simultaneously. They are also simple to do as they involve lifting your hips off the floor with your legs folded at the knees such that the knees are in line with the feet.  Inhale while going up and exhale when going down while maintaining a straight line from you your shoulders to your knees.

Leg Lifts

Vertical leg lifts are particularly good for reducing the lower belly pouch. With your back flat on the ground, you will need to lift your feet up together such that they are perpendicular to the floor while your arms remain by your side. Slower lifts work the lower abdomen even more.

Side lunges/bends

These are also easy to do as all you need to do is stand with your feet apart at shoulder-width. You then reach above your head and towards your left using your right arm. While the right-hand goes to the left, the rest of the body goes to the right. This should be done repeatedly by both sides.

While it might be difficult to find the time or even the motivation to go to the gym regularly, these exercises are quite simple to do and you won’t even need an instructor to take you through them. Doing some cardio to keep up the heart rate is also advisable.


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