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Next-level tech gift ideas for the techie who has it all

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Is it holiday season already? Even with our phones, laptops, tablets, and smart watches keeping track of time, somehow the season still seems to sneak up on us every year. Speaking of which, with our gadget-filled lives, it can be harder than ever to find the perfect digital gift for the people on our holiday lists. What do you give the person who always tells you about the hot new tech?

That’s where we come in. We’ve rounded up this holiday season’s best tech gifts, with an eye on the most innovative personal tech around—all the best stuff to gift to the tech-obsessives in your life, along with anyone who could use some awesome gifts to push them into 2019 in fresh tech style. To showcase our recommendations, we’ll take you through the perfect day in the life of your gift-ees. Read more…

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