How to Keep your Skin Glowing

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How to Keep your Skin Glowing


Whatever you do or don’t do, never let your skin take a beating! Pamper it, make it glow- you’ll not only shed years at one go but will exude confidence. Good, healthy skin secretes less oil and remains hydrated, while oily skin or skin that lacks moisture makes you look vapid and lifeless. You owe it yourself to have radiant skin and look and feel wonderful.

Years of exposure to dust, sun’s UV rays and pollution robs your skin of its vitality and slowly, dark patches appear, hyperpigmentation take its toll, pimples and acne add to your tale of woes and your skin becomes blotchy, ill and dull. If you don’t want that to happen, be guided by these tips before it’s too late.

Nourish and clean your skin

Maybe that’s a no-brainer- but for starters, many of us fail to follow the simple principle of’ using a gentle face wash twice a day. This is important as it helps remove dead skin, dirt and grime and paves the way for the next step- good nutrition that helps you stay hydrated and fit. Together, they give your skin a fresh, clean look.

Remain hydrated

Water helps to flush the many toxins that are formed in the body and also helps to make your skin glow.

Use moisturizers and sunscreen

If you want your skin to remain supple and soft, then you need to up the ante on using lotions or creams that help keep them that way. There are different moisturizers, so you need to choose one that’s suitable for your skin type. Don’t forget your sunscreen, regardless of whether you’re indoors or outdoors, whether it’s bright or cloudy. This helps to reduce the kind of damage that happens to your skin when exposed to natural elements, especially the sun’s powerful and destructive UV rays.

Diet, sleep and exercise

The ‘inseparable trio’ that works marvels. When you eat right- lots of veggies and fruits, less of fried and sugary foods– the correct foods will give your skin the nutrients it needs and help to keep it soft and free from patches and blemishes. Get the goodness of antioxidants from fruits and vegetables and healthy fats from fish and nuts.

Sleep does wonders to the body- the skin makes new collagen when you’re sleeping and this means your skin is less likely to wrinkle. The time you spend sleeping gives the skin lots of time to undo the damage and everyday wear and tear. A good night’s sleep equates to glowing, healthy skin.

None of us can gainsay the benefits that exercise has. When you exercise, blood flow is increased and this helps to nourish the skin cells of the body- oxygen and nutrients reach the skin and other cells, revitalizing them and making them healthy.

Home remedies for a glowing skin

The juice of lemons, grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, orange are natural skin lighteners. Combined with glycerin and rose water could make your radiant and glowing. Apricots help to tighten the skin, while honey adds shine and glow.

Remember, you needn’t have to buy the most expensive creams and potions for a great, glowing skin. Simple stuff produces great results.


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