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Really Useful Podcast #7 Looks at Windows Update Bugs


Looking for some information about Windows Update bugs? Confused about the Facebook videophone ads littering your timeline? Uncertain why Amazon has sent you a toy catalog?

The Really Useful Podcast aims to break down recent tech news, uncover why (and whether) it matters to you, and give you a few productivity tips to help make the most out of your technology. It might be a smartphone, tablet, TV, smart home hub, or even your microwave.

We’re the tech podcast for technophobes—click play to find out more!

What we talk about this week:

This week’s show is brought to you by Christian Cawley and Gavin Phillips. You can contact them on Twitter as @thegadgetmonkey and @gavinspavin with your suggestions for future topics.

Look out for our other shows (featuring MakeUseOf contributors Ian Buckley and Ben Stegner). Head to for our other shows.

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