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panic away review

Millions of people suffer panic attacks and other anxiety disorders, resulting in damaging and debilitating conditions. Barry Joe McDonagh (“Joe Barry”) was an author, not a psychiatrist or psychologist , yet he has established a breakthrough in treating his anxiety.

Born and studying in Dublin, Barry suffered chronic anxiety and often experienced panic attacks. Despite not having previously studied anxiety relief, his frustration at the untreatable symptoms plaguing his life drove his determination: he set about formulating his own anxiety relief plan.

The Author Behind Panic Away Program

panic away pdfBarry McDonagh started developing different strategies to relieve his own anxiety symptoms, and initially documented his self-experiments as a personal record. After hearing of other anxiety sufferers, Barry has refined his techniques and used his clear and engaging writing skills to develop Panic Away: a thorough guide that leads readers through a step-by-step process to relieve the excruciating symptoms of anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

If you suffer panic attacks or other anxiety disorders, the Panic Away program will transform the way you deal with your anxieties – just as it’s helped over 160,000 people already. Along each step, Barry introduces you to some case-studies from the many thousands who have benefited from his approach – so you can hear how specific techniques have led to positive effects in their lives.

Putting People In Control of Their Pain Management

As most people know, the pharmaceutical (‘big pharma’)industry governs billions of dollars. Their research and ‘solutions’ are those that you need to buy: keeping their pockets lined with dollar bills. Recently, people have begun to question treating these conditions with the quick-fixes of prescription pills, sleeping tablets and other immune-weakening ‘remedies’. People like Barry have started looking at alternative solutions to the deep-rooted symptoms anxiety disorders represent.

Traditionally, therapies have been used to help sufferers overcome their anxiety, developing coping mechanisms when they’re feeling stressed, anxious or panicky. Whilst helpful, this approach often still leaves sufferers anxious about their anxiety – to hide from, rather than confront problems.

Panic Away rejects this style, and instead encourages you to embrace them your feelings – to be able to accept them, accepting they are part your life and understand how they affect it. Panic Away doesn’t try to change who you are. Instead, it helps you embrace the full spectrum of your character.

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Stay C.A.L.M.

The way Panic Away works is to deal with the root of your anxiety problems, rather than quick-fixes. At its heart are two revolutionary techniques: the 21/7 technique and C.A.L.M.

C – Community Support
A – Acceptance
L – Lifestyle changes
M – Meaning

This innovative attitude of going toward and not only fully accepting, but actually encouraging your body to do what it wants during a panic attack. Obviously, you need support from your community – whether this be neighbours, friends, or even online forums. Barry’s book teaches you to observe, embrace and demand more.

This leads to the 21/7 (or 21-7) Technique: the book teaches you to demand more. To be able to rid yourself of a panic attack in 21 seconds; and a 7 minute timeframe of ridding yourself of anxiety. For panic attack and anxiety disorder sufferers, who often suffer for hours (or even days) at a time, this technique leads to huge lifestyle improvements.

This strategy, of doing a 21-second countdown followed by a 7-second exercise, is as simple as it is subtle. You can use it in almost all anxious situations – and it can be combined with other techniques the book teaches you, such as visualization and affirmation, helping enhance the 21-7 technique depending on your situation.

General or specific anxiety?

what is panic away's 21-7 technique? can suffer panic attacks and waves of anxiety due to specific stimuli, or can experience it through generalized anxiety gradually grinding their strength down. Barry explores how each of these can be controlled through specific methods, and identifying their relationship with other mental health challenges such as obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Barry’s extensive research condenses the program down into three stages: trust, acceptance and persistence. Each merits its own chapter, containing an explanation of the stage, instructions of how to react in different situations and case studies of the people he’s helped.

The effective and actionable approaches in Panic Away look at anxiety and panic-attack triggers, including fears and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). The C.A.L.M. approach even helps suffers deal with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and other mental health symptoms resulting from anxiety.

The purpose of changing the way readers view their anxiety is to stop readers seeing their condition as a battle against an insurmountable enemy. Instead it teaches how lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise can help or hinder anxiety, such as the damage artificial sweeteners can have.

Anxious People are Brave People

Panic Away paints a picture of anxiety sufferers as brave people. Unfortunately, the stigma attached to mental disorders still exists. Many, including sufferers, believe the misguided opinion that people suffering from anxiety disorders are in some way weak. This is not true.

Barry’s book empowers readers with panic and anxiety problems to embrace them – to tackle the problems head on, and in doing so, they are actually doing the bravest things. Throughout the text, the book advocates confronting the fears associated with anxiety disorders. Subtly, Panic Away teaches that in order to accept the condition, you must trust yourself.

Animal Instincts

Just like animals, humans have some very similar traits – in particular, our body’s fight or flight response to negative situations including panic attacks. Panic Away teaches you to understand these are a normal human reaction. It explains what chemical reactions cause the fight or flight response, and how these primal instincts lead to panic attacks and waves of anxiety.

By exploring in-depth why we react the way we do, and embracing these feelings and how they manifest themselves both physically and mentally, the book puts you in control of your anxious emotions and panic attacks. By recognising and accepting their triggers and effects, readers can transcend their anxiety.

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60-day Money Back Guarantee

It seems only fair that Barry offers a 60-day satisfaction garuntee. After all, he doesn’t want you to feel anxious about purchasing a book that will help transform your life!

He wants as many people to benefit from his techniques as possible, which is why you’re able to download his ebook almost immedietely after purchase – wherever you are in the world. If, after 60 days, you’re not completely satisfied with it, you will receive a no-questions-asked refund. So there really is no need to be anxious about the Panic Away program, or suffer from anxiety disorders any longer.

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