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Intrinsic Muscles and Preventing Repeated Ankle Sprains

Intrinsic Muscle Strength Back in September of 2019 – which seems like an age ago as it was “pre-covid,” I wrote an article entitled “Why Do we need the intrinsic muscles of our foot?”  Click here to recap. Since then many more studies have been performed and many peer reviewed scientific articles have been written…
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Rapid Reboot Regen and Genesis

Rapid Reboot is one of the more well known companies in the compression recovery boot space, but since introducing their flagship product, the self titled Rapid Reboot, they have not had much innovation with their devices….until now. In February of 2021, they launched two new products into their arsenal, the Rapid Reboot Regen and Rapid…
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Rapid Reboot Review

If you’ve been in the market for a pair of compression recovery boots, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the brand, Rapid Reboot. With a simply Google search, they are one of the first brands that pops up. They have an eye catching bright green logo that makes them stand out from the other…
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What Kind Of Massage Gun Does Massage Envy Use?

Massage Envy is one of America’s largest retail provider of massage and skin care. They have roughly 1,200 locations across the country. In November of 2019, Massage Envy started offering massage guns as part of some of their massage therapy sessions, specifically their Rapid Tension Relief session. Customers were also offered the opportunity to purchase…
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Do I have Flat Feet?

Are My Feet Flat? This is a question podiatrists get asked a lot. Many people are really concerned that their feet are flat and that it will cause them all manner of problems. The Armed Forces famously used to knock back applicants for having flat feet. Yes, they used to, but even that has changed…
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Hypervolt GO

https://youtu.be/v8fhv6hz6f8 Hyperice has recently been hinting at a new smaller massage gun, which we now know is going to be called the Hypervolt GO. They have released some information in their app but there’s really not yet much known about the device other than it’s name and one photo of the device and a quick…
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Wave Roller Review

Theragun took a new direction for their brand with the announcement of the Theragun Wave Roller. Below we take a look at what this unique device is capable and what you can expect from it. What Is A Wave Roller? The Wave Roller is thoughtfully constructed to deliver the most powerful and efficient foam rolling…
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Air Relax Leg Recovery System Review

When you hear the words Leg Recovery System it sounds like something super high-tech and possibly from the future. Similarly, if you just saw the product, you might think the same. While in a sense, you’d be right as the future of recovery is now here! The Air Relax Leg Recovery System is a pair…
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Ekrin B37 Review

Ekrin is a company that I only recently came across in the fitness recovery space. Currently, their only product is their B37 massage gun. However, in communicating with the founders, I’ve recently learned they will be expanding their product line relatively soon. Until then, I’ll focus my efforts on the B37 and what it’s capable…
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How To Use The Therabody App

With the launch of Therabody’s new 4th generation line of Theragun’s, they also launched a brand new Therabody App. The app is a hybrid of an educational tool and a percussive therapy coach. It’s available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. While in it’s simplest use, a Theragun or any massage…
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Hyperice x NBA

Today Hyperice and the NBA announced a ground-breaking partnership to bring the performance technology company to every team’s bench in the NBA. The multiyear deal will likely help grow the percussive massage and sports recovery technology space even more as it will bring these tools to the forefront on national television. Hyperice seems to have…
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Meet The 4th Generation Theraguns

What’s up, everybody? Welcome to Best Massage Tech, where today I’m going to introduce each of the devices in the 4th generation Theragun line. So Theragun did just release four new percussion massagers into their arsenal. And I’ve got all four of them here today. I’m just going to do a quick recap of these…
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LifePro Pulse FX Review

LifePro is company that offers a variety of different fitness and recovery products on their website. Additionally, they are one of the top rated sellers on Amazon in terms of total sales and reviews. One of their top products is the LifePro Pulse FX Massage Gun. Below we reveal a bit more information about this…
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Cellulite Bundle: G70 Biometric & DIY 360 Roller, includes cellulite probe

Vendor: DIY Massage TherapyType: Price: 259.00 Cellulite bundle includes G70 Biometric Massage Gun with Cellulite Probe and DIY 360 Massage Roller Use both in conjunction to reduce cellulite and feel better in less than an hour a week.    About the G70 Biometric with Cellulite Probe and DIY 360 Massage Roller: The world’s most advanced…
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DIY 360 Massage Roller

Vendor: DIY Massage TherapyType: RollersPrice: 39.00 Surround yourself with this cost effective easy to use DIY 360 Massage Roller Ideal for your legs to sooth aching muscles and reduce cellulite 360 ° wrapped massage for limbs and neck Relieve stress and relax with a easy to do massage for yourself or loved ones

G60 Advanced

Vendor: DIY Massage TherapyType: Percussion Massage GunPrice: 199.00 – 229.00 (2 variants)  Top performance meets extreme affordability! 20 adjustable speeds from 1100-3500rpm Includes 8 interchangeable massage heads Up to 6-hours of use on a single charge Ultra powerful 2600mAH battery New advanced noise reduction technology Extremely quiet, as low as 45dB Color touchscreen LCD display…
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G70 Biometric

Vendor: DIY Massage TherapyType: Percussion Massage GunPrice: 235.00 – 265.00 (2 variants) The world’s most advanced percussion massage gun! Color touchscreen LCD display Built-in heart rate and body temperature sensor Calorie consumption calculator and display Includes 8 interchangeable massage heads Up to 8-hours of use on a single charge Maintenance free reliable 24V brushless motor…
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Using Juvederm Volbella® Filler To Treat Under-Eye Concerns at ZO Skin Centre

Known for its noteworthy track record for providing effective lasting results in filling the skin or augmenting the lips, Juvéderm® is one of our most popular dermal fillers that we provide. At the ZO Skin Centre® Beverly Hills, CA, our team focuses on your needs, skin, and aesthetic goals to improve hollow areas on the…
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Corona virus Simple Precautions | How To Protect Yourself From Covid-19.

Corona virus Simple Precautions | COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention. Simple and special health tips and indoor activities to save from pandemic. Social distancing and many other simple but effective precautions. Stay home, stay safe stay blessed. Authentic Thai massage carried out by a genuine Thai masseuse/therapist is the best way to relieve pain, ease muscle aches,…
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