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Written by dr kotb and his team

Why should you try a laser hair growth device? It’s because science shows that low-level light therapy re-grows hair. Now that’s no guarantee that every product works equally well. Since we’ve spent months reviewing the top laser hair growth devices, we’re sharing our appraisals here.

In general, it’s red light with a wavelength of 630-670nm that’s the sweet spot for hair growth. This frequency of light penetrates a few millimeters into the scalp. It stimulates follicles to stop resting and start growing hair again. That growth stage is called the anagen phase.

Hair isn’t always growing. It rests sometimes. The rest period is called the telogen phase. It lasts about 100 days. And normally less than 10% of your hair is in this part of the cycle at any given time.

But if there’s a problem like androgenic alopecia, the hair growth cycle is disrupted. This is when laser hair growth corrects the problem. It boosts circulation and kick-starts the follicles to begin working again. Within a few weeks, you’ll see a difference.

There are a few things you should know before you begin laser treatment for your hair. First, you’re likely to lose more hair at the start. All the club hairs that were resting are going to be pushed out of their follicles by the new hair that’s growing.

Next, you can combine low-level light therapy with other treatments like vitamins and supplements for hair growth. You can also use hair loss shampoos or topical foams because there’s no conflict. And none of these laser treatments have adverse side effects.

Finally, many of the laser hair growth device manufacturers recommend their own associated hair products. You might have faster results if you try their suggestions.

How does laser hair growth work?



First, let’s discuss who might be the best candidates for hair growth with laser light. It turns out that persons with hereditary hair loss (like androgenic alopecia) fit this category.

If you’ve been to a hair loss specialist, you might already know your classification. For example, perhaps it’s Ludwig-Savin I-4. In that case, you’re a match. Try laser treatment because it has a good chance of working for you.

Next, if you have DHT (dihydrotestosterone) stunting your hair growth, light therapy works to counteract that. It won’t eliminate the DHT, though. You’ll want to use a DHT-blocking treatment for that. Instead, the light motivates the catatonic hair follicles into action. More nutrients reach the follicles so that hair grows thicker and healthier.

Red light therapy can also help you heal faster if you’ve had a hair transplant. In fact, its curative powers were discovered when astronauts needed a way to heal wounds in space.

Do laser hair growth devices work?


If you research the many clinical studies done on laser hair restoration devices, you’ll find that statistics say yes, they work. Even double-blind tests show a difference between using laser devices and none at all.

The results were determined by methods like macro photography as well as user satisfaction surveys. Scientists even saw that some devices created shinier, thicker hair, not only more hair overall.

The benefits of low level laser therapy for hair growth

The first thing you need to know about the benefits of laser therapy is that it has no adverse effects. If you do treatments at home with an FDA-cleared device, and you follow the directions, you shouldn’t suffer any ill effects. It won’t burn you or damage your skin.

Now, it could speed up your hair loss for the first week or two. This is normal. The light is awakening the follicles from their telogen or catagen state. They will push out old hairs as they manufacture new ones. But within 12 to 26 weeks, you’ll see that your hair falls out less and looks thicker.

Just imagine how pleasant it would be to have volume and shine with healthy hair. Best of all, it only takes anywhere from 90 seconds to half an hour each session, depending on your device. Most of the time, the treatments only need to happen two or three times a week.

Also, hair growth devices work for both men and women. This means you can share the device with your spouse if you like. Just follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning it if needed.

Besides, the majority of home-use laser hair growth devices we reviewed are portable. You can stay busy around the house while you wear them, or take them on a trip. That’s much more convenient than visiting a doctor’s office or spa for treatments. And the chances are that the cost of a laser device is lower than paying for repeated sessions elsewhere.

Which type of device is better: a comb or a cap?

Since both laser combs and helmets promote hair growth, it might be hard to know which one will suit your needs best. After all, there is often a significant difference in price. There’s also the problem of investing your time for weeks before you decide if the product is giving you results.

Perhaps the following ideas will help you. If you have general hair loss all over your scalp, try a helmet or cap. Then if you have hair thinning on your crown, try a laser hair band. All of these options are hands-free.

Otherwise, you might prefer a hands-on approach with a laser comb. The benefit of this approach is that it lets you concentrate on problem areas.

Top Laser Hair Growth Devices

Now here are the best red light devices for hair growth.

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

Our first thought when we began investigating hair growth helmets was that they looked amusing. But then we saw that beauty sites, and regular users alike were reporting positive results. More importantly, the iRestore comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. A person can try it for 6 months without risk.


iRestore also has FDA clearance to sell their device as a treatment for hair loss. That’s not proof that it works, but it is evidence that it’s safe to use.

The helmet contains 51 medical-grade lasers and red LED lights that emit at a wavelength of 650nm. All you need to do is wear it for 25 minutes every other day. You can do other activities while you wait for the session to finish. iRestore says it usually takes 12 to 24 weeks to see a reduction in hair loss. Then you’ll see thicker hair within 5 to 6 months.

iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet: Restoration & Regrowth Treatment System

The iGrow helmet includes headphones that let you hear music from your mp3 player or phone. But Apira Science, Inc. didn’t just design this device for entertainment. They say that the iGrow restores hair growth within 16 weeks. And it comes with a 6 month money-back guarantee plus a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Theradome Hair Growth Helmet

Theradome advertises their helmet by reporting that it’s recommended by hair rejuvenation experts like HairClub and Bosley. It’s also FDA-cleared for safety, and it works for women and men alike.

One of the main benefits of the helmet is that it covers the whole head. It contains 80 lasers with 678nm light that stimulates follicles during each 20-minute treatment. Additionally, you’ll only need two sessions a week to see a difference in 18 to 26 weeks.

Illumiflow Laser Helmet for Thinning Hair

The illumiflow laser cap looks quite similar to the ones from Capillus. They both offer a convenient form factor that looks more discreet than a helmet. Also, the illumiflow is FDA-cleared for safety as a Class II Medical Device. Moreover, it’s backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

The illumiflow has 272 laser diodes that bathe your head with 650nm light. All you need is 20 to 30 minutes three times a week. While you wear it, you can perform other tasks, too.

CapillusPro Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth

The CapillusPro cap also has 272 laser diodes. They are powerful enough that you only need 6-minute treatments each day. Then after 6 months, you should see fuller, thicker hair. A clinical trial showed that Capillus’ helmet increased hair growth significantly.

Capillus82 Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth

The Capillus82 is a laser therapy cap with an accessible price. Like its more expensive twin above, it only takes 6 minutes a day to regrow hair. But it only has 82 lasers operating at 650nm instead of 272 like the CapillusPro.

Although you might be tempted to do longer treatments or perform them more often, this practice won’t speed up your hair growth. The key is patience and consistency. Although it takes a few months, low level light therapy does increase hair volume.

HairMax LaserBand 82

The HairMax LaserBand is a spot treatment with a unique design. Instead of planting a helmet over your head, the band parts your hair for maximum light penetration. It contains 82 medical-grade lasers and no LEDs for the ultimate in light therapy.

HairMax recommends using the device for at least 90 seconds each time for three treatments a week. It’s lightweight and has a rechargeable battery, so you have freedom of movement. Plus, it’s been proven to work effectively in peer-reviewed clinical studies.

HairMax Prima LaserComb


The Prima 9 LaserComb from HairMax has nine medical-grade lasers that target problem areas as you groom your hair. They recommend you brush your hair with it for 11 minutes a day. Since it’s cordless and rechargeable, you can take it anywhere with you. Furthermore, it comes with a 5-month money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty.

NutraStim Professional Hair Growth Laser Comb

The NutraStim laser comb is rechargeable and convenient. It encourages hair growth with only three sessions a week of 8 minutes each. Additionally, it includes a 100% money-back guarantee.

Body Essentials Light and Massage Therapy Hairbrush


The Body Essentials hairbrush has twenty LED lights and a vibrating massage to rejuvenate your scalp. It works in three modes: light-only, massage-only, or both functions at once. What’s more, it runs on two AA batteries which means you’ll never need to wait for it to recharge.



We know that hair loss can be stressful. But laser hair growth devices are proven to be effective at re-growing hair. They don’t have unpleasant side effects. Plus, they can be used in the comfort of your home.

Since many laser devices for hair loss come with a satisfaction guarantee, you risk little more than a few minutes a day to try one.

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