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Peloton Launched Its Own Apparel Label – We’re Already Clicking “Add to Cart” on These Pieces

Have you seen your favorite Peloton instructors wearing some new gear lately? Now you can get those outfits delivered to your door, as Peloton has officially launched its own apparel label. While the beloved at-home workout platform has collaborated with other clothing brands in the past, this collection is made by Peloton based on input from Peloton members and instructors.

What stood out to me about this collection was the amount of attention to members’ feedback. In a press-only video call, Peloton‘s VP of apparel, Jill Foley, showed several pieces from the collection and called out the features that were based on member feedback. This included listening to bustier members’ calls for a higher neckline on bras and incorporating more color into the men’s collection. As a member myself, it was nice to know someone on the design side is actually listening.

Foley also spoke to how the apparel team incorporated instructor input, and even watched how instructors were adjusting their outfits throughout classes.

The launch consists of 117 pieces across three categories – women (69), men (32), and accessories (16). Each of the clothing pieces comes in one of four distinct fabrics (named Cadent, Lite Lines, Move Mission, and Essential), which range from soft and stretchy to highly compressive. The women’s pieces range from sizes XS to 3X while the men’s pieces range from sizes XS to XXL.

The collection is currently available on Peloton‘s website as well as in select Peloton showrooms around the world. Ahead, check out the outfits that will have you ready for your next core-quake with Emma Lovewell or sassy bike ride with Cody Rigsby.

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