Researchers find Better than Botox ‘miracle cure’ for wrinkles

Jennifer and Ellen Reveal The $5 Breakthrough Skincare Secret…

New Skincare Campaign Taking Hollywood By Storm!

Ellen DeGeneres recently announced she will be giving away the best gift to date in her #12DaysOfGiveaways! With it being the holiday season, every woman wants to look their best at all family get-togethers. What better gift to give away than restored confidence? The 57-year-old, who now appears to be aging backward, says, “I went through a complete transformation with two of the best skincare products on the market called Flawless Complexion The luxury skincare products are taking Hollywood by storm and were recently voted #1 by Dermatologists. Sources close to the couple tell us Portia, 42, encouraged her wife to do something different this holiday season, “Rather than just gifting miscellaneous things on The Ellen Show, Portia told her to share something that really matters to both of them.” Portia told Women’s Health, “We want to campaign for a greater cause. Women’s anti-aging is important for the preservation of female beauty, confidence, and ultimately individual happiness.”



DeGeneres pictured left in 2012 compared to her recent media appearance – She credits Flawless Complexion

There is no real secret to Ellen’s transformation… It all began at the recommendation of her dermatologist. Ellen, like many women today, was on a search for a Miracle Skin Product. Through the stresses of maintaining the Ellen Show alongside the normal signs of aging, she was sufferring from wrinkles and age lines that she never had to cover up before. Instead of letting this stress get to her, she took a leap of faith. And that leap for Flawless Complexionlanded her a campaign for the newest skincare line of the year. Upon more research, we’ve discovered that more clever women around the world – and many Hollywood actresses – have been secretly using these products too.

A few months ago on the Ellen Show, she shared the secret for women who want to look 10 to 15 years younger fast, but are scared of the potential risks of surgery or botox. We were so suprised by how shockingly simple, cheap, and effective her technique was, we had to test it ourselves and write a feature article on the results! Read on…

“The combination of Flawless Complexion are the perfect giveaways for the holiday season! Say goodbye to dark circles forever!” -Ellen


The Best Skin Solution You’ve Never Heard Of

Instead of throwing away precious dollars on expensive anti-aging skin creams that make big promises and don’t work, one reader has discovered a skin combo that erases years off her face for only a few dollars. Read on to find out how it works!

Shirley was able to remove over 20 years of aging from
her face with just 2 simple products!

Shirley, a 72 year-old grandma from Chicago, Illinois is a perfect example of how a little smart thinking and ingenuity can help you avoid unnecessary health risks and save you thousands of dollars in doctors’ bills.

Like most women, Shirley didn’t have the extra cash to try out every celebrity endorsed anti-aging “miracle cream” out there, let alone splurge on expensive elective medical procedures, like plastic surgery or facelifts.

Before trying this simple trick, she admits she used to spend almost an hour every day on an extensive skincare regimen consisting of over 6 different products. Each product made big claims promising to erase wrinkles and return her youthful skin; while Shirley followed all their usage instructions to the letter, she saw no beneficial results.

Frustrated and let down, she considered going so far as to take out a substantial loan for Botox injections, and even contemplated a highly risky and very expensive facelift procedure. But the high cost (ranging anywhere from $5000 – $20,000+) and the horror stories of unfixable botched procedures convinced her that cosmetic treatments were not the solution she was looking for. She was determined to find a safe and affordable anti-aging solution that would give her real results and not leave her digging her way out of a huge financial debt.

Shirley’s Solution:

After a year of doing thorough research and speaking to other women about their own skincare habits, she learned of two products that were yielding real results and helping women take years off their skin: Flawless Complexion

While each of these products were proven to be effective individually, one night, Shirley made an accidental discovery that would revolutionize the whole skincare industry: she combined them.

After only a few days of using both products together in her daily skin routine, she saw noticeable results in the mirror. After just two weeks of using Flawless Complexion combined, the proof was staring her right in the face: this was giving her real results.

Using the two products together, Shirley’s results were noticeably better than what you’d find at medi-spas for $5,000+. This combination removed virtually 90% of all her wrinkles and problem areas. It tightened her face and neck, removing all signs of sagging, aging, and dehydrated skin. Shirley was able to see these dramatic anti-aging results simply by using free samples of both products for just 14 days.

Her friends, husband, and family were all shocked. They were convinced she’d been secretly getting Botox, because her skin looked 20 years younger almost overnight! Soon, word got around as her friends starting using Shirley’s method, and not long after, her easy, 2-product trick was featured on The Doctor Oz Show!

Shirley is now one of hundreds of women that share the same incredible story. Using this method, she effectively erased 20+ years from her skin. It’s changed her life and completely astonished everyone around her, even total strangers!

“Celeb’s have been raving about Flawless Complexion.They confess that it’s the secret to their youthful skin”

A prominent celebrity skin care doctor also revealed that using Flawless Complexion with Polymoist-PS and Hyaluronic Acid was the celebrity secret to success as it contains powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and moisturizing agents..

How does it Work?

Through her research, Shirley discovered that the real secret to Flawless Complexion are two key ingredients:

1. Polymoist-PS
2. Hyaluronic Acid

These are both natural ingredients that work together to erase wrinkles and fine lines at the cellular level – below the surface of the skin – which is why they’re so effective.


Polymoist-PS the key to maintaining healthy, youthful skin. The powerful blend that slows the rate of free-radical damage, which causes skin’s dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles. It helps combat and even reverse time’s effect on your skin, because it produces collagen – a protein which makes skin appear plump and firm. Ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol work together in the outermost layer of the epidermis called the stratum corneum to prevent moisture loss and keep skin moist and supple.

Hyaluronic Acid works by binding to moisture. It can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, making it an excellent natural skin plumper. Hyaluronic acid helps your skin repair and regenerate itself after suffering from dryness, environmental stresses, or irritation.




Dr. Richard Peters, a prominent dermatologist based in Ontario, Canada revealed to us that using Flawless Complexion together is the celebrity secret to youthful skin because both products contain the purest and most powerful forms of Polymoist-PS & Hyaluronic Acid. Best of all the products are all-natural, perfectly safe for all skin types, and have no nasty side effects.



“What Polymoist-PS & Hyaluronic Acid do is get rid of all the old, dead layers of skin and help your skin generate fresh new ones. Our tests show that you can erase almost 20 to 30 years off your face in less than 14 days. But the key is to choose the creams and serums that contain the highest and purest quality ingredients, since they’re not all the same.” – Dr. Oz

Shirley’s Story & 14 Day Cell Revival Results:


Shirley’s Documentation Pictures

“I have to admit I do tend to jump on the bandwagon and I have tried countless anti-aging wrinkle creams such as Oil of Olay, Neutrogena, and many others to help me look young again. Unfortunately, the results were never as good as I wanted them to be. Until, one day after watching a documentary on Polymoist-PS and doing some careful research, I found Flawless Complexion I was very skeptical, but during my research I came across countless success stories and clinical studies which led me to giving them a fair try.”

So how did I get started? During my time researching Polymoist-PS and Hyaluronic Acid, I discovered most of the success stories were from people who combined Flawless Complexion for maximum results. These products are extremely potent anti-oxidant wrinkle reducers containing not only Polymoist-PS, but also the popular Renovage (also known as “Facelift in a Jar”) and Ester-C (which is the active anti-aging compound in Polymoist-PS).

“The instruction recommended was to apply the Flawless Complexion – Shirley


After the first day of using

Flawless Complexion, I was surprised at how wonderful they both made my skin feel. It felt like every last pore on my face was being tightened and pulled by a gigantic vacuum cleaner.

It felt like every last pore on my face was being tightened and pulled by a gigantic vacuum cleaner. I don’t know how else to describe it. I could feel a deep, warm, tingly sensation on my cheeks, around my eyes, and my forehead. I looked in the mirror and saw a rosy-tinged hue. A radiant, glowing hue that was the result of nourishing blood rushing to the surface of my skin. And these marvelous “sensations” lasted for hours.


After five days of using

Flawless Complexion, I was shocked at the drastic results.The lines, dark spots, and wrinkles – without question – were visibly reducing in size right before my eyes!

I was astonished by the results, and literally felt 20 years younger again. It was like watching all my wrinkles and fine lines vanish right off!


After 14 days, not only had all my doubts and skepticism absolutely vanished…but so did my wrinkles!

The lines on my forehead, the loose, sagging skin on my neck, my crows’ feet – even the age spots on my face had COMPLETELY disappeared. I’ve never felt or seen anything tighten my skin with this kind of force before, no matter how expensive the product!

After the 2 weeks, my skin not only stayed that way, it actually improved every day until it became as beautiful and radiant as it was 20 years ago. By this point, all my friends and family were shocked. They couldn’t believe the difference, and were convinced I was lying about not getting botox!




“I’m 48 yrs old and my face has unfortunately been showing signs of age, dark spots and wrinkles. I decided to give this product a try as the reviews were so good, but I had reservations because I’ve been disappointed with things that have had good reviews in the past. This stuff works. I don’t know if it’s because my face was in such horrible condition that just two nights of use and I could tell the difference in the size of my pores, my skin tone was more even, and my face was smoother and not so bumpy looking. I definitely would continue to use this product.”

Amanda R. ~ Ann Arbor, Michigan



“I am 57 years old and I do NOT expect any lotion or cream to make me look as I did in my 20’s; however when I use Flawless Complexion on a regular basis I absolutely can tell a difference in my skin tone and the overall appearance of my complexion. I checked both products out on and the reviews were great so I decided to give them a try. Both products are light, fragrance free, & non-greasy. It has a fair amount of retinol, green tea, and Vitamin E plus it is packaged properly so that the beneficial ingredients are not exposed to the light, air, & bacteria that destroys them. The free trial was great, it allowed me to try them before I bought them..”

Francesca G. ~ Malibu, California



“Better than ANY other face cream I have ever tried. Don’t spend your money on expensive department store crap. You’re paying for advertising and packaging! This cream is the best and cheapest. I feel like I am getting a luxury product for a fraction of the cost. Have been using it ever day for the past year and I’ll keep using it. I Wish I could give them 10 stars.”

Marie C. ~ Denver, Colorado


Will This Work For You?

Take a stand with Ellen DeGeneres and say ‘No’ to Botox and harmful skin chemicals by taking advantage of the risk-free trial below for her preferred all-natural skincare line Flawless Complexion. There are plenty of skincare gimmicks out there, and most of them are ridiculously expensive. With so many options it’s only natural for you to be skeptical about the results, and so I challenge you to do what I did: try it for yourself! Conduct your own study and see the incredible results in your mirror at home.

You won’t believe you before and after!

Once you’ve experienced this anti-aging skin savior for yourself, please leave your comments below and share your success story with others, like Shirley did. Document the progression and prove to the world that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to LOOK AND FEEL GREAT.

Ellen discovered the secret every woman is on a search for: How to stay young and beautiful. Researchers have released the 2015 Experiment Results of combining Flawless Complexion The serums combined minimized age lines by a shocking 580%! These statistics are the first ever all-natural method recognized and approved by Dermatologists to be more effective than plastic surgery. For your convenience, use the links below courtesy Women’s Health and you will get the lowest possible shipping price as well. Remember, to get the BEST results you will want to try BOTH products together. Both creams come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or full money back. With the discounted shipping costs you will be on your way to smooth skin for under $5. But hurry, these incredible free trials won’t last forever.

Note: Ellen used both Flawless Complexion to erase her wrinkles, we suggest to use both products together to get the best results possible.

Flawless Complexion

Receive A Free 30 Day Supply Of Flawless ComplexionUse our “Exclusive” link and you pay just shipping
Flawless Complexion

Receive A Free 30 Day Supply Of Flawless ComplexionUse our “Exclusive” link and you pay just shipping



Ellen, I am so thankful for your giveaway this year! I have always wanted to be on your show and although I can’t be in the crowd, this is a close second! Finally, a host who gives to those who can’t be in attendance. My sister has sufferred severely from insecurities that ‘she isn’t pretty enough’ and she has had her battles with many plastic surgeries. This campaign is going to change the world for so many women… Even I have been using Tru Belleza Anti Aging trial for 3 weeks now, and I seriously look 5 years younger! Not quite as good as you, but I will take it when it was less than 5 bucks for each! Thank you so much for reporting on this! WE LOVE YOU Ellen!!!! #TheEllenShow #Canadian

7 min ago | report

I saw this combo on CNN a while ago and still using the combo. I’ve been using the products for about 6 wks (Flawless Complexion’s Recapture-360 Day came first, had to wait for Flawless Complexion’s Night Treatment for an extra day). Honestly, this is unbelievable, all I have to say is WOW Ellen is totally right! Already have my two best friends hooked on the products and they put in their order today

21 min ago | report

I am so happy that we can get these products even when we’re not in her audience! Women around the world need someone like Ellen to make them realize they dont need Botox and plastic surgery to stay young and beautiful! And Ellen is right, this product works! A friend of mine used Flawless Complexion’s Recapture-360 Day and recommended it to me 3 weeks ago. I ordered the product and received them within 3 days I think (although I didn’t get the free trail offers). The results have been incredible and I can’t wait to see what weeks 3 and 4 bring.


34 min ago | report

  • I have never experienced this kind of treatment before. It’s absolutely stunning. STUNNING!!!!! I love it! I am 50 years old and have tried so many different creams, but nothing compares to this product. Thank you so much for this wonderful product and the wonderful staff you have working for the company..I’m SOLD!!! Thank you Ellen my daughters and I love watching your show and we are sad to see you go


19 min ago | report

I’ve gone ahead and placed an order. I can’t wait to get started and see what happens.

49 min ago | report


ever even thought about combining the products. Vit C and Hyaluronic Acid, it works great for Ellen, I’ve done my research, Thanks for the free samples guys. I’ll make sure I leave my results. Good luck with your campaign Ellen!

1hr 4 min ago | report

I saw Flawless Complexion Treatment on the news. Thank you for sharing this tip! I just ordered both products. XOXO love you Ellen!

1hr 44 min ago | report

probably I’m a bit older than most of you folks. but this combo actually worked for me too! LOL! I wasn’t expecting it to but I’m happy. I can’t say anything more exciting.Thanks for your inspirations! Ellen you look better than ever! Good luck to you and Portia!

2hr 21 min ago | report

  • I have been using this Anti Aging trial for 3 weeks now, and I seriously look 5 years younger! Not quite as good as this mum, but I will take it when it was less than 5 bucks for each! My crow’s feet and laugh lines are melting away more and more every day. Thank you so much for reporting on this.

56 min ago | report

This is to confirm that I love your product. After a 14 day trial I find my complexion is better than ever. I am 45 years old and actually enjoy looking at my face. Almost all the blemishes are gone. I would recommend this product to anyone that has facial discolorations. I have tried many creams and lotions in the past with no apparent results. Hurray for the person that has developed this miracle.

2hr 10 min ago | reort


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