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Some women get pregnant on the first try. But for the majority, it takes patience and time trying to conceive.

According to statistics, only 20 out 1000 couples conceive within the first month. Within six months, 50 percent of women will be pregnant. And by a year, 85 percent of women reach their goal.

Fortunately, there are a number of great fertility products that can increase your chances of conceiving without professional medical intervention.

Plus, some great tips on how to get pregnant, like learning how to tell when you are ovulating and starting prenatal vitamins once you stop birth control, that will help get your body ready for baby.

Anyone who has searched for fertility products knows how overwhelming the choices can be. Not to mention that fertility products can be pricey, especially if they need to be used over a span of time.

The items on this list cover all of your fertility needs, from predicting your most fertile days, to boosting your partner’s sperm mobility. Here are the best fertility products if you’re trying to get pregnant.

Our Top Picks


Ovulation test strips measure when your body is undergoing the luteinizing hormone (LH) surge that happens when a developing egg follicle reaches a certain size. This LH surge triggers ovulation, which generally occurs 24—48 hours later. If you have unprotected sex during this period, your chances of getting pregnant are higher.

Most ovulation test strips use lines to predict when your LH surge is occurring, which can be confusing, especially if you’ve never seen a positive result—a darker test line indicates an LH surge. The Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test, on the other hand, gives you a smiley face when your LH surge is occurring. When there is no LH surge, the test emits an empty circle. There really couldn’t be clearer signs, so it makes sense that this is the #1 Ovulation Test Kit on Amazon.

Another great thing about the Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test is that it comes with a reusable test reader, which means that you can hold it in your urine stream like you would a pregnancy test—as opposed to other ovulation tests, which you have to soak in a cup. Even better, the test works with first-morning urine. Many ovulation strips work best in the afternoon, when you’ve drunk a limited amount of water, and held in your urine for four hours. Anyone who has a child already, or a busy lifestyle, knows how difficult it can be to plan your life around taking ovulation tests, which makes the Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test so appealing.


If you’re familiar with the way a positive LH surge looks on a test strip, or if you’re put off by how expensive the Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test is—especially if you have been testing for a few months—then the Pregmate One Step Urine Test Strip Combo pack is perfect.

It comes with 50 LH test strips, as well as 20 HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin hormone) test strips, which test for pregnancy. Both are easy to use. All you have to do is hold the test strip in a cup of your urine for three seconds, and then lay the strip flat for five minutes until the results appear. A positive result shows the test line as dark, or darker, than the control line.

In over 500 five star reviews on Amazon, users raved about the quality and dependability of these test strips. “There was a huge difference between the control and test line so you can’t be mistaken,” one reviewer wrote.


It’s no secret that a major factor of fertility is good health. Which is why, along with eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and avoiding unnecessary stress, taking a prenatal vitamin—which has all of the nutrients and vitamins you need to support a healthy cycle—can aid fertility.

The CONCEPTION Fertility Prenatal Vitamins include manganese, zinc, iron, selenium, and folate folic acid, all of which support both a healthy cycle and pregnancy. The vitamins also contain Organic KSM-66® Ashwagandha, Pharmaceutical-grade Myo-Inositol, and Vitex Chaste Tree Berry, which have been clinically proven to balance hormones and support the reproductive cycle.

Reviews are wildly positive. Others noted that the vitamins helped with period pain, and regulated their cycles.

Along with getting rave reviews, it’s also Amazon’s choice for fertility supplements.


Think you can use your regular old lubricant if you’re trying to get pregnant? Think again. Some lubricants can actually hinder sperm from moving, or even kill them, making it harder to conceive.

Lubricants specifically designed for conception help with sperm viability and mobility, as well as match your body’s internal PH levels, which like many things, change during ovulation.

There are many fertility-friendly lubricants on the market, but the best is Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant. Invented by a female sperm physiologist, and used at fertility clinics, Pre-Seed mimics cervical mucus during the fertile stage of your cycle. Additionally, it’s scent-free and dries quickly.

Pre-Seed gets rave reviews from users, some of whom claim that it was the only thing that helped them get pregnant after long fertility struggles. It’s not only the best selling lubricant for those trying to conceive—it’s also the #1 vaginal moisturizer on Amazon.

Another great way to predict when you will ovulate is to measure your basal body temperature. Your basal temperature is your body’s temperature when it is fully at rest. In the days after you ovulate, your basal body temperature is slightly higher—generally, less than half a degree Fahrenheit. Women trying to get pregnant take their temperature when they wake up every day before they’ve done any activity, and chart the results to know when they are going to ovulate.

Charting can be a lot of manual work, and it’s easy to forget to add data. Which is why a Bluetooth enabled basal body temperature that sends your daily temperature directly to your smartphone may be the most reliable option.

Based on reviews, the Emay Smart Basal Thermometer is exactly that—reliable.  Additionally, anyone who had trouble installing the app was impressed by Emay’s customer service, and how fast they responded to questions.

One thing to note is that a regular thermometer calculates your temperature based on averages. A good basal thermometer takes your exact temperature, which means that it can often take two or three minutes to get a final result—as is the case with the Emay Smart Basal Thermometer.

Not everyone is digital-savvy. In fact, some prefer charting their cycles the analog way—by using a regular old calendar.

Sold by Fairhaven Health, and used by nurses and doctors, this pregnancy wheel and ovulation calendar allows adjustments for short, long, and irregular menstrual cycles. It can track dates for ovulation and peak fertility—as well as tell you when to take a pregnancy test. When you conceive, it tracks important pregnancy milestones.

Reviewers frustrated with fertility apps really liked the ovulation calendar. “Because my menstrual is months apart most menstrual tracking apps are useless,” one user wrote. Another wrote: “Yes, I can do the calculation and I do have apps for this…but lets be honest…this wheel is so much more fun!”

If you want an all-comprehensive guide to your fertility, buying a book that can help you along the way might be a wise idea. Taking Charge of Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health is an Amazon bestseller and gives you tools to help chart your fertility, balance your hormones, and help maximize your fertility no matter what stage of the game you are in.

Reviewers praise this book for teaching them so much about their menstrual cycle and giving useful tips for those wanting to get pregnant and those trying to avoid pregnancy naturally. If you are into the science of stuff and want to learn more about your cycle as a whole, this is a useful read.



Best Fertility Supplements for Women

Supplement NameIntended UseCan Be Taken WithShould Not Be Taken With
FertilAid for Women
FertilAid for Women






Designed to improve overall female reproductive health and encourage hormonal balance, cycle regularity, and attainment of pregnancy.FertileCM, FertiliTea, FertiliTea Tea Bags, FertileDetox, PeaPod Omega-3, FH PRO Omega 3, PeaPod Cal-Mag, OvaBoost, Myo-Inositol, Royal Jelly, Organic Maca, Coenzyme Q10FH PRO for Women, PeaPod Prenatal Vitamin (or any other prenatal vitamin since in addition to the herbal fertility blend, FertilAid also contains all ingredients of a prenatal vitamin)
Designed to help improve the quantity and quality of cervical mucus a woman produces.FertilAid for Women, FertiliTea, FertiliTea Tea Bags, FertileDetox, PeaPod Omega-3, FH PRO Omega 3, PeaPod Prenatal, PeaPod Cal-Mag, OvaBoost, Myo-Inositol, Royal Jelly, Organic Maca, Coenzyme Q10*Fertility Drugs such as ClomidFH PRO for Women
FertiliTea Tea Bags
Fertilitea Tea Bags








Designed to optimize female reproductive health.FertilAid for Women, FertileCM, FH PRO for Women, FertileDetox, PeaPod Prenatal, PeaPod Omega-3, FH PRO Omega 3, PeaPod Cal-Mag, OvaBoost, Myo-Inositol, Royal Jelly, Organic Maca, Coenzyme Q10No contraindications
Designed to promote egg quality and ovarian function.FertilAid for Women, FertileCM, FertiliTea, FertiliTea Tea Bags, FertileDetox, PeaPod Prenatal, PeaPod Omega-3, FH PRO Omega 3, PeaPod Cal-Mag, Myo-Inositol, Myo-Folate, Royal Jelly, Organic Maca, Coenzyme Q10FH PRO for WomenConsult with your physician before taking OvaBoost if you have been prescribed a medication for depression or anxiety, or if you are taking the herb St. John’s Wort.
Supports proper hormone balance, ovarian function, egg quality and menstrual cycle regularity.FertilAid for Women, FertileCM, FertiliTea, FertiliTea Tea Bags, FertileDetox, PeaPod Prenatal, PeaPod Omega-3, FH PRO Omega 3, PeaPod Cal-Mag, OvaBoost, Royal Jelly, Organic Maca, Coenzyme Q10, *FH PRO for Women*Note: FH PRO for Women contains a 40:1 ratio of myo-inositol to d-chiro inositol. Combining FH PRO for Women with Myo-Inositol is ok if you desire additional myo-inositol, but it will disrupt the 40:1 ratio.Consult with your physician before taking Myo-Inositol if you have been prescribed a medication for depression or anxiety.
Organic Maca for Fertility
Organic Maca for Fertility







Helps encourage hormonal balance, and increase libido and sexual function.FertilAid for Women, FertileCM, FertiliTea, FertiliTea Tea Bags, FertileDetox, PeaPod Prenatal, PeaPod Omega-3, FH PRO Omega 3, PeaPod Cal-Mag, FH PRO for Women, OvaBoost, Myo-Inositol, Royal Jelly, Coenzyme Q10No contraindications
Royal Jelly
Royal Jelly for Fertility








Designed to promote overall vitality and support optimal hormonal balance.FertilAid for Women, FertileCM, FertiliTea, FertiliTea Tea Bags, FertileDetox, PeaPod Prenatal, PeaPod Omega-3, FH PRO Omega 3, PeaPod Cal-Mag, FH PRO for Women, OvaBoost, Myo-Inositol, Organic Maca, Coenzyme Q10No contraindications
Coenzyme Q10
Evening Primrose Oil
Helps improve egg quality and fertilization rates, while decreasing the damaging effects of free radicals on the reproductive system.FertilAid for Women, FertileCM, FertiliTea, FertiliTea Tea Bags, FertileDetox, PeaPod Prenatal, PeaPod Omega-3, FH PRO Omega 3, PeaPod Cal-Mag, FH PRO for Women, OvaBoost, Myo-Inositol, Royal Jelly, Organic MacaNo contraindications


Best Over the counter fertility drugsVitex is made from Vitex herb also known as chaste berry. This herb was used in the ancient times to treat fertility in women.

Vitex helps to  regulate irregular menstrual cycle, reduce advancement of mild endometriosis,  regulate menstrual cycle after stopping birth control pills.

Who should use Fertibella

  • Women with irregular period or PCOS or endometriosis
  • Women who have recently stopped using birth control pills
  • Women who have difficulty conceiving


  • No Significant side effects have been recorded has been recorded with Vitex fertility drugs

Success rate

  • Some women have been able to conceive using Vitex fertility drugs.


FertilAid for Women Honest Review


FertilAid for Women



FertileCM Honest Review






FertiliTea Tea Bags


FertiliTea: Fertility Enhancing Tea in Tea Bags 16 tea bags, 0.87 oz


OvaBoost Honest Review








Myo-Inositol Honest Review





Vitex Honest Review



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