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Jimmy Butler Is Living All Our Work Rage Fantasies

Basketball star Jimmy Butler just trashed his whole team while beating the starters with bench players

We all have the same work rage fantasies, and NBA star Jimmy Butler is no different – except for the fact that he’s actually following through on all of them, all at once. And it’s beautiful.

You don’t need to be a basketball fan to get this story, but here’s the background: NBA star Jimmy Butler helped the Timberwolves break a 14-season playoff drought in his first season with them last year, then asked to be traded. He was not shy about it.

The team has tried to convince him to play out this next season with the team, cause well, he’s really, really good (see above). But his frustration has officially peaked, and shit has hit the fan.

On Wednesday, Jimmy Butler embarrassed the entire team by beating the starters with 2nd and 3rd string bench players, while trash talking the whole team and entire organization. Then he immediately sat down for a brutally honest interview on ESPN:

The point is, he’s just like anyone else who can’t take this work shit anymore. And he’s doing everything we wished we had the guts to do but don’t, cause, well, if we’re being honest, we’re not millionaires who can afford the risk.

But he can, so here’s a rundown of him sailing through the list, fantasy by fantasy:

Proving you’re better than everyone else here

It’s not every day that practice antics make national news, let alone local news. This is a team practice DURING THE PRESEASON. I cannot emphasize enough that THERE WAS NO REASON FOR ANYONE TO CARE ABOUT THIS DAY. Until Jimmy Butler uncorked himself.

So this is what happens when someone gets angry and is good enough to back it up.

Calling out your co-workers

Apparently he had no problem focusing on winning this insanely lopsided matchup while calling out everyone else he was in the process of beating, reportedly shouting “You f——ng need me!” and “You can’t win without me!”

Oh, and also trolled everyone else in the organization:

I mean, the guy is healthy. That’s a healthy lunch.

Calling out “the system”

At this point, you may be thinking “hang on, how’d he end up on ESPN that quickly?” Good question. This dude had A PLAN:

He’s not just trying to win practice, he’s taking down the whole system.

Nichols: Is it fixable?
Butler: It could be. It could be. But do I think so? No. Because you got to be honest. I’m being honest. Do I think so? No. I’m being honest with you. But is everybody gonna be honest? No. No, everybody’s not gonna be honest.

This is all truly inspirational. Most of us can’t burn the whole thing down, but at least we can live vicariously through this superstar basketball player and human being. Thank you, Jimmy Butler.

Jimmy Butler knows how to have fun. This we already knew.

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