Restaurant Highlight: Unity Diner in London, England

Restaurant Highlight: Unity Diner in London, England

One of the five episodes of Vegan Round the World: The Series showcases the most well-known and influential activists around the world and shares their stories and tells a bit about the behind-the-scenes of their lives as well as giving insights on their individual inspirations. I couldn’t think of a better person to be featured in this episode than Earthling Ed. If you’re vegan, you’ve most likely heard of him and if you’re an activist, then you definitely have. Ed has made countless appearances on television and online platforms, but his newest project, Unity Diner, really is one for the record books. Located on a cozy street just a short walk from Hoxton square in London, Unity Diner is Ed’s first dive into the world of restaurant managing. And let me tell you; he’s doing a fantastic job of it. Designed to match the vibes of an All-American diner, Unity is a hip London hot spot that pumps out trendy tunes and beautiful burgers. Their best seller is the Moving Mountains B12 burger, which has gained fame around the UK as being “just like the real thing”. I, of course, had to try it (for science) and I can confirm […]

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