How To Deal With Sore Muscles After A Workout

How To Deal With Sore Muscles After A Workout


Sore muscles are not new to any gym and work out enthusiast. This is because when you feel the pinch; that is when the workout starts to pay off. At the beginning of a workout routine, muscles get sore as a result of the lactic acid that poisons the body cells causing pain. This is caused by insufficient oxygen in the muscles which cause failure in the breaking down of all the lactic acid.

This pain often subsides once the body starts getting used to the workout routines and programs. However, this does not guarantee that there will be no pain in the muscles from that point. There is always a chance that muscles will get sore especially if the workout is being done correctly. This pain can be handled efficiently by following some of the steps listed below:

Pre-workout warm-ups

Having a warm-up session for at least 10-15 minutes before starting on the actual workout routine will help to open up your joints. This can be done by simply hitting the treadmill or elliptical, running or even high-intensity cardio of choice. Getting warmed up prepares the body for the workout that is to follow.

Take your time while working out

There are no gains that can be made by rushing through a workout session. Taking it slow will ensure that all exercises and reps are done correctly and this will, in turn, reduce chances of injury and muscle cramping. Part of taking it slowly also includes gradually increasing the weights that you lift. Going from the lighter weights and straight into the heavier ones may just cause harm rather than give meaningful gains.

Post-workout stretches

The same way you warm up before a workout session, it is also important to not just stop at once at the end of the session. In order to bring down your heart rate, doing a few stretches will help you cool down after an intense workout. These stretches should also be done for at least 10-15 minutes after the workout session. A low-intensity session on the treadmill can be a good place to do this efficiently.

Drinking lots of water

Having lots of water to keep you hydrated during your workout session will help prevent the occurrence of muscle cramps. This is very important to do as you transition from one routine to the next or even in between sets. There is no such thing as too much hydration and so drink as much water as you can while working out.

Ice or Epsom salt baths

Soaking in an ice-filled bath after an intense workout session can help relieve the soreness of muscles significantly. This also works the same as soaking in Epsom salts after a workout session. Both baths can significantly help relieve muscle strain and pain. Soaking for 10-15 minutes can leave your muscles refreshed and tension free as well.

Vitamin C supplements

Increasing your vitamin C intake before, during and after your workouts can help you keep muscle cramps at bay. This is because vitamin C is an amazing inflammatory. Having tablet supplements or the actual citrus fruits to take throughout the day will help manage muscle pain significantly.

Other than these simple steps, you can also get a message to reduce the tension in your muscles. Loosening the knots in your muscles will always leave you feeling much better and more importantly pain-free. Going to the gym, again and again, will also help build your resilience through more workouts. Take care that you rotate the muscles that you work on in each session so as to prevent injury and give more time for the sore muscles to recover.


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