How to tackle aging of skin

How to tackle aging of skin


When the skin ages prematurely it is indeed a cause for worry especially for the women. However, there is good news for such people. This ageing can be tackled by way of preventing this aging and also repairing it.

Of course this may not happen overnight. There may be many reasons for this aging. Usually one of them is the because of the free radicals that are found in the environment can cause damage to the skin. This is really difficult to avoid. The UV rays from the sun, the pollution in the atmosphere are some of the sources of free radicals. The damage caused is by way of forming wrinkles and fine lines of the skin. They can also cause age spots and the skin can lose its elasticity too because of these.

The pharma and cosmetic industry is aware of the need for treatment for such skin. There are various products doled by them. Some can be found to be pretty cheap but most of the time they are not effective even after use for a long time. Other products though may be effective may be expensive and is out of reach of most of the pockets.

Then how to find the solution for this improbable issue. It is pretty simple. There are several natural treatments available which can be tried. The best part is that these are effective. These do not have chemicals and irritants that can cause side effects.

1. Use honey and milk to cleanse the face twice a day. You can apply this mixture to the skin and then rinse with lukewarm water. The nutrients in the milk and honey will remove the dead skin cells and keep it fresh and will also hold its moisture. The skin will be nourished providing it with vital nutrients too.

2. Use sugar brown or white to scrub the face once a day. This will help repair the aging skin. And you will get a younger looking skin after using this trick continuously for a few days.

3. You can also use aloe Vera gel and lemon juice mixture to remove the age spots on the skin. The lemon juice will help bleach the spots and the aloe Vera will help reduce inflammation and soften the skin too.

4. Mix the contents of one vitamin E capsule with ½ tsp of extra virgin oil, ¼ cup milk, sugar, 11/2 tbsp. honey, egg white and lemon juice. Apply this over the face and skin at night. Wash this in the morning with lukewarm water. Your skin aging will be seen to retard.

5. Apply the white of egg for one week as a facial mask. This will help lift the sagging of the skin in a natural way.

You need to take other precautions too along with using the above mentioned treatments to know the difference it creates to the skin.

Use sun protective creams and always eat foods that are high in antioxidants in abundance and avoid smoking and drinking too much. The skin will stay wrinkle free for a long time.


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