In-Store Freebies This Week

In-Store Freebies This Week

The weekly store freebies roundup is ready for this week! Be sure to check out the Walmart deal I found, where you can get $25 in full-sized products for free!

Unlike other sites, each freebie listed here uses 100% coupons you can get online or with an app. No need to mess with newspaper inserts! I’ve broken down all the different freebies by store, along with the coupons needed (or where to find them) for each deal.

As I find more throughout the week, I’ll update this list. Know of any I missed? Then please share in the comments!

For more coupons, be sure to use our free searchable coupon database to find even more coupons for your next store visit!

Weekly Dollar Tree Freebies

Dollar Tree Freebies

Alka-Seltzer Plus Allergy, 48 ct – $1.00
$1/1 Alka-Seltzer Product – Limit of 4 Exact Same Coupons Per Household Per Day
Final Price: FREE

Breathe Right Strips, 10 ct – $1.00
$1.75/1 Breathe Right Nasal Strips; Includes 8 ct or Larger Only
$1.00/1 Breathe Right Nasal Strips Product
Final Price: FREE

CeraVe Baby Diaper Rash Cream – $1.00
$2/1 CeraVe Product
Final Price: FREE

Chloraseptic Lozenges, 18 ct – $1.00
$1/1 Chloraseptic Product; Includes 1 oz or Larger or 15 ct or Larger Only
Final Price: FREE

Command Basic Hook – $1.00
$1/1 Command Brand Hook
$1/1 Command Brand Hook
Final Price: FREE

Culturelle Immune Defense, 10 ct – $1.00
$2/1 Culturelle product coupon
$3/1 Culturelle product coupon
Final Price: FREE or $1 MONEYMAKER!

Curad Extra Large Plastic Bandage, 10 ct – $1.00
$1/1 Curad First Aid Product
Final Price: FREE

Excedrin, 24 ct – $1.00
$1.50/1 Excedrin Tension Headache Product; Includes 24 ct or Larger Only; Excludes Trial and Travel Size
$1.50/1 Excedrin Migraine; Includes 24 ct or Larger Only; Excludes Trial and Travel Size
$1.50/1 Excedrin Extra Strength Product; Includes 24 ct or Larger Only; Excludes Trial and Travel Size
Final Price: $0.50 MONEYMAKER!

Mylanta Gas Minis – $1.00
$1/1 Mylanta Gas Product
Final Price: FREE

Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons, 4 ct – $1.00
$1/1 Playtex Sport or Gentle Glide Tampons
Final Price: FREE

Splenda, 50 ct – $1.00
$1/1 Splenda No Calorie Sweetener Product
Final Price: FREE

Suave Kids Disney or PURELY FUN Hair Product – $1.00
$1/1 Suave Kids Disney or PURELY FUN Hair or Bath Product Checkout 51 cash back
Final Price: $0.50 MONEYMAKER!

Sucrets Throat Drops – $1.00
$1/1 Sucrets product
Final Price: FREE

Theraflu – $1.00
$1.00/1 Theraflu Cold and Flu Product
Final Price: FREE

Triaminic – $1.00
$1/1 Triaminic Product
Final Price: FREE

Zicam RapidMelts – $1.00 *NEW*
$2.50/1 Zicam Product
$1/1 Zicam Product
Final Price: FREE to $1.50 MONEYMAKER!

Weekly Rite Aid In-Store Freebies

Rite Aid Freebies

Russell Stover Holiday Singles, 1 oz – 2/$1 *NEW*
$1.00 Wellness+ BonusCash wyb 2, Limit 1.
Final Price: FREE

Weekly Walmart Freebies

Walmart Freebies

You’ll need to buy all of these together, but you can almost $25 in free, full-sized products!

In order to get the Visa rebate below, you need to spend at least $30 on the receipt. It’s okay that coupons knock the price of the items below down to $24, but you’ll still need to have a total receipt price over $30. So pick up any additional items you need!

Purchase the following:
(2) Visine Max Strength Eye Relief, .5 oz – $5.97
(1) Benadryl Gels or Tablets, 24 ct. – $4.44
(1) Tylenol Regular Strength, 100 ct. – $6.97
(1) Bengay Pain Relieving Gel, 2 oz – $3.84
(1) Motrin IB Liquid Gels, 20 ct. – $3.98

Use these coupons:
(2) $1.50/1 Visine Product
$1/1 Benadryl adult or any Sudafed product, excl. trial size.
$1/1 Tylenol adult product, excl. PM, Cold or Sinus, and trial size.
$1/1 Bengay adult product
$1/1 Motrin IB or PM item, excl. trial size.

Pay at register for these products: $24.17 But remember, your receipt total needs to cross $30!

Submit these 100% FREE Cash Back Rebates
$15 VISA Rewards Card for spending $30 on select Johnson & Johnson Family Products in one transaction. Before coupons, our total above was $31.17. Your rewards card will arrive in 3-5 weeks.
(2) $1.50/1 Visine product Ibotta cash back
$1/1 Benadryl product Ibotta cash back
$5/2 Tylenol Adult or Bengay Ibotta cash back
$1.50/1 Motrin product Ibotta cash back

Receive cash back: $25.50
Final Price: FREE & $1.33 MONEYMAKER!

Not a bad haul, huh?! 🙂

Command Basic Hook – $1.00
$1/1 Command Brand Hook
$1/1 Command Brand Hook
Final Price: FREE

Forto Coffee Shot, 2 oz – $1.98 *NEW*
$2.50/1 Ibotta Rebate
Final Price: $0.52 MONEYMAKER!

Perfect Bar – $1.98
$2.00/1 Ibotta Rebate cash back offer.
Final Price: $0.02 MONEY MAKER

Schar Gluten Free Wafers, 1.8 oz – $1.98
$2.00/1 Schar Product
Final Price: $0.02 MONEY MAKER

More Free Grocery Coupons

If you’re looking for more free grocery coupons, check out that page or the widget below!

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