Top 10 Treadmills for 2019

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Reviewed by Dr. Kotb and His Team


Want to lose fat and get your heart fit? What about shaving a few minutes off of your mile time and gaining endurance? Or, let’s keep it real, wouldn’t you simply like to climb up a few flights of stairs without wheezing?. If your answer is “Heck yeah!” then get ready to lace up your sneakers, because there’s no better exercise than walking, jogging, running or sprinting to get you feeling fit and fabulous.

Running outside can have its perks if you live in the right place. There’s fresh air, pretty scenery, (and maybe you’ll even pass someone cute while doing laps!).  That being said, there are plenty of people who can’t run outside due to weather, safety, or overly-crowded sidewalks. Before you give up and drown your sadness in a bucket of french fries, check out the great treadmill options reviewed in this article.

Why Buy a Treadmill?

Buying a treadmill means no more working out in sweaty, crowded gym or getting changed in those funky-smelling locker rooms. No more dodging piles of dog waste on the sidewalk. And no more close-calls with drivers not paying attention while you’re out for a morning jog.

Plus, treadmills aren’t just a one-trick pony. You can switch up your workouts to include a variety cardio that includes walking, jogging, sprinting and running. Commit to that combo and nothing will stop you from losing weight, improving your heart health, gaining muscles, and increasing your endurance!

Moreover, you can also talk on the phone, work on your PC or Laptop, and watch television while working out on the treadmill at home. As multitasking is possible with the treadmill, your exercise becomes more fun and appealing.

Are you getting pumped? Great! We’ve put together a list of the best treadmills available in 2019. But, before we break down each model, we’ll briefly go over the different types of treadmills to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Types of Treadmills

There are two different types of treadmills, manual treadmills, and motorized treadmills. The key difference is in the motor. Namely, a manual treadmill doesn’t have one, and motorized treadmills do. (Pretty simple, right?)

Instead of being powered by a motor, the belt on manual treadmills is turned by your movement. This means that manual treadmills can only go as fast as you do. Because there’s no motor attached, manual treadmills also tend to be smaller and lighter. That means that they take up less space and can be moved from room to room a little easier.

Most fold up for convenient storage, too. Finally, manual treadmills tend to be much less expensive than motorized versions.On the downside, moving the belt manually can be hard on your hips and knees. Additionally, to help users gain momentum, manual treadmills are usually set at an incline, which means you’re constantly moving up-hill.


Finally, manual treadmills rarely have all the nifty features of motorized versions, so it’s important to understand that your manual treadmill experience won’t be the same as on those fancy machines at the gym.


Whereas, the motorized treadmills are mostly less-portable but more popular as compared to the manual treadmills. Motorized treadmills are usually large and heavy machines made to emulate the experience of exercising on a variety of terrains and at a range of speeds.


They let the user adjust the speed and incline automatically with just a push of a button during the workout session.Motorized treadmills are best for training (especially sprinting), or use for extended periods, as well as for those who appreciate some high-tech features. Nowadays people mostly prefer to buy motorized treadmill over the manual treadmill.

According to our basis of classification, we have subdivided treadmills into three different categories which are as follow:

Budget Folding Treadmills

Budget folding treadmills are available at an economical rate as well as they consume very less space. They can be folded and kept aside when not required and provide convenience to the households as they don’t come in a way while cleaning. But, on the flip side, the consumer has to compromise on the quality and features of the product. As they don’t offer hi-tech features like chest strap heart rate monitoring and are made up of lighter materials.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Less space consumption (Making cleaning easier).
  • Provides the user with a basic facility for walking and jogging.


  • Inferior quality.
  • Very short life.
  • Less weight capacity.
  • Too short deck for tall runners.

Folding Treadmills

These models provide more features as compared to the budget folding models.  Along with the feature of getting into a smaller size when not in use through folding. They provide the user with additional hi-tech features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, chest strap heart rate monitoring, large easy-to-read display, safety key feature, etc.


  • Less space consumption (Making cleaning easier).
  • Provides the user with the facility of walking, jogging and running along with numerous hi-tech features.
  • Cheaper as compared to non-folding treadmills.


  • Some models are less stable as compared to non-folding treadmills.

Non-Folding Treadmills

Non-Folding Treadmills are high-quality treadmills and are more stable as compared to folding models. They come with numerous advanced features along with the sturdier deck, frame, and a larger running surface. The weight sustainability of the non-folding models is also very high. The non-folding treadmills are usually used at places like gyms, hotels, clubhouses, etc.


  • A rough and tough choice for frequent runners.
  • Heavy duty commercial grade motor.
  • More running space.
  • High weight capacity.
  • Long period warranty.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Not easily portable.
  • Consume too much space.


Thus, looking at overall features of all the types of treadmills, Non-folding treadmills provide the user with enhanced quality but due to higher price and more space consumption, they are not suitable for households. Folding treadmills are best suited for households due to their compact size, price, features & portability.

Finding Perfect Treadmill: Features to Consider

The task of finding the perfect treadmill to suit ones need is a real challenge. Most people assume that finding a treadmill is an easy task, but this is far from the truth. In order to make this task of yours easier dr Kotb and His team has provided below certain essential factors that one should consider while buying a treadmill.


Running Surface Area: Its the first most important thing to consider, especially if you are a tall person with long-running stride. Look for a treadmill having a commodious deck length, at least 50 inches long and 20 inches wide.

High-end features – While investing huge amount on the treadmill, you should look for at least some of the high-end features to be present including health metrics display, heart rate monitoring, shock absorption, iPod/ MP3 compatible sound system, Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi, USB ports etc. All these features undoubtedly in some way or another enhance the workout experience.

Along with these certain points which are usually common among the users, there are also some necessary points which you should always look upon while purchasing a treadmill. Which are as follows:
  • Manufactures History: The first and foremost thing you should consider while buying a treadmill is the manufacturer’s history. While analyzing the treadmill manufacturer’s details, you must look at how long the company has been producing treadmills and what good things people have to say about their products.
  • Trade Value: The second thing to look out for when buying a treadmill is its trade-in value. At some point in life, there may arise a situation where the treadmill needs to be sold. Maybe, you are moving out of your current location and don’t feel the need to take the treadmill along. Or maybe, you simply want a newer and better model with latest features. Whatever may be the case, the old treadmill will need to be sold/replaced.


  • So, when a treadmill is being bought, it needs to have a high trade-in value so that at the time of replacement it can be sold by the owner for a decent amount. A high trade-in value also indicates two extremely important things about a treadmill. It tells a buyer that the particular treadmill in question is highly sought after by many people and that it holds its value for a long time.


  • Durability: The last thing to consider during the treadmill purchase process is the durability of the machine. Analysis of how long the moving parts of treadmill last before being a victim of wear and tear is important. These parts will need replacement and if the parts of a treadmill need to be replaced frequently, then it is not worth buying the treadmill due to expenses of replacement. The cost of replacement must be added to the price of the treadmill to get a clear idea of how much money is going to be spent.
Keeping all these points mentioned above in mind, we have selected the top 10 treadmills of 2019 and have ranked them accordingly. You can check out the detailed review of every machine highlighting the pros and cons along with the features provided by the machine.

Best Treadmills of 2019 – Our Experts Top Picks

Here is the list of top picks for best treadmills of 2019 by dr Kotb and His Team – Let’s go for treading.

1. Lifespan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk

Lifespan TR1200-DT5 treadmill desk is suitable for specifically office-goers as well as people with busy work schedule who wish to take care of their health without the productivity taking a toll.

The 2.25 HP continuous-duty quiet motor and 6 impact-absorbing compression shocks of this product ensure that this stays as for your home/ office use without affecting the productivity factor.

One usual concern that people have when it comes to a treadmill is its space occupancy. People complain that it takes a lot of space. But that is not the case here.

This treadmill comes with a solid desk providing everything you need to begin walking while you work. With speed range from 0.4 – 4.0 mph, it provides you with six hours of continuous running time. It is built using high-quality material which will last for decades to come. Along with all these features and specialties it comes with a lifetime frame warranty, 3 -years motor warranty, 2 -years parts warranty, and 1 -year labor warranty.

  • Treadmill desk provides you with the facility to work while you walk or jog.
  • 2.25 HP continuous duty motor works smoothly & quietly.
  • 6 impact-absorbing compression shocks.
  • Advance features like Intelli-Step & Intelli-Guard.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity feature.
  • 6 hours of continuous running time.
  • Controls are easy to use and understand.
  • High weight capacity of 350 lbs.
  • Includes long warranty.
  • No Incline
  • It does not come assembled. Comes in five different pieces. it might be difficult for a not-so-handy person to set up.
  • Comes with a solid desk attached to provide you with the facility of exercising for long hours while working.
  • Less noise generation: It works quietly without any disturbance thus keeping you focused on the task at hand.
  • Has health metrics display providing: step count, walking time, distance covered, calorie burn and speed.
  • Intelli-Step feature present to track the number of steps taken during the workout session.
  • Intelli-Guard safety feature present to ensure that treadmill only operates when you are actively walking.
  • 6 Impact-absorbing compression shocks to reduce the workout harmful impact on your muscles and joints.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth feature that can be used to transfer your daily workout data to your smartphone for monitoring overtime progress.
There’s no doubt that this treadmill is the best solution for all of them who stay in front of the computer most of their time. If you are looking to have a rigorous workout while working, Lifespan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk is the one for you. Its unique features help this product to stand out in the market and is a popular choice among people with busy work routine.

2. Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

The Sole F80 treadmill is designed to provide you with a commercial-grade workout experience at home. It offers an amazing set of irresistible features that are difficult to ignore and ensures that the runner has an amazing experience and stays satisfied with his/her workout sessions.

Being a folding treadmill with the EasyAssist option, it can easily be folded and stored after you are done with your workout session. Sole F80 3.5 CHP commercial grade motor is more powerful as compared to normal treadmill motor and provides speed range from 0.5 – 12 mph and incline range from 0 – 15%.

Its amazing speed and incline range with add-ons like numerous built-in workout programs, pulse grip and chest strap heart rate monitoring option, iPod/ MP3 compatible sound system make this product one of the preferred ones.

F80 treadmill by Sole also offers a proper cushion flexible whisper deck that reduces the impact up to 40% on joints as compared to running on an asphalt. It comes with industry-leading lifetime warranty on frame, motor and deck, 5 -years warranty on parts and 2 -years warranty on labor.


  • Folding treadmill with EasyLift Assist technology.
  • 3.5 CHP commercial grade motor works without creating any disturbing noise.
  • Various built-in workout programs.
  • Pulse grip & wireless chest strap heart rate monitoring option.
  • CushionFlex Whisper Desk.
  • Bluetooth connectivity feature for use with fitness applications.
  • iPod/ MP3 compatible sound system.
  • Additional features like two bottle holders, tablet holder, accessory tray and cooling fans to enhance the workout experience.
  • High weight capacity of 375 lbs.
  • Industry leading warranty coverage.
  • Sole F80 treadmill siderails are not as long as some runners would like.
  • Assembling instructions are a bit hard to follow only because the diagrams included in the manual are not very big.
  • 10 pre-defined workout programs available including six classic workout programs, two heart programs, and two custom programs. 
  • 7.5-inch LCD display to display your workout progress in terms of speed, distance covered, calories burned, heart rate and time elapsed.
  • Automated inclination up to 15% to add more intensity to your workout sessions.
  • CushionFlex whisper desk shock absorption system present to reduce the impact by up to 40% on joints and muscles.
  • Reversible deck to absorb the sound of each step and let you have a noise free workout.
  • Being Bluetooth enabled, it can easily connect to fitness apps of your smartphone.
  • iPod/ MP3-compatible sound system to keep you entertained during workout sessions. 
Sole F80 Treadmill has all the latest unique functions and speed range that is ideal for walking, jogging as well as running. It’s worth owning this product because of its multiple advantageous features and user-friendliness. To those who wish for a device which can offer the benefits of different types of workouts and yet be comfortable to use, this product is the best choice.

3. ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill


ProForm Pro 2000 is the cheapest model in the pro series and is specially designed keeping the advancement of technology in mind for walkers and runners of all types. This incredibly durable treadmill comes with great affordability, space economy, efficiency and several features necessary not just for performance but also for the motivation that one needs to walk or run towards their fitness goals.

It has a powerful 3.5 CHP Mach Z™ Commercial motor which provides a maximum speed of 12 mph and you can comfortably decline/ incline with settings from -3% to 15% for uphill and downhill training to stimulate different muscle fibers. With the easy to lift and simple to lower EasyLift Assist technology, this treadmill can simply be folded for safe and efficient storage.


ProForm Pro 2000 is equipped with 32 built-in workout programs to help you in achieving your fitness goals. Its iFit technology provides the feel of actually walking, jogging or running somewhere outdoor by displaying different routes in the iFit monitor through Google Maps. Additionally, with iFit you can enjoy a variety of workout programs tailor-made by top fitness trainers, compete against other iFit members, get personalized nutrition advice, create your own custom workouts, etc,.

The ProShox cushioning of Pro 2000 consists of four shock absorbers to offer comfort and alleviate the running impact on joints. Using contact grip heart sensors or included polar wireless chest strap you can easily keep track of your pulse rate during the workout session. Lastly, this treadmill is equipped with iPod/ MP3 compatible sound system so that you can enjoy your workout while listening to your favorite music. It comes with lifetime warranty for frame and motor, 5 -years warranty for parts and 2 -years warranty for labor.

  • Folding treadmill with EasyLift Assist technology.
  • 3.5 CHP Mach Z Commercial motor to support your prolonged workouts without slowing down or overheating.
  • Many pre-installed workout programs.
  • Equipped with contact grip heart sensors & wireless chest strap heart rate monitoring technology.
  • ProShox cushioning system with four shock absorbers.
  • iFit coach ready.
  • iPod/ MP3 compatible sound system.
  • Additional features like two bottle holders, tablet holder, accessory tray and a coolaire workout fan to keep you as cool as possible while exercising.
  • High weight capacity of 350 lbs.
  • Long-term warranty coverage.
  • When it comes to its disadvantages Pro 2000 is one of the most perfect treadmill. The only problem that the clients have had when buying it, is the costumer service which has been described as slow sometimes.
  • You need to spend extra $99 for the iFit wireless module to enjoy the benefits offered by iFit technology (You can use your tablet instead).
  • 32 built-in workout programs to provide you the variety to work on high-intensity training, speed goals, incline training and to burn calories in ways you may have never experienced before.
  • The 7” backlit LCD display that keeps track of your workout data and displays information such as; speed, distance covered, heart rate, calorie burn and time elapsed.
  • Quick incline/ decline control with settings from -3 to 15% to target muscle groups and result in burning of more calories.
  • Compatible with iFit technology to provide you with the feeling of training in the real world. Moreover, with iFit, you can enjoy high-definition workout videos, unlimited variety of workout programs, workout programs tailor-made by top fitness trainers like Jillian Michaels, virtually exercise with a celebrity personal trainers, compete against other iFit members, get personalized diet advice and create personalized workouts.
  • ProShox™ cushioning system aims to lower the impact of training on joints and provides comfort so that no matter how hard you go on this treadmill, in the end, you will feel less pain as compared to running on asphalt.
  • iPod/ MP3 compatible sound system consisting of two 3” digitally amplified long-throw speakers with digital volume control.
ProForm Pro 2000 is a well engineered treadmill that comes with a technology inclined to produce high performance. It’s an instant hit among frequent runners because of the efficient workout experience that it provides is surely worth the price. This is can be seen by both features and reviews. It will surely give you what you are looking for, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

4. NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill

NordicTrack T 6.5 S is one the brand’s most affordable home treadmill which is a cut above the others of its kind. It is finely-built, reliable and comes with amazing features that will make your workout sessions more productive and satisfying than ever before.

It has a folding design with EasyLift Assist technology to assist you in unfolding and folding the treadmill for convenient cleaning and storage. The 2.6 CHP motor with the self-cooling ability of T 6.5 S operates quietly providing speed range from 0.5 – 10 mph and you can incline anywhere from 0 – 10% to intensify your workouts and burn more calories.

NordicTrack T 6.5 S is equipped with 20 built-in workout programs designed by a Certified personal trainer to support efficient calorie burn and improve cardiovascular fitness. iFit® is a fascinating feature of NordicTrack T 6.5 S that displays different routes in the iFit monitor through Google Maps to replicate real-life training.

Moreover, with iFit, you can access numerous workout programs, watch HD workout videos, compete with other iFit users, get healthy diet advice, customize your own training program and do a whole lot more.

The handlebars of T 6.5 S are provided with Dual CardioGrip™ heart rate sensors utilizing which you can monitor your heart rate. Its FlexSelect cushioning system allows you to personalize your workout experience with the capability to turn the cushioning on or off as per your desire. In addition, it also has intermix acoustic sound system with iPod/ MP3 compatibility to play your favorite fitness playlist and keep you motivated.

This treadmill can be seen with a lifetime warranty for the frame, 25 -years warranty for motor and 1 – year warranty for parts and labor.

Click here to read our detailed review of “NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill”.

  • Folding treadmill with EasyLift Assist technology.
  • 2.6 CHP motor with self-cooling capability to support your strenuous workouts without failing.
  • A wide variety of pre-set workout programs.
  • Heart rate monitoring capability via Dual CardioGrip sensors provided on handlebars.
  • FlexSelect™ cushioning with on/ off function.
  • iFit compatible.
  • iPod/ MP3 compatible sound system.
  • Additional features include two bottle holders and a tablet holder.
  • High Weight Capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Pretty good warranty considering its low price.
  • No cooling fan.
  • No option for heart rate monitoring through wireless chest-strap.
  • 22 pre-set workout programs designed by a certified personal trainer to improve your cardiovascular fitness, boost your metabolic rate, and burn fat.
  • The 5-inch backlit LED display to track and display your workout progress regarding speed, time passed, distance covered, heart rate and calorie burn.
  • Automated inclination up to 10% to burn more calories, activate and stimulate different muscle groups.
  • iFit technology allows you to connect with Google Maps to provide you with a feel of actually walking, jogging or running somewhere outdoor along with numerous other additional program options.
  • FlexSelect cushioning with on/ off function. When turned on, it provides a soft and cushioned surface to reduce the impact on your joints, knees, and back. When turned off, it provides a stiff surface to simulate an outdoor track.
  • Intermix Acoustic Sound System consisting of dual 2-inch speakers and an audio port with iPod/ MP3 compatibility.
If you need a sturdy and reliable treadmill with breathtaking features to undertake a consistent daily cardio at home, build stamina, tone muscles or lose weight then NordicTrack T 6.5 S may just be the right option for you. It is available at a wallet-friendly price and saves enough space without compromising on the quality.

5. ProForm Performance 600i Treadmill


ProForm Performance 600i treadmill is a performance oriented one that comes with a good number of advantages in an affordable price range. In the list, the iFit technology and iPod/ MP3 compatible sound system are considerable add-ons. With its many pre-set workout programs, it will help you in accomplishing your fitness goals easily.

The 2.75 CHP Mach Z™ commercial motor of performance 600i operates silently providing speed range from 0.5 – 12 mph and incline up to 12% for better endurance and increased cardio. Its EasyLift assist hydraulic system ensures easy folding and unfolding process with minimal effort.

ProForm Performance 600i iFit technology provides the feel of training in the real-world by displaying different routes in the iFit monitor through Google Maps. The ProShox cushioning system with four shock absorbers protects your joints and muscles from excessive stress thereby providing you with longer workout sessions and faster recovery time. In addition, it also has heart rate monitoring capability with two hand-grip sensors provided on handlebars.

Lastly, this running machine has received amazing customer reviews and has become an instant hit among people. It comes with a lifetime frame and motor warranty, 2 -years parts warranty and 1 -year labor warranty.

  • Folding treadmill with EasyLift Assist.
  • 2.75 CHP Mach Z™ commercial motor operates pretty quietly and smoothly.
  • A wide range of exhilarating workout programs.
  • Heart rate monitoring through dual-grip sensors on the handlebars.
  • ProShox cushioning system with four shock absorbers.
  • iFit coach ready.
  • iPod/ MP3 compatible sound system.
  • Additional features like two bottle holders, tablet holder and coolaire workout fan to ensure better workout experience. 
  • High weight capacity of 325 lbs.
  • Good Warranty.
  • Sometimes slow customer service.
  • No option for wireless heart-rate monitoring.
  • 22 built-in workout programs designed by certified personal trainer to keep you motivated and help you in achieving your maximum potential.
  • The round watts LED display is very basic and easy to read, it provides you with your workout information insights and indicates your workout intensity level in terms of Endurance, Tempo, or Peak Zone.
  • Automated inclination up to 12% to add more resistance to your workout session so that you can burn more calories and increase muscle tone.
  • iFit technology to provide you with a feeling of walking, jogging or running in the real-world by displaying different routes from Google Maps. Moreover, the incline of the treadmill also adjusts automatically to match the route that you have selected. You can run anywhere in the world, just pick your route and get started!.
  • ProShox cushioning to reduce stress on your knees, ankles, joints, back and to provide you with comfortable walking, jogging or running experience.
  • Built-in sound system consisting of dual 2” speakers and iPod/ MP3 compatible music port.
If you are looking for an affordable treadmill with high-quality construction and advanced features to satisfy your need of walking, jogging or running, go for ProForm Performance 600i Treadmill. It is a quite versatile device that can come in handy to many people and can provide them with a healthy, fit and active lifestyle.

6. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400 Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400 is a solid, well-built, feature rich and budget-friendly treadmill that effectively caters to the needs of an efficient workout session. Though this is not a treadmill that will treat you to a variety of luxurious amenities, it has just enough features required for a decent cardio workout experience.

The 2.20 peak HP motor of SF-T4400 can easily withstand prolonged walking or jogging sessions providing speed range from 0.5 – 9 mph and you can customize the intensity of your workouts with three different manual incline positions. It has a soft-drop hydraulic system which assures when unfolding, treadmill’s deck falls down like a feather on a pillow thereby preventing loud bangs, pinched toes or fingers.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400 is equipped with 9 pre-loaded workout programs in addition to the manual mode to enhance your workout productivity. Its well-cushioned deck with two shock absorbers on either side absorbs up to 10% of the workout harmful impact and is far much comfortable as compare to walking or jogging on concrete or asphalt.

The handlebars of SF-T4400 are provided with hand grip pulse sensors so that you can monitor your heart rate in real time and keep it within your ideal heart-rate zone to achieve better results. This entry-level treadmill can be seen with a 1 – year warranty for frame and 90 – days warranty for parts and other components.

  • Without burning a hole through your pocket, it provides all the useful features which its competitors can hardly match up with.
  • With its space-saving design, it can easily be folded to save household space.
  • Soft drop system for safe and hassle-free unfolding every time.
  • 2.20 peak HP motor provides reliable, smooth and noiseless operation.
  • 9 user-friendly workout programs.
  • Equipped with hand grip pulse sensors on handlebars for monitoring the heart rate.
  • Well cushioned deck to provide comfortable experience.
  • It’s narrow and short track may create problem for tall people.
  • Low weight capacity of 220 lbs.
  • 9 built-in workout programs to add variety to your daily workout routine and provide you with an optimum workout experience.
  • The large easy to read LCD display to provide you with your performance statistics such as speed, distance traveled, calorie burn, time elapsed and pulse rate.
  • 3 different incline levels options  (0%, 2%, and 4.37%) to enhance your metabolic rate and build up the muscles.
  • Well cushioned treadmill deck so that you can walk or jog intensely without worrying about the adverse impact on your legs and joints.
  • Its small footprint gives it the versatility to be compact and lightweight, which in turn makes it easier to relocate the treadmill when required.
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400 treadmill is a best choice for those who wish to be productive within a compact space with all the necessary basic features and easy to use console. If you are a beginner in search of an inexpensive treadmill for a regular and basic usage then you can go blindfolded for this treadmill. With the power of the motor, built-in programs, and manually adjustable incline, it checks on all the essential points a basic fitness machine should have.


7. Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill is very popular for its low price in the market. However, although it has a low cost, it does not mean that the makers of the product have reduced the feature set. Its low cost and amazing feature set is what that makes this product unique.

It has space saver design and can be easily be folded to free up even more space after you are done with your workout. The 2.25 HP continuous duty motor of Cadence G 5.9 provides a speed range from 0.5 – 10 mph and you can incline manually to two positions for a more challenging workout experience.

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 is equipped with six workout programs designed by a certified personal trainer focused on weight loss and high-intensity training to help you in burning more calories. Its comfortable cell cushioning reduces the stress on joints by absorbing the maximum impact of each stride. In addition, using heart rate thumb sensor on the console you can find out if you’re at your target heart rate to achieve desired results.

This entry-level treadmill comes with a 1 – year warranty for motor and 90 – days warranty for parts and labor, providing all the advanced features which are nearly impossible to find in this price range.

  • Available at wallet-friendly price, it provides all the necessary features required for an efficient workout.
  • Compact size with folding design makes it suitable for the small home/ apartment.
  • 2.25 HP continuous duty motor provides you with the facility of walking and jogging.
  • 6 personal trainer workout programs.
  • Heart rate monitoring option through digital pulse sensor provided on the console.
  • Comfortable cell cushioning.
  • Only meant for walking and jogging, not running.
  • Short-term warranty coverage.
  • 6 built-in workout programs designed by a certified personal trainer to guide you towards your fitness goals, keeping you fit and healthy.
  • The easy to read Blue-tinted LCD display to provide you with your workout progress in terms of speed, distance, time and calories burned.
  • 2 positions manual inclination option (1.5% and 6%) to make your workouts more challenging and effective.
  • Comfort Cell Cushioning to provide you with comfortable walking or jogging sessions by reducing the strain on your knees, joints, and back.
  • Being compact and lightweight it can be moved from one place to another effortlessly.
If you are new to walking or jogging and looking for an affordable treadmill with all the necessary features to fulfill your fitness goals, then Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill is the one for you. Equipped with all the necessary amenities and features, it provides an amazing workout experience and is definitely worth the investment.

8. Merax JK1603E Easy Assembly Folding Electric Treadmill


Merax JK1603E is one of the cheapest treadmill available in the market with all crucial features required for an efficient workout. Its compact size and lightweight makes it an ideal choice for people with the small home/ apartment.

It has a folding design to save floor space when you are not exercising. The 1.5 HP motor of JK1603E works quietly providing speed range from 0.62 – 6.20 mph and you can manually incline to three different incline levels for an intense workout to improve your aerobic capacity and burn calories.

Being available at such a cheap price, Merax JK1603E is equipped with 3 built-in workout programs for low intensity to high-intensity cardio workouts too. Its well-cushioned deck provides useful cushioning for your knees, back and joints for longer workout sessions with less fatigue versus running outside on hard asphalt. Additionally, you can also keep track of your targeted heart rate by using the dual hand pulse grip sensors provided on the handlebars.

Lastly, this entry-level treadmill by Merax comes with a 1 -year warranty for frame and motor.

  • Being available at cheap price, it provides all crucial features required for an efficient workout.
  • Folding design with compact size makes it suitable for small home/ apartment.
  • 1.5 HP motor works so silently that you can barely hear it while walking.
  • 3 built-in workout programs.
  • Heart rate monitoring through hand grip sensors.
  • Well cushioned deck to provide useful cushioning for ankle, knees and joints.
  • This treadmill’s small deck may create problem for tall people.
  • Low weight capacity 220 lbs.
  • 3 built-in workout programs to help you in accomplishing your fitness goals.
  • The multifunctional LCD display to provide you with information related to speed, time elapsed, distance covered, calorie burn and heart rate.
  • 3 manually positioned levels of incline (1.38 %, 2.66 %, and 4.16 %) to add additional intensity to your workout programs.
  • Well cushioned deck to provide support and prevent injuries during walking or jogging.
  • Being compact sized and light weight (70 lbs) its easier to move it around.
Merax JK1603E Easy Assembly Folding Electric treadmill is cheap but incorporates all high level functionality as that of upper class treadmills. If you are an average height person weighting below 220 lbs and looking for a cheap treadmill with great features to fulfill your need of walking or jogging, then Merax JK1603E is an ideal choice. Plus, due to its light weight and compact size, it occupies less space and can easily be folded and stored after use.

9. LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill

LifeSpan TR1200i treadmill offers to be a heart-pounding machine which saves space due to its ability to fold into a compact set and complements efficiency. It is quiet, reliable and well-built using high-quality material to endure marathon workload.

It’s EZfold™ system makes the folding and unfolding process much easier by utilizing a hydraulic shock to assist you in lifting and lowering the running deck. TR1200i  2.5 HP continuous duty motor provides speed range from 0.5 – 11 mph and you can also comfortably incline from 0% – 15% to add resistance to your daily workout, burn more calories and increase muscle tone.

LifeSpan TR1200i has 21 built-in workout programs to teach you a healthy living, make you lose weight, for your sports training and also related to your heart rate. Apart from helping you in achieving your fitness goals, this treadmill also makes you feel comfortable while working out with 6 shock absorbers providing cushioning which makes it safe for the knee and other pressure points in the back and legs.

In addition, this treadmill is equipped with iPod/ MP3 compatible sound system to keep you entertained and motivated during workout sessions. It comes with a lifetime warranty for frame and motor, 3 -years warranty for parts and 1 -year warranty for labor.

  • Folding treadmill with an EZfold™ technology.
  • 2.5 HP continuous duty motor which stays cool through the toughest workouts and provides quiet in-home experience.
  • Wide variety of pre-installed workout programs.
  • Advance features like Intelli-Step & Intelli-Guard.
  • Heart rate monitoring through contact grip sensors and chest strap receiver.
  • 6 impact-absorbing compression shocks.
  • iPod and MP3 compatible sound system.
  • Additional features like two bottle holders, a tablet computer holder and a USB port to save your workout data.
  • High weight capacity of 350 lbs. 
  • Long-term warranty coverage.
  • No cooling fan.
  • LifeSpan club membership is free only for the first 4 months (It costs $69 for lifetime membership).
  • 21 pre-set workout programs grouped according to different fitness goals to make selection easy. Which includes 7 programs for sports training, 5 programs for healthy living, 5 programs for weight loss, 2 programs for heart rate control and the last 2 programs are user-defined.
  • The multicolor LCD display provides you with workout information related to speed, time elapsed, distance covered, calorie burn, heart rate and the number of steps taken.
  • Automated inclination up to 15% for a more challenging workout experience.
  • Intelli-Step feature present works like a pedometer and tracks the number of steps taken during the workout session.
  • Intelli-Guard safety feature present automatically pauses the running belt 20 seconds after you step away to avoid accident or injury.
  • 6 compression shock absorbers to alleviate up to 30% of the running impact and provide you with a comfortable workout experience.
  • USB port using which you can transfer your workout data to a USB storage device for upload to your LifeSpan Club account.
  • The advanced sound system consisting of high-quality speakers, a headphone jack, and an iPod/ MP3 compatible music port, so that you can enjoy your favorite tunes during the workout.
All in all, LifeSpan TR1200i has more advantages than disadvantages. This ultimate running machine is considered as the most compact and heavy duty treadmill for domestic purpose. It provides many of the high-quality features you would expect to find on machines twice the price. To those who wish for a durable high-quality treadmill with all advanced features at a nominal price, LifeSpan TR1200i treadmill is the best choice.

10. Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill


Horizon Fitness T101-04 is a well-engineered treadmill which has won multiple awards from professional treadmill reviewers and consumer groups. It is not a commercial treadmill, but it is built to impress with its sturdy construction, a wide range of workout programs, energy saver mode and whisper-quiet operation which makes it the perfect treadmill for intensive home use available in the market today.

The 2.25 CHP extremely quiet motor of T101-04 is designed to support your prolonged workouts without heating or slowing down and provides adequate speed range from 0.5 – 10 mph and incline range from 0 – 10%. It has the FeatherLight™ hydraulic system with two hydraulic shocks to assist you when lowering and raising the deck vertically for convenient storage.

Horizon T101-04 is equipped with an amazing range of workout programs so that you never get bored and stay engaged throughout your workout sessions. It’s 3-zone Variable Response™ cushioning reduces the post-workout painful effect by cushioning your footfall.

The handlebars of Horizon T101-04 are provided with pulse grip heart rate sensors utilizing which you can get a quick readout of your heart rate on the LCD display and work towards improving your heart rate as well as the overall health of your heart. In addition, it also has inbuilt sonic surround system consisting of two large speakers with iPod/ Mp3 compatible audio jack to deliver your favorite motivational music from your media device.

Lastly, this affordable entry-level treadmill comes with lifetime warranty on frame and motor, 2 -years parts warranty and 1 -year labor warranty.

  • Folding treadmill with FeatherLight™ technology.
  • 2.25 CHP motor with smooth and whisper-quiet operation allows you to workout seamlessly without disturbing your neighbors.
  • The wide variety of workout programs.
  • Heart rate monitoring with the help of pulse-grip sensors provided on handlebars.
  • Variable Response™ Cushioning.
  • The sonic surround sound system with iPod/ MP3 compatibility.
  • Additional features like two bottle holders, tablet rack and a cooling fan to keep you cool & energized all the time.
  • High Weight Capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Long-period warranty coverage.
  • No wireless heart-rate monitoring option.
  • 20″ W X 55″ L small running area (not suitable for tall people with long strides).
  • 30 pre-set workout program options where you can choose from different goal workouts including 10 Step-goal workouts, 6 calorie-goal workouts, 10 distance-based workouts, 3 interval workouts and a manual workout.
  • The 5” green back-lit LCD display to provide you with your workout stats such as speed, time spent, distance covered, heart rate, calorie burn and incline level.
  • Automated inclination up to 10% for extreme workout experience.
  • 3-Zone Variable Response Cushioning to provide you the ideal amount of flex and support through all phases of your stride.
  • Built-in Sonic surround system with iPod/ MP3 compatibility to make your training hours much more enjoyable.
Horizon T101-04 is a great treadmill that comes at an affordable cost but still offers impressive features. It is quiet, stable at all speeds and with its thirty workout programs, it will expose you to a wide range of treadmill workouts that most beginners aren’t even aware of. It is the best choice if you are just embarking on a fitness regime for the first time in your life and want to improve your physical condition without spending much money.

Bottom Line: Cost and Features Make or Break Which is the Best Treadmill for You!

Depending on the type and the features of the models, you can get one from $100 to $3000 and up. After running through the top 10 treadmill models for 2019, we hope you’re feeling confident about which model hits the sweet spot between delivering all the features you want, and at a price that you can afford.

With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you have a better workout no matter which treadmill you choose:

  • Start off slow to warm up your muscles, then gently increase your speed as your muscles start to comfortably loosen up.
  • Once you’ve increased to jogging speed, increase the incline to at least .5 to decrease the shock to your knees as each step lands.
  • Are you looking to increase your cardiovascular health? If so, take shorter strides at a quicker speed to get your blood pumping.
  • Are you more interested in developing muscle tone and endurance? Then stretch those stems out for longer strides (swinging your arms with each step if walking), to increase your fast-twitch fibers.
  • If you start to experience lower back pain, you’re likely landing each step on your heel. Instead, switch sure that you’re striking down with the toe-ball of your foot to relieve discomfort.
  • When you’re starting to feel fatigued, don’t just hit “Stop.” It’s important to cool down at a slow pace for five minutes to avoid any leg cramps. (And, of course, to revel in your awesome workout.)

The bottom line? Treadmills are a fantastic investment for anyone looking to get into (or keep up) their fitness levels. You can workout anytime you like, no matter the weather or traffic conditions outside, and even sneak in a few extra miles throughout the day. No matter which treadmill model you choose, your heart will thank you!.


After reviewing more than 30+ treadmill brands and 90+ treadmills, our fitness experts have selected the 10 best treadmills of 2019 and have categorized them according to their features, durability, weight capacity, user interface and of course price to help you choose the right one according to your needs and budget range.

Best Treadmills By Category – To Make You Choose Easily!


Best Treadmill for People with Busy Schedule/ Office Workers!

Best Treadmills for Serious Runners

Best Treadmills for Home Use

Best Treadmills for Low Budget

Best Treadmills Considering Overall Features & Quality



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