How to Make an Herbal Sleep Aid Tea

How to Make an Herbal Sleep Aid Tea


We lead incredibly busy lives. Your day may include an early rise, running around to drop your kids off at school before your work day begins. Then when your work day finally ends, you have to run around all over again to ferry your kids here and there. So, it’s no wonder that your ability to sleep at night is hampered. When you’ve spent the day feeling up to survive, it can be difficult to unwind when it’s time. You spend the night tossing and turning, and the following day it all begins again, as you indulge in caffeine and find yourself caught in a vicious cycle.
So, how can you handle such a vicious cycle and finally enjoy a restful sleep? You may have heard different people talk about the effectiveness of herbal teas. It’s true; chamomile tea has been used for years as an effective means of getting to sleep. Herbal tea blends designed to be taken before bed include herbs such as:
• Chamomile provides relief for the nervous system.
• Lemon balm provides balance.
• Hop flowers and valerian root to relax and induce sleep.
• Passionflower for calm.
• Skullcap to relieve anxiety.

Herbal Sleep Aid Tea

Additionally, a tincture of valerian and hops, as well as herbal sleep and pain relief capsules. Guess what, you can make those at home!
For the latter, you’ll need vegetable or gelatin capsules to house the ingredients. You’ll also need:
• ¼ part powdered hop flowers.
• Two parts powdered valerian root.
• ½ part powered Rhodiola root.
• 2 parts powdered skullcap.
• 1 part powdered lemon balm.
• 1 part powdered passion flower.
• 1 part powdered oat straw.
For acute pain, you can take 1 or 2 every 2 hours (no more than 8 in 24 hours). Chronic pain? Take 2 or 3 up to 3 times a day (no more than 6 in 24 hours). For sleep, take between 2 and 4 30 minutes before bed.
For the Tincture:
• A mason jar (around a quart)
• Dried hop flowers, .5 ounces
• Dried valerian root, 2 ounces.
• A mix of 40% pure water and 60% vegetable glycerin.
Use a scale to measure the herbs and then place them in the mason jar. Fill the jar with 40% water and 60% glycerin, and leave around 2 inches of space at the top. Tightly close the lid and allow it to rest in a warm spot for around six weeks, but shake it vigorously every day. When the six weeks is up, strain using a cheesecloth. Put the liquid in a dark tincture bottle and take 1-2 droppers every evening, half an hour before bed.
It should be noted that valerian is only for short term use, though, you shouldn’t need it for long. It should help you rediscover your healthy sleeping pattern.

chamomile tea

Now, for the moonrise herbal tea blend recipe:
You’ll need the following ingredients:
• Lemon balm, two parts.
• Chamomile flower, two parts.
• Valerian root, ¼ part.
• Skullcap, two parts.
• Lavender flowers, ½ part.
• Hop flowers, ¼ part.
• Passionflower, 1 part.
You’ll need to measure each part and mix it in a bowl to combine it well. You can use an infuser, teapot, or carafe to brew your tea. You can store the blend in a cool and dark place for up to 6 months. Drink it 30 minutes before bed every evening.


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