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Sauna sessions can be more rejuvenating and comfortable with an appropriate backrest which is stiff enough to support your body and soft enough to keep you comfy for extended periods of time. Especially, if you are jostling with the lower back issues, Sauna sessions can be more effective and soothing with a suitable backrest.

As the sauna backrest extends the required support to your back, it is relatively comfortable for the people suffering from back pain ailment to sit for a sauna session for longer durations.

The 5 Backrests That Can Take

Here are the 5 best Sauna backrests that can extend a stimulating sauna experience:

1. JNH Lifestyles 2SBR1 Ergonomic S-Shape Backrest

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  • With the finest workmanship, 100% natural oak is used to craft this elite sauna backrest.
  • Comes in S-shape backrest in Pack of 2.
  • Appropriately embraces the JNH Lifestyle saunas.
  • The solid structure of the backrest makes it more durable.


  • Selectively work with the saunas like Freedom collection, Joyous, Vivo.
  • This one position backrest does fit on the panels on the side.

By placing the backrest flush closer to the heating unit, you can enjoy an immaculate sauna experience. Exclusively designed for JNH Lifestyle saunas, this backrest comes in an easy packaging of two.

This 100% natural oak sauna backrest delivers an ultimate sauna experience to its users, offering comfy and relaxing extended sessions.

2. Dynamic Canadian Hemlock Sauna Backrest 2-pack

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  • Crafted from 100% Hemlock wood construction ensuring durability.
  • With its natural finish, it adds to the sturdy looks of your sauna room.
  • A stain-resistant backrest which is easy to maintain.
  • The convenient S-shape amplifies your sauna experience.


  • Hemlock wood may is not suitable for the sensitive skin in few cases.

Cool by looks and comfortable by usage is what define these ergonomic sauna backrests appropriately.  With utmost comfort, this is an asset to your sauna which lets you rest for long hours without a glitch.

With no maintenance, the 100% hemlock wood construction with natural finish keeps it free from staining. The convenient S-Shape is provided to provide full support to your lower back and avoid any seating troubles for longer hours.

3. Radiant Saunas SA5059 Universal Sauna Backrest

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  • Solid Canadian hemlock wood is used to enhance the durability.
  • Added comfort is ensured with its ergonomic design.
  • Assembled and conveniently packed in a sturdy packaging.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Can be repositioned in your sauna session very easily.


  • Not suitable for different angels in the sauna.
  • Gets slip at times unless you position a towel beneath for firm grip.

It is a universal sauna backrest, which is specifically designed to add leisure to your sauna sessions. When you lean back the invigorating heat of the sauna, it acts as the barrier to expose you higher temperatures and deliver ultimate comfort. Constructed from solid Canadian hemlock wood, it comes with good durability.

However, if you are looking to enjoy your sauna from different angles, it might not be as suitable as you look for. But, if you want to fix it at one place, it is capable of delivering high comfort in your sauna sessions.

4. Radiant Saunas SA5024 Deluxe Sauna Accessory Kit

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  • Top grade western Canadian hemlock is used to deliver supreme quality to the user.
  • Smooth headrest ensures utmost comfortability.
  • Supreme leg rest ensures an exemplary sauna session.
  • It comes with a handy magazine rack.
  • Easy installation with all the available hardware.


  • It is not a budget-friendly proposition.

This magnificent sauna kit proficiently amplifies your sauna experience with its wide offerings. A comfortable headrest ensures smooth surface to lean against your head. The backrest and the leg rest together to provide great comfort to the entire body.

No professional aid required with its installation. This high-quality kit can be used over years. If you are looking to buy a backrest alone, this kit will be a cost-intensive affair for you.

5. Sauna backrest- Made from real cedar!

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  • Made from real cedar to ensure good durability.
  • Cedar structure is sweat and mildew resistant.
  • It does not absorb sauna heat.
  • Flexible structure can put it to multiple uses.


  • The straight design of this backrest is not much comfortable.

This hand-crafted cedar backrest primarily aims at extending your comfortable sauna session. Manufactured by the world leaders in Cedar products, the vertical shape of this backrest allows substituting it even as a pillow by placing it horizontally.

Unlike other backrests, it does not absorb any heat due to the cedar fibrous structure. It efficiently holds up against the sweat and mildew.

How to choose a perfect backrest to enhance your sauna experience?

With the ample products available in the market, each type of product is suitable with a certain type of sauna and the owner’s preference. Buying a perfect backrest calls for a good understanding of the various factors as below:

Consider the reputation of the manufacturer

Often the big manufacturers have a considerable amount of experience in producing comfortable sauna backrests. The smaller,  manufacturers do not offer good customer services as well. It is always good to check the testimonials as well as the various reviews of the old customers on its website to understand the product quality and after-sales services it offers.


If you find a huge difference between the prices of two backrests, always perform a diligent search to understand the difference. You should at least select three backrests from different manufacturers and then make an analysis of the price affordability and the various features offered by these products.

Experience of the reseller

You should always consider a reseller who has a considerable experience in selling the sauna backrests. He can advise you the best backrest in your budget considering your requirements and preferences. Have a look on the overall years of operations or service of such resellers before contacting for a sauna backrest.

Shipping and Return Details

Even if you crack a price-effective deal, shipping of a product also plays a governing role in determining the overall price of your product. If you are placing an order online, it is vital to figure out the shipping cost involved in it.

Also, if the product does not fit to your requirements, is it possible to return it? If yes, is there any additional cost you need to bear for it? It is important to understand the shipping and the return policy of the seller before placing any such order.


A comfortable backrest is an imperative sauna accessory, which needs to be bought with due consideration. The precision which you apply in setting up a sauna, the same efforts must be employed in picking up the right accessory for it.

Depending upon the various factors like angles you choose, the material of the backrest, the durability, shape of the backrest etc, an appropriate backrest can be selected which can amplify your overall sauna experience. Always try to strike a good balance between the product price and product features to conclude the best sauna backrest!


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