No More Punishing Behaviors: 131 Method Success Story

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No More Punishing Behaviors: 131 Method Success Story

It’s time for another 131 Success Story! Each week we highlight a fantastic 131 Member Transformation. Our hope is that these real-life stories inspire you to commit to your best-self once and for all.  Here, we celebrate the scale, and non-scale, victories that bring people to a new level of overall wellness and happiness. If you have a weight loss story to share with our community, contact us at results@131method.com. If you’ve taken back the word, “DIET,”  and ended your punishing behaviors, we want to hear from you!

Releasing Punishing Thoughts & Behaviors

Kayla’s transformation is truly of the “mind and body” variety. Like so many women, she got into a cycle of punishing herself with extra long workouts, or just mentally, if she ate something like a slice of pizza. MOst traditional diets fail to tackle the importance of mindset. And without mindset, things like feelings of failure, punishment, binging, falling off the wagon, self-loathing, and more, tend to rise up. Phase it Up by the 131 Method knows the importance of mindset, which is why so much time and effort were put into thoughtful lessons designed to get your head in the game while learning about nutrition and changing habit.

Read on to hear more about her impressive transformation…


1. How many pounds did you lose?


2.    What were your top achievements after completing the program (scale or non-scale victories).

I gained a healthier perspective on weight-loss, and nutrition. I don’t crave processed foods like I used to, and I lost 16 pounds!!

3.    What made this process different for you than things you’d tried in the past?

This program educated me on WHY I should choose healthy foods, and helped me to understand what my body needs, rather than what my mind is telling me it wants. It gave me a deeper understanding of the harm processed foods do to my body. It was easy to follow, and has a down to earth approach. It’s OK if you have a bad day. Get back at it tomorrow! Love that! It didn’t feel like a diet. It felt like I was taking a nutrition class – which is what I tell everyone who asks me why I was eating different

4.    Which habits are now part of your daily life that weren’t before?

Drinking more than 75 oz. of water a day, intermittent fasting and meal planning.

5.    What prompted you to join the 131 Method?

My friend told me about it. She had amazing results, and I wanted in on that!

6.    Is there any lesson, message or “deep dive” that especially resonated with you?

Giving myself grace when I “slip up.” In the past I would beat myself up mentally or workout for an extra hour, as punishment for having a piece of cake or an extra slice of pizza. This program reversed that mentality for me, and taught me to just get back on track the next day.

7.    How has your life changed because of completing the program?

I’m happier and more confident than ever. I feel amazing inside and out!

8.    Have you maintained your progress?

So far, yes! I even lost 1 more pound since I finished the program.

9.    Do you feel you’ve influenced friends or family members?

Yes! My coworker was just at my desk asking me all about intermittent fasting, and the 131 Method. She wants to join now, too!

10. What got you through the hard times, if you struggled at all?

The motivational videos. When I had bad days, I would listen to/watch those until I got back in the right mindset.

11. Have you had any medical improvements (less medication, bloodwork, reversal of disease)?

I didn’t have any medical issues prior to starting the 131 Method, but I would say I for sure have improved my overall health, mentally and physically.
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Individual results vary are based on effort and adherence.

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