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SampleSource Freebies Pack Just Released!

Free SampleSource Box

I’m a bit late to the party, but I just got off a flight to see the SampleSource freebie pack released this morning. These boxes of free samples always fly off the shelves fast, so hop to it, order a box of freebies, and make sure two of your friends are around to laugh at you while doing so.

SampleSource Free Samples Box

You will receive up to 7 free samples, all available on a first come, first serve basis. Some of the samples will include:

  • RX Bars (protein bars)
  • Clairol Nice n’ Easy Root Touch-Up Concealing Powder
  • Persil laundry packs
  • Replens/Rephresh
  • Royal Canin cat food
  • Kabrita goat milk infant formula

Even though I’m late, I was still offered 3 freebies!

I had to answer two pages worth of questions to see what I’d get. There are 10+ freebies total and based on the answers I gave, I qualified for 4 of them:

In some years, after selecting my freebies, they offered (and I declined) some magazine and eBook trials.

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