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How You Can Stop Your Kids From Eating Too Much Sugar

How You Can Stop Your Kids From Eating Too Much Sugar

Hey there, viewers! Let’s face it, kids can’t get enough sugar. Cookies, candies, ice cream, you name it. Of course, you never want to tell your kid they can’t have their favorite treat. It’s only when it becomes frequent that it turns into a real problem. Let’s stop it before it becomes an addiction.

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Intro – 0:00
How bad can sugar be for your child? – 00:26
How much sugar should kids eat? – 00:57
Avoiding sugar can safeguard your child’s health in the future – 01:37
What is the best alternative to sugar? – 02:23
Hidden sugars – 03:18
Feed Them More Fruit – 04:27
Change Menus – 04:47
Veggies for Eye Health – 05:03
Stop Buying So Much Junk Food – 05:19
Train Them Young – 05:36
Use Natural Sweeteners – 05:53



For more information, please watch the video until the very end.
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