Top 8 Best Home Sauna Reviews & Guide 2019

Written by dr kotb and his team

A home sauna or a portable infrared sauna is a good investment, as it helps you feel relaxed and rejuvenated after each session. Traditional saunas use heat to warm the air and increase your body temperature. However, infrared saunas use light to produce heat and achieve similar results.

Interestingly, you cannot see the infrared light but your body can feel it intensely, which is why infrared saunas take less time to raise your body temperature.  Also, infrared saunas are better than traditional steam saunas because they don’t increase humidity. Still, you need to consider several factors to answer, “What is the best home sauna to buy?”

Top 8 Home Saunas to Consider

With a variety of infrared saunas available, it can be confusing to make the right choice. However, here are some of the best saunas that deliver great performance and offer a good value for money.

1. SereneLife Sauna – SLISAU10SL

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  • You can use it anywhere – easy to carry
  • Heat on the body especially back feels nice and mild
  • Sturdy and good quality material


  • There are no instructions and it takes some time to figure out the setup

You would be happy to have this product if you’re looking for a sauna for a single person that offers a good value for money.  It feels like heaven when the heater gives the right heat to all parts of the body, especially important points on the back and feet.

You can relax and sit, read a book or do whatever you like. You can set the temperature to your comfort level with the remote and the heat gets adjusted quite fast. It is great for rejuvenation after a long day.

Regular usage also helps in reducing weight faster as the machine makes you sweat. One more awesome feature is that you can carry it along easily and store it without much hassle. With this sauna, no need to buy any other part, it’s a complete package. It may take a bit to understand the setup though.

2. Durherm Folding Home Steam Sauna

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  • Very good quality material and lasts long even with regular usage
  • Heats up in a few minutes only
  • Very easy to set up the unit and the instructions were good


  • The frame is a bit flimsy (doesn’t make much of difference, though)

This sauna works like a charm, especially when you decide to use essential oils. You can just forget the world and enjoy a relaxed aroma bath or just take a quick hot soak before taking a shower.

The heating is quite fast and you can use it just any time. There are also many vents, so if it gets too hot, there is always a way for the heat to escape. It helps in better metabolism, detoxification and improved blood circulation in the body.

Just 15 minutes per day makes a great difference. The sauna needs to be maintained well, but with that, it works longer and efficiently. A good purchase at the price quoted. The only issue is that the frame may feel a bit flimsy, but that’s not going to be a huge issue with proper care.

3. JNH Lifestyles Far Infrared Sauna

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  • Very well built and strong material
  • Impressive looks and feel
  • Simple to set up in 30 minutes


  • The instructions are difficult to comprehend and not much detailed

Wow! This item will impress you more and more every time you enter. It is so comfortable and easy to use. Just the interiors and the look give a refreshing feeling. Using this sauna is a pleasure.

Setting it up is not a cakewalk, as the instructions seem a bit difficult to understand, but it’s easy after the first time.  You need about half an hour to set it up.

It gets heated in about 15 minutes. It is conveniently spacious for 2 adults of average built. The speakers are good and you can definitely get the extra comfort with some music on.

Even after heavy usage, the unit doesn’t leak any steam or water and works as perfectly as the first time. The control panel quality isn’t great, but the company guys are kind enough to replace it quickly for you.

4. Radiant Saunas BSA6315

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  • Easy to move and setup
  • Nice color and good finishing
  • Very spacious for an XL size and even the stool is wide and fits well


  • It is not really a low EMF sauna as mentioned in the description

More than the detox and rejuvenation, what is striking is that the unit gives you instant heat, which feels nice on the whole body. The temperature adjustment is good.

Over a regular usage, you will also notice that it actually helps in weight loss through better blood circulation and improved metabolism. The body feels energized through the day after just 15-20 minutes of sweating in this sauna.

There was no hassle in setting up the unit, and one can use it instantly. The heating is also quite fast – like 15 minutes and you are ready to soak. With 140, you will be sweating high when you come out of it!

5. AW 2L Portable Steam Sauna Spa

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  • Great to use especially with the essential oils
  • Compact and easy to carry and store
  • Easy to adjust the time and temperature settings


  • Comes in only one color

A great tent with many small features that actually make it a good purchase. For example, the side holes to put your legs in are well thought of feature, as you can choose to enjoy a full body sauna or just relax your foot.

The steam is retained well inside the tent because of the cotton covering. If you buy the kit, you also get the box to put all your essential oils, which gives a nice aroma and increases the overall effectiveness of the spa.

It is perfect for any outing and you can set it up in no time anywhere and enjoy a nice spa with your partner. There are many reasons to go for it, but it would have been better to have a few color options.

6. Lofan Heat Sauna Blanket

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  • Totally waterproof because of its nice material
  • Great for outdoors, as you can easily set it up anywhere
  • Can be used in many different positions


  • Comes in only one color – grey, which doesn’t give it a stylish look

This sauna blanket is perfect to take anywhere, as it is easy to fold and carry. You can unpack, repack and set it up within minutes. You need to make sure the unit cools down completely before packing it up.

Just 15-20 minutes and this whole spa will make you feel energized, as it relieves you from stress. You can sleep in different positions because of its size. Since the material is stretchable, there is no chance your changing positions can cause any steam to leak.

You can sleep, read a book or do anything you want while you enjoy this hot steam! The stitching is neat and tamper-proof. Therefore, you can expect a perfect workout while relaxing. The only issue is that it is available in one color only, so it may not be stylish for some.

7. Empava EMPV-SR-H2 Sauna

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  • Awesome finish and great classy look
  • Easy to set up, can be done within an hour
  • Comes with an ionizer (ensures clean air is maintained)


  • Though the description says 2-3 members, it is ideal for 1 person (maybe two kids)

For a single person, there is no flaw in this sauna. It works like magic and you will feel out of the world using this piece. It is a sturdy unit and comes with good packaging.

It is easy to set up, though you may need another person to help you in case you are unable to lift the heavy parts. But, with 2 people, it takes just about an hour to fully set up and use.

It heats up really fast and goes to 140 degrees in about 20 minutes – and soaks you well. You definitely feel lighter and more energized after every session (of say 30 minutes). Well worth the money you pay!

8. JNH Lifestyles MG301HCB MG317HB

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  • Easy to set up and assemble
  • Quick heating (less than 15 minutes for 140)
  • Perfect for 2 persons to stretch and relax


  • For a wooden unit, the workmanship is just average, not a very neat finish

If you are not worried about the looks of your sauna, this can be a great companion. Except for the shabby finish, there is no problem in the way it works. In fact, the heating is quite fast and maintained well.

The steam is just perfect to relax each cell of your body especially back and feet. For two people, this is quite comfortable and you can stretch easily without hitting each other.

The speakers are just alright, they do give some kind of feedback but are good to go otherwise. The instructions to set it up could have been nicer but you can figure all of it if you have a little patience.

Few Factors to Consider

Keeping a few important things in mind can really help you make a good buying decision. Here is what you should remember before finalizing a buying decision.

Near Infrared or Far Infrared

Before buying a home infrared sauna, you need to consider the spectrum of light. Depending on the wavelength of the light, you may be buying a near or far infrared sauna. Half of the spectrum light you receive from the sun is mainly the near-infrared light, which is great for your skin and bones.

Far infrared light is quite similar to near infrared, but because of its wavelength, it works better at relieving stress and calming you down.  It also boosts your metabolism, detoxifies your body, and strengthens your immune system. Therefore, you may want to consider the reason to buy a home sauna to decide between the two types.

Carbon Fiber or Ceramic Infrared Home Sauna

It is important to consider the type of heating system used in the home sauna you’re going to buy.  Two main options are ceramic and carbon fiber and they both have their benefits.

  • A carbon fiber sauna is capable of distributing the heat in an even fashion, so it is known for better heat coverage. The infrared light from these systems can also penetrate deeper into your skin.
  • Ceramic infrared saunas are a lot cheaper, as compared to carbon fiber, but are not as efficient as the carbon systems.

If you can afford, you should be going for a carbon fiber heater. However, if you have a low budget, you can also opt for mica, which is the cheapest option but is not nearly as efficient as the other two types of heaters.

Consider the Size

Be sure to determine the space you have available to accommodate a portable sauna. Also, you need to be clear about how many people are going to use it at a time. You can easily buy a portable home sauna that can fit three people, but they are surely going to cost you more than solo saunas, which are designed for a single person.

Before buying, don’t forget to consider the dimension of the sauna because they come in different sizes even when they claim to accommodate the same number of people. Therefore, consider the size and dimensions before you take the plunge.

Heating Surface Area

Consider the types of plates used in a sauna as well as the surface area to buy an efficient home sauna. A sauna with small plates can heat up faster, especially when the surface area is on the smaller side.

However, a sauna with a relatively larger surface area is going to emit even heat, even though it is going to take longer to heat up completely. Moreover, saunas with larger surface areas are much easier to manage.

What’s more, you should also consider the availability of different heating settings, timer options, the availability of footpads, and overall comfort before you decide to put your money on a home sauna.


A home sauna offers numerous health benefits, but you need to take your time before opting for a unit because they vary in sizes and features. Know your overall budget and then compare different home saunas for features to get the best value for money.


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