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Inversion Table Comparison: Teeter and Innova

Inversion Table Comparison: Teeter and Innova

Inversion Table Comparison: Teeter and Innova

How does a Teeter Inversion Table compare to Innova Inversion Tables? Watch the step-by-step comparison with Teeter Product Engineer, Chris, as he walks you through the design features of the Teeter FitSpine inversion table compared to the Innova inversion table.

Learn about the Teeter Difference and why Teeter is built for the benefits:

0:35 – Unboxing Experience
3:15 – Inversion Table Assembly Time
5:55 – Ankle Closure Design
9:02 – Foot Platform Design
10:37 – Steel Strength and Thickness
11:05 – Ease of Rotation
13:29 – Durability
14:24 – Inverting on the Innova ITM4800 Inversion Table
16:03 – Inverting on the Teeter FitSpine X1 Inversion Table
16:47 – Limiting the Angle of Rotation
18:07 – Potential Risks
20:06 – Folding for Storage
21:08 – What is the Teeter Difference?

Patented Features Deliver Better Pain Relief
Better than Foam: Beware of gimmicks! Padded beds let your body sink in which STOPS decompression. The firm, yet comfortable surface of the FitSpine Bed provides a better spine-elongating stretch for maximum pain-relieving benefits.

More Comfort: With its 8-Pt floating suspension system, the FitSpine ensures your comfort by lifting the bed off the steel frame for a ‘softer’, flexible surface that delivers results.

Boost Your Pain Relief with Included Accessories:

Lumbar Bridge: Adds deeper traction for the lower back, taking even more pressure off the discs, plus helps to square misaligned hips.

Acupressure Nodes: Provide trigger point relief to release painful muscle tension. Both are adjustable or removable.

Teeter is not affiliated with Innova Products Inc in any way.

This video was originally uploaded in December 2019, but has now been updated with more accurate steel thickness numbers for both tables.


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