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Reviewed by dr kotb and his team



Welcome to  The Massage Chair Expert Dr. Kotb with neverseenbefore.co.uk and Emassagechair.com Team.

Here is our most recent list of our Top Ten Best Selling Massage Chairs of 2019.

We have divided it into two sections to make it easier to navigate.

  • Top 5 Best Premium Massage Chairs
  • Top 5 Best Mid-Priced Massage Chairs


Top 5 Best Premium Massage Chairs

Osaki Pro Maestro


The Osaki Pro Maestro is the newest release from Osaki, and it has quickly become one of our best-selling premium massage chairs. The Maestro is one of the first 4D L-Track massage chairs that delivers one of the most realistic massages we have ever experienced. The L-Track extends from the neck all the way to the glute for 35% more roller coverage, which is excellent for users with hip or sciatica issues.
And the heated 4D rollers (Yes, the rollers are heated!) are smoother and more humanlike than a 3D massage chair. The Maestro also features a kneading knee massage, immersive foot massage, full body air compression, deep neck and glute massage, a premium sound system, and more. The Maestro has it all! If your looking for the best top of the line massage chair, then the maestro should be on the top of your list.

Fujimedic Kumo 4D


The Fujimedic Kumo has quickly become one of our best-selling massage chairs of 2018 and 2019. It’s sleek look, L-Track design, and advanced technology make it one of the best-looking and most advanced massage chairs available today. The Kumo is a made in Japan massage chair from one of the top health and wellness brands, and this shows in the high-quality design and innovative feature set. The Kumo is the only massage chair we carry that has 3D heated knee and calf massage.


It is one of the only L-Track models that can perform a real deep tissue massage to the neck and shoulders as well as the glutes. Some other great features include 4D heated thermal rollers, advanced body scanning, zero gravity recline, smart dial control, Bluetooth technology, and an easy to use touchscreen remote. If your looking for the best, then the Kumo should be on the top of your list!

Ogawa Smart 3D™


The Ogawa Smart 3D continues to be one of our best-selling massage chair of 2018 and 2019. The Smart 3D is one of the most advanced massage chairs on the market. It uses Japanese style roller technology and advanced body scan which accurately maps the users’ unique s-curve for one of the most precise and humanistic massages on any chair.


The Smart 3D features a touchscreen Samsung tablet remote that comes preloaded with Ogawa’s Smart App Technology which allows you to navigate its features. The Smart 3D is also the only massage chair that is WiFi enabled, and that can be updated with new software and programs.


Some other significant innovations are SmartSense technology, touch stop sensors, 17 unique programs, 12 massage techniques, foot rollers, noise reduction technology, self-diagnostics and much more. The Smart 3D is one of the best massage chairs we have ever used. It is perfect for anyone looking for a top of the line chair with all the bells and whistles.


Expert Review

Ogawa Smart 3D – Most Advanced Massage Chair on the Market

When heading to the spa for a massage, I wonder what style of massage the therapist will perform and will he/she be able to provide a good deep tissue massage. These are the same questions we all have when we’re purchasing a massage chair. We want to know, will I enjoy this chair and the massage style it provides, every day, for years? It’s a little more of a commitment, after all, no one will make you marry the therapist you go to! This is the beauty of the Ogawa Smart 3D. This chair is so diverse, so customizable, and so technologically advanced in its programming that you’ll have access to every style of massage (17 at least), and every massage intensity that you want.

First Impression of the Ogawa Smart 3D

So my first impression of the Smart 3D was how expensive it looks. The upholstery is beautifully done and the chair feels soft and seems to contour the body just right. Then it’s hard not to notice that the chair uses a Samsung Tablet as a remote. The tablet gives a great view of all of the programs you have to choose from with touch screen access so that selecting your perfect massage is so easy. I was also able to create my own massage profile and the Smart 3D made me my own customized massage! Each person in your home will be able to use their own profile too since the chair has unlimited user profiles (most chairs don’t have this feature or only have 3 memory settings).

Advanced Double Body Scan

The chair then scanned my body rolling first to find my shoulders, then the chair located the curve of my spine by using gentle pressure to various points along the length of my spine. This double body scan makes sure that your massage is provided to the perfect muscle group, just like a good massage therapist would.

17 Massage Programs

Next, trying to choose a massage program from the 17 on this chair! My first massage was the Thai Stretch program, which is nothing short of amazing. I was impressed with the chairs ability to achieve a true Thai style massage, with arm stretch combined with spinal stretch, then ankle, calf, and hip stretch. It’s not missing even an inch of the body and it’s holding the stretch for long enough that it’s very effective.


I then spent over an hour going through all of the various programs and found that I loved the Chinese massage for the deep pressure point style massage combining shiatsu, acupressure and rolling techniques. Swedish is gentle kneading, which you can make deep kneading by cranking up the 3D intensity (if you’re like me, a gentle massage is nice, but a vigorous massage is better!)

Innovative 3D Massage Roller

Which brings me to the Smart 3D’s adjustable massage roller. The 3D motion of the roller forward and back gives you the ultimate control of the pressure provided. And trust me, there is such a wide range of intensity from medium pressure to very deep, everyone can find the comfortable massage stroke that they enjoy. This is a massage chair that I would feel comfortable having my grandma sit in, but also gives me the intensity I need for my neck and shoulders.

The Dual Ball roller system is Japanese style, which means that it’s awesome. Ok, to be a bit more detailed, most Japanese designed massage chairs are known to have very humanlike rollers. So what I mean is that the Smart 3D yet again acts like a human masseur, but in place of human hands, the rollers glide along the muscle tissue in fluid motions with numerous massage techniques combined to feel just like heaven.

Zero Gravity Recline

Pressing the Zero Gravity button on the arm panel took me back into a restful position where massage felt even better, like floating on a cloud and having a massage. I pressed the button again and it took me further back to where I was lying down in this position where the knees are elevated and the pressure is off of the spine. The buttons on the arm of the chair are handy, you can adjust your position, pause your massage, turn the chair on or off, or choose the Quick massage if you’re in a hurry.

Free Samsung Tablet

I quickly fell in love with the tablet and the fact that I could watch a movie, play my music, or check email and set appointments in my calendar. All these things can be done while having a massage, or you can get your music playing and just relax like I choose to do. The tablet is fully functional and charges through the chair so no need to worry about charging it all the time. This chair also has foot rollers for the bottoms of your feet, heat for your back, and Chromotherapy lighting for enhanced mood.

Smart Air Compression

I cannot forget to mention the air compression massage that is combined with the roller massage for each and every muscle group, shoulders, hands and arms, low back, hips, calves, and feet. These strategically placed airbags (there are 64 of them), are all massaging away so that your entire body is massaged at once…take that massage therapist! These air chambers also help the chair to brace the body for stretching, or maneuver the body for spinal adjustments.


The Smart 3D’s airbag pressure can also be adjusted in each area if you have a sensitive part of the body. The overall experience with 3D massage rollers, gentle air compression, heat, music, all while floating in Zero Gravity, kind of unbeatable (eventually someone came and pried me out of the chair against my will).

Recommendation – Massage Chair Experts™

In the end, there is not another chair on the market that I can say has all of these capabilities. The Smart Technology used to give you a completely customizable massage experience, just isn’t out there on any other massage chair. So do I recommend the Smart 3D? If it wasn’t already obvious, yes!

Update: I went back for another massage the following day, and guess what? This chair has a button for previous massages! So I clicked “previous”, and it remembered the programs that I liked from the last time, and I was quickly enjoying my massage.

Synca JP-1100 4D


The Synca JP-1100 is another new release for 2018 and has quickly become one of our best-selling high-end massage chairs. The JP-1100 is one of the only massage chairs that are 100% made in Japan and is one of the best quality massage chair available on the market, which is backed by the best manufacturer’s warranty with a 5 Year in-home service and parts warranty.
The Synca JP-1100 is the same model as the Fujiriyoki JP-1100 which is the best-selling chair in Japan. The JP-1100 features 4D roller technology, deep tissue massage, advanced massage techniques & programming, and deep kneading foot rollers. This model will only accommodate users from 5′ to 6′ tall.

Osaki Pro Ekon



The Osaki Pro Ekon is a new release for 2018 and is another high-end 3D L-Track massage chair to make this list. The Ekon has a premium design that our customers love. The Ekon is excellent for all types of users anywhere from 5′ to 6’5″, so it’s perfect for taller users. There is also more room in the shoulders and seat area than most models so it can fit almost anyone.


The Ekon also has one of the longest roller tracks on any model, and it extends past the glute muscles. The Ekon is loaded with every feature to get a full body massage and more, which includes waist twist, deep kneading foot rollers, kneading calf massage, and space-saving technology. The unique look and professional massage make the Ekon one of the top models this year.

Top 5 Best Mid-Priced Massage Chairs

Ogawa Active L™


The Ogawa Active L has quickly become one of the best-selling L-Track massage chairs this year, and for a good reason, it’s a high-quality model from Ogawa one of the leading massage chair manufactures in the world. The Active L is a step-up from the best-selling SuperTrac and offers a more in-depth massage, and an easy to use touch-screen tablet that our customers love. The Active L can provide a deep massage from the neck to the glutes with the rollers.
Getting a massage in this area is excellent for people with hip, sciatica, lower back, or piriformis issues. The Active L is perfect for just about anyone looking for a new massage chair. If you are looking for a massage chair under $3,000, then the Active L should be at the top of the list.

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim


The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim is our best-selling mid-priced massage chairs. The Maxim is the only L-Track massage chair that features an easy to use touchscreen tablet. This remote allows for easy navigation of all the programs and easily allows the user to target specific pain areas. The Maxim is a great looking massage chair with a sleek design, and it’s very comfortable to sit in.
The Osaki Maxim has all the features you need to get a full body massage plus zero gravity, and foot rollers, and Bluetooth compatibility with built-in speakers. So far we have had nothing but great reviews, and it has quickly become a customer favorite. If you’re looking for massage chair with the perfect blend of features, quality, and price then check out the Osaki OS-Pro Maxim.


Expert Review

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Review | Is it the Best Mid-Priced L-Track Massage Chair?

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Review

The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim has quickly become one of the best-selling mid-priced massage chairs on the market. The Pro Maxim has a perfect blend of features and a reasonable price tag that makes it one of the best buys on the market today. The Maxim features L-Track technology, touchscreen tablet remote, 12 auto programs, deep massage programming, zero gravity recline, space saving technology, and Bluetooth with Music Sync so you can see there are plenty of features.

We received our Osaki Maxim massage chair about a month ago, so we have had a chance to test it out, and we have reviewed the top features below.

L-Track Roller Technology

The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim is an L-Track massage chair, which is an extended roller track that can massage from the neck to the lower back, as well as into the seat to massage the glutes and the top of the hamstrings. The L-Track is perfect for anyone who has lower back, hip, and sciatic pain since the rollers can provide more massage coverage to the lower extremities. The L-Track on the Maxim offers a smoother massage when compared to other chairs like the Osaki OS-4000CS/LS models.


The roller is smoother because the roller track on the Maxim is reinforced allowing the rollers to glides smoothly past the tailbone. The Maxim also has a great neck and shoulder massage that is deeper and more thorough than most massage chairs. The overall massage depth is med-deep depending on the program you choose. If you want a real deep tissue massage, you can remove the padding in the seat and increase the strength and intensity setting.

Full Body Air Compression

The Osaki Maxim has a full body air compression system that applies a massage to the shoulder, arms, hands, hips, seat, legs, and feet. The airbags are strategically placed throughout the chair to deliver a great compression massage which helps increase the circulation throughout the body.


The air massage is used in many of the pre-programmed massages, and you can also use them in the manual massage settings. The air bags provide a subtle squeeze, which is nice because it’s not too strong like in some chairs with low-quality air compression systems. We find the air massage to be a big plus on any massage chair. The air massage on the Maxim is more than satisfactory.

Special Features

If your looking at the Osaki OS-Maxim and are trying to compare it to another massage chair in its price range, then you will want to take a look at the features below. These are the features that make the Maxim stand out and can help you decide if you are on the fence between two models.

Touchscreen Tablet Remote

The Touchscreen remote is the most significant difference if you’re comparing L-Track massage chairs. The Maxim is the only massage chairs that have a touchscreen remote, which we find to be a big plus. The touchscreen remote is easy to navigate when compared to the standard LCD remote. You can select programs, and make manual adjustments much easier. Don’t worry about the tablet remote being complicated, because it is very simple to use, and we highly recommend it.

Power Adjustable Ottoman

The Maxim has a power adjustable ottoman, which it is a pretty big deal if you are comparing massage chair. The adjustable ottoman on the maxim is powered and can be adjusted in/out for length. Other chairs have spring loaded ottomans like the Osaki OS-4000CS/LC which can put a lot of tension in the legs since you have to push it out while the springs pull back. The constant pressure can make the massage uncomfortable especially if you have long legs. This tension is not an issue with the Osaki Maxim since you can adjust it to the perfect leg length. .

Space Saving Technology

If you are trying to fit your massage chair in a tight space, then the Osaki Maxim may be a perfect fit. The Maxim has space saving technology and only needs 4″ behind the chair for a full recline. The space saving design is great since most massage chairs need 12″-18″ for a full recline.

Bluetooth w/ Music Sync

We find that playing music during your massage can be quite pleasant, and the Osaki Maxim makes this easy to do. The Maxim has Bluetooth technology as well as speakers neck to your ears. This Bluetooth allows you to connect your smartphone and play music from your library quickly.

Our Recommendation – Massage Chair Experts™

The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim is our best-selling L-Track massage chair, and it has the perfect blend of features, quality, and price. If you’re looking for an L-track massage chair that provides an excellent full body massage and at around $3,000, then you cannot go wrong with the Osaki OS-Pro Maxim.

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage Chair - estockchair

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Ogawa Touch 3D


If your looking the best 3D massage chair for under $4,000, then look no further then the Ogawa Touch 3D. It should be no surprise that the Touch 3D is one of the most popular massage chairs on our website. The Touch 3D features the same Japanese style roller technology and double-sensing body that make the Smart 3D so popular.
The Touch 3D also features a wired touch-screen tablet, and every features you need on a massage chair and more. Another reason the Touch 3D is so great is that it can satisfy just about any user. The 3D roller easily adjusts for a light massage or a deep tissue massage when needed. The Ogawa Touch 3D is perfect for anyone looking for a top of the line 3D massage chair under $4,000.

Titan Pro Executive


The Titan Pro Executive is one of our best-selling 3D massage chairs for the price. It is loaded with features and offers a deep tissue massage with a very reasonable price tag. It has 3D roller technology that can extend 4” into the body for a full body deep tissue massage. The roller applies deep pressure along your entire spine from your neck to your tailbone.
It also features deep kneading foot rollers, zero gravity recline, full body air compression, stretch features, heat, Bluetooth connectivity w/ speakers, and more. The Titan Pro Executive is one of the best deals on the market for a 3D massage chair and is one of our top picks for anyone looking for a deep tissue massage chair under $3,000.


Expert Review

Titan Pro Executive Review – Best 3D Massage Chair for the Price

Titan Pro Executive – Best 3D Massage Chair for the Price

The Titan Pro Executive is one of the best deals on the market for a 3D massage chair. It features 3D roller technology and an expansive feature set all for a great price. It is one of our top recommendations for anyone looking for a deep tissue massage chair for under $3,000. Let’s check out our review on the Titan Pro Executive below.

Who is it for?

The Titan Pro Executive is perfect for anyone that enjoys a deep pressure massage or requires an intense neck and shoulder massage. The 3D rollers provide a deep massage along the entire spine, and the deep kneading foot rollers apply a massage from the tips of the toes to the heel of the foot. This is a great chair for anyone looking for a deep tissue massage. That being said, we would not recommend it to anyone who enjoys a light or mild massage.

Recommended User Height Range:

The manufacturer has a recommended user height range of 5’ to 6’5”, however, in our experience we find that this chair is best for users’ over 5’2”.

3D Roller Technology – Adjusts up to 4″

The best feature of the Titan Pro Executive is the 3D Roller Technology. This you can feel right away in any of the auto programs. The roller can extend up to 4” into the body delivering a deep massage or easily retract for a lighter one. The roller mechanism can be adjusted in both the auto and manual programs making it easy to find the perfect roller intensity. One thing to note is the 3D technology in the Titan Pro Executive is pretty powerful and it delivers a deep massage even on its lightest setting. If you needed a lighter massage, then you can easily place a throw blanket over the rollers and this will help decrease the intensity.

Full Body Air Compression

There are 79 airbags that are strategically placed on the chair and are located in the shoulders, arms, seat, hips, legs, calves, and feet. These provide a compression massage which is perfect for increasing the circulation in your body. The air compression is used throughout the chair in any of the programs, or you can use them independently in the manual mode. Air massage is a necessity on any new massage chair to provide a full body massage, and the Titan Pro Executive is above average when compared to other massage chairs in its price range.

Neck & Shoulder Massager

The Titan Pro Executive has one of the best neck and shoulder massages on any massage chair. The 3D roller can extend over the shoulder and press down on the top of the shoulders or the Trapezius muscles. There is even a dedicated program for this. Just hit the Shoulder Program button and the rollers will scan and find you shoulders and perform a targeted deep kneading massage to your neck and shoulders. This is a great program that is not found on many chairs. It feels great after a long day and is perfect for relaxing tense muscles in the neck region.

Full Body Stretch Program

This stretch program is one of my favorite programs on this chair, and one that you will come to love. The Titan Pro Executive stretches your back, waist, and legs. It uses the 3D roller technology to stretch the upper back and pectoral region, and then uses the air compression in the seat to provide a torso twist stretching the lower back. The chair then will recline back to stretch out your lower back and waist. This is one of the best programs on the Titan Pro Executive and it is more advanced than comparable chairs.

Deep Kneading Foot Massage

If you enjoy a deep foot massage, then you will enjoy the foot roller feature on the Titan Pro Executive. There are three rollers with over 80 massage nodes to deliver an intense foot massage. I really like this feature because the rollers massage the almost my entire foot, where some chairs just massage the arch of the foot. The rollers help release tension to the bottoms of the feet and are a great feature for anyone that suffers from sore and tired feet.

Other Features Worth Mentioning

Some other features that the Titan Pro Executive have that are worth mentioning are zero gravity recline, heat in the knees, a downloadable app to control the chair, and Bluetooth technology that lets you play your favorite music through 2 speakers located next to the users head.


The Titan Pro Executive retails for $3,995. However, we are currently running a special that takes an additional $1000 off, bringing the price down to $2,999.

Our Recommendation – Massage Chair Experts™

The Titan Pro Executive is the best 3D massage chair for the price. We recommend it to anyone who is looking for a massage chair that has all the bells & whistles, a deep pressure massage, and a great price tag. This is perfect for anyone looking for a deep tissue massage, but not for anyone needing a lighter massage. If you are looking for the best value and a deep massage, then you will not find a better 3D massage chair for the price.

Ogawa Refresh Plus


The Ogawa Refresh continues to be one of our best sellers around $2,000 and is a chair we highly recommend. It also has the most customer referrals than most of the chairs we sell. The Refresh goes toe to toe with any massage chair at its price point and offers the best deep neck massage in its class. This is a big plus when compared to other models. It also has a compact design and is perfect for someone looking for a massage chair that isn’t too bulky.
The Ogawa Refresh has every feature you need to get a great full body massage. It has zero gravity recline, heat, stretching, full body air and SmartCurve technology for a deeper neck massage. The Refresh continues to be a best-seller. If you’re looking for a high-quality full body massage chair that doesn’t break the bank, then the Ogawa Refresh is the chair for you.


Written by dr kotb and his team

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