🔥YouTube Trending Health-Niche keywords 🔥Neverseenbefore on Google Trends

🔥YouTube Trending Health-Niche keywords 🔥Neverseenbefore on Google Trends


YouTube Trending keywords for this week:

Made for Health Channels

Neverseenbefore even on Google Trends .

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Should You Bother Following YouTube Trending Topics? Yes, Here’s Why

Taking advantage of YouTube trending topics is arguably the quickest method to get started as a content maker. This is especially true if you want to achieve meteoric development.

It’s how popular YouTubers like Trinity and Beyond accumulated millions of fans over time, according to family patriarch John. It’s also how you can accomplish it. Here’s why it’s logical.


Content Does Not Start From Scratch – Now you Don’t Need A Seed Keyword:

Trending videos follow patterns. The structure is built-in. You don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about the setup, the direction, dialogue, camera angles. You already have a sense of what’s working and can focus solely on your unique spin.


It Is a Decision Informed by Data

People search for YouTube trends, so they appear. They’re watching more hours of those specific topics, sharing, commenting, and reacting to them.

YouTube does a fantastic job of displaying the number of times a video has been seen. They also exhibit bursts of activity. As a result, you can rapidly determine which categories, lengths, and content types are doing well.

Helps You Understand What Others Are Doing

Following trending topics lets you understand how other popular YouTube channels connect with their audiences. Achieving this understanding will give you natural insight into how you can connect with yours.

Provides Your Quickest Opportunity to Go Viral

Videos on YouTube that follow popular themes have a much better chance of riding that wave. It makes perfect sense.

When viewers become obsessed with a specific form of content, the pie expands. Assume you join a trend that has received 4 million views in the last hour. If you acquire even 1% of those views, you’ll have 40,000 views in the following hour. Whose channel wouldn’t profit from something like that?


Capitalizes on Recurring Trends

Another great thing about video trends is that many of them are evergreen. Checking out the most searched topics on YouTube, for example, will enable videos that you create today to pick up a surge in traffic every time an issue comes back around.

Furthermore, studying these trending topics with greater regularity allows you to get ahead of trends and even launch viral categories on your own. The more you do this sort of marketing, the easier it will be to ride the wave from other creators following in your footsteps.


YouTube Trending keywords of Today – Neverseenbefore even on Google Trends .


How It Is Done


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Going to  neverseenbefore.co.uk  will enable you to start from the main menu.

Download our Daily Trending Youtube keywords with their search volume and competition score to see what’s hot.

Then you can use third-party platforms like Invideo to write the script and transform the script into video with voiceover.

Or you can use Heygen to transform the scrpt to a spaking  AI avatar  .

You Can See what’s hot in the following Niches:

  • Film & Animation
  • Autos & Vehicles
  • Music
  • Pets & Animals
  • Sports
  • Travel & Events
  • Gaming
  • People & Blogs
  • Comedy
  • Entertainment
  • News & Politics
  • Howto & Style
  • Education
  • Science & Technology
  • Nonprofits & Activism


1. Film & Animation

This category usually contains trailers, clips, and reviews of movies and animations. Please choose this category if your video is a complete film or animation. Reviews of movies or animations can also choose this category.

Videos about reviews or discussions of film merchandise can also use this category because viewers who are interested in movies will also be curious about the toys or merchandise from the films they watch.

2. Cars & Vehicles

The Autos & Vehicles category usually contains automotive topics, ranging from cars, to motorcycles, boats, and the like. This category can also be selected for videos that contain any vehicle exhibition.

Generally, this category is devoted to videos that contain technical information about a vehicle or anything related to vehicles. Videos that discuss accessories or equipment for vehicles can also choose this video.



For videos containing passing cars, such as the video about the very famous Lauik Sitinjau Rise, it falls between the Autos and Entertainment categories. And I think videos like this are actually closer to entertainment because they focus on the events that are there, not on cars or vehicles specifically.

However, it seems that most video owners still choose the Autos & Vehicles category. As long as it’s still close, there are no problems, and the proof is that their videos still get a lot of viewers or viewers.

Ridwan Hanif, Fitra Eri, Motomobi, and other Youtubers frequently use this Auto & Vehicles category. If your friends’ videos have similar content or material to their videos, please select this category.

3. Music

For the Music/Music category, the application is almost the same as the Film & Animation category. Shows, concerts, video clips, or song reviews, can choose this category.

This category can also be used for videos that contain vocal lessons or musical instruments. Actually, you can also choose the How to & Style category, but choosing the Music category is still suitable and suitable.



4. Pets & Animals

As the title suggests, this category is usually about pets or animals in general. Videos about cats, dogs, fish, etc. This category is also frequently used by the Panji Petualang and Alshad Ahmad youtube channels.

Videos that contain animals, pet food, and animal accessories can also use in this category. If friends have videos that are similar or similar to this content, please select the Pets & Animals category.

5. Sport

This category relates to athletic activities as well as broadcasts of sports such as broadcasts of football matches, basketball, etc. This includes analysis shows or matches highlights such as ESPN, Olympics, NBA, World Cup, Super Bowl, and football club channels such as Manchester United, Chelsea, etc.

Influencers in the fitness or gym industry frequently use this category to share content about staying fit through exercise. An example of a fitness channel or gym influencer using the sports category is Ade Rai.

In addition, channels that contain or discuss car and motorcycle racing can also use this category. Examples of racing channels that use the sports category are Formula 1, Nascar, Indycar, etc.)

6. Travel & Events

The Travel & Events category usually contains reviews of tourist attractions, travel vlogs to tourist attractions, tips about traveling, etc.

Reviews or impressions of an event or performance also fall into this category, such as music concerts, ceremonies, etc.

Although many create travel content such as travel vlogs, rarely do they actually use the Travel and events category. One of the channels that I found using this category is Adinda Thomas’s Youtube channel. All of his videos contain travel in the Travel & Events category.

For English-language channels in the Travel & Events category, there are YouTubers named Hey Nadine, Cara and Nate, etc.

7. Games

For the gaming category, it seems easy, yes, all content related to video games should use the gaming category to get the right audience.


8. People & Blog

The People and Blog categories on YouTube focus on content that contains personal stories, personal opinions about a situation, etc.

This category is also used as the default category because the scope is very broad. So if you don’t change or don’t select a video category, it will automatically use the People & Blogs category

If you are confused about choosing a category, the People and Blogs category is usually your mainstay because it can be used for almost any type of content.

The channel that uses the People & Blogs category that I can find is the Risa Journal YouTube channel.

9. Comedy

The comedy category is usually related to entertainment; comedy content specifically aims to make the audience laugh. In contrast to entertainment content, which only aims to entertain in general,


10. Entertainment

All content that is useful and has a concept (albeit simple) can be included in the Entertainment category. Almost all local TV channels use this category in all uploaded videos, regardless of the type of program.

So if you have content or videos that aim to entertain, whatever the content, you can use the Entertainment category.

11. News & Politics

This category is suitable for content or videos that contain news about political events, figures or news about government policies and social issues in society.

Political debates, government policy analysis, and information about elections fall into this category. If you do not have an adequate scientific background in political science, I suggest that you do not fall into this category.

The potential audience in this category is indeed very large, but if you say something wrong you can be in trouble with the law. So think carefully if you want to make videos about politics.


12. Howto & Style

The How to & Style category is suitable for video content that contains information that helps viewers, usually in videos there are processes that can be followed or steps in making or doing something.

Most of Rindi Tech’s YouTube channel also falls into this category because the uploaded videos generally contain ways or steps to do something, such as how to find out the video category on YouTube, how to draw in the CorelDraw application, etc.

Apart from the technology segment, this category is also suitable for cooking video tutorials, make-up tutorials, tutorials on choosing clothing styles, etc

Some channels that often use the How to & Style category include Wanda Hanan Rahayu, Agus Cuguy, Pasril Ponsel, etc.

13. Education

The Education category is suitable for video content that contains topics that are often taught in class, such as mathematics, languages, social sciences, history, etc.

Some examples of YouTube Channels that focus on the Education category are TED-ed, Khan Academy, Harvard University, etc.

14. Science & Technology

The Science and Technology category is suitable for videos that contain experiments, research, the latest developments in the world of technology, etc. This category usually discusses experiments, robotics, AI (Artificial Intelligent, Biotechnology, etc.)

Some channels that often use this category include SmarterEveryDay, SpaceX, Physics Girl, Science Channel, etc

15. Nonprofits & Activism

This category is suitable for videos that discuss issues related to the environment, animal safety, human rights, etc. This category is also suitable for the content of organizations engaged in the social sector.


Download our Daily Trending Youtube keywords with their search volume and competition score to see what’s hot.

Last but not least,

you can use third-party platforms like Invideo to write the script and transform the script into video with voiceover.

or you can use Heygen to transform the scrpt into a spaking  AI avatar.



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DISCLAIMER : Neverseenbefore agency and its Founder, dr. Kotb , do not endorse any video ideas or keywords related to Google Prohibited & restricted content or any islamic Prohibited things (like gambling, taking interest, fortune-telling, killing, lying, stealing, cheating, oppressing or abusing others, being greedy or stingy, engaging in sex outside of marriage, disrespecting parents, and mistreating relatives, orphans or neighbors.)






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