Apple Watch Series 4 Smartwatch for Women – Can It Really Save your Life ?

‘It saved my life’: Apple Watch, is notifying users of medical emergencies

A New Jersey woman is alive because her Apple Watch alerted her to an elevated heart rate. It turned out she had fluid around her heart from a viral infection. USA TODAYDeanna Recktenwald received an unusual notification from her Apple Watch Series 2 in April 2018.

“Seek medical attention,” the display read after the 18-year-old’s resting heart rate skyrocketed to 190 beats per minute. A normal resting heart rate for adults 18 and older is between 60 and 100 beats per minute, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The Tampa Bay area teenager, who said she didn’t feel any alarming symptoms, was immediately taken to an urgent care facility by her mother, Stacey Recktenwald. Doctors told the family that the high school senior was in kidney failure.

“Without this watch, I fear she would’ve been one of the kids on the news – the healthy kid that goes off to college and dies in their sleep,” Stacey told USA TODAY.

There is a growing list of testimonies that demonstrate how smartwatches are going beyond fashionable lifestyle conveniences or workout tools, doubling as SOS signals during sudden medical emergencies.

If we had tried to compile a collection of the best smartwatches for women two years ago, it might have consisted of a string of angry emojis and not much else.
Times have changed, and there are plenty of smartwatches that women are now able to wear proudly in public.

We’ve picked out our current faves and you can see our reviews below for more detailed views on features, design, and performance.

However, if you’re in a rush – here are our current top smartwatches for women to save you scrolling…

Best Smartwatch for Women 2019

Dr. Kotb verdict: # 1 Pick: Apple Watch Series 4


The best smartwatches for women: Beautiful, stylish and smart options

The Apple Watch is our current top pick of smartwatches and still probably the best full-blooded smartwatch for iPhone-owning women.

The latest Series 4 gives the design a long-awaited overhaul but the result is actually that it’s now bigger, at 40mm and 44mm sizes. That’s awesome for all the new watchOS 5 features but if you want something smaller, don’t forget you can still buy last year’s now cheaper Series 3, which sticks with the more compact 38mm and 42mm sizes.

As a fitness tracker and health device, it’s improved loads and the current feature set includes waterproofing and swims tracking, built-in GPS and LTE for making calls and more when you’re away from your phone. The headline feature for Series 4 is built-in ECG, but that’s going to take time to roll out to you if you’re not in the US. So another reason to consider the Series 3. However, it does have features like fall detection.

Though it looks nothing like a traditional wristwatch, the Apple Watch is still the most flawlessly finished smartwatch we’ve seen and can look quite chic nestled on a wrist stacked with bracelets – and luckily there’s a huge market of Apple Watch straps to choose from.


Cristina Aguilera
5.0 out of 5 stars
Loveeee it!!

December 7, 2018

Size: 40mm
Style: Silver Aluminum with Seashell Sport Loop
Verified Purchase

I loveeeeee my watch!! It came un opened. Brand new!

Update: I’ve had my watch for a little over a month and it works perfectly fineee! I do regret not getting the bigger one though, I have the 40mm

review image
review image
133 people found this helpful


5.0 out of 5 stars

May have saved my life!
March 3, 2019
Size: 40mm

Style: Silver Aluminum with White Sport Band

Verified Purchase
I purchased this to use while swimming and because of all the features. But, it also may have saved my life.

Shortly after getting it and wearing it all the time I was alerted of an Afib situation and am now under a doctors care for Afib. Had I continued with a different sport watch I might have not known that I was having Afib and could have experienced a stroke or heart attack. But by being alerted to the situation I am now on medication and under a doctors care.

Thank goodness I bought and learned to use this fantastic Apple Watch series 4.
The cardiologist was fascinated with the proficiency of the watches heart programs.


5.0 out of 5 stars

November 27, 2018
Size: 44mm

Style: Space Gray Aluminum with Black Sport Band

Verified Purchase
Came in Apple packaging and looks great. Good price and short wait.


Dr. Kotb verdict: # 1 Pick: Apple Watch Series 4 

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