Home-buying hacks! Save AND make money when buying a home!

Home-buying hacks! Save AND make money when buying a home!

Home-buying hacks! Save AND make money when buying a home!

Over the years Bubba and I have bought and sold several homes. We have learned a lot in the process and thought we’d share our tips, tricks, and hacks with you!

Links referenced in the video:
♡Neighbor is the easy way to make money by renting out unused storage spaces in your home! Give them a try here: //bit.ly/2DgN5G5
♡Give Homie a try and save tons of money when buying OR selling a home! Check them out here: //www.homie.com/fcf
♡Learn to get your finances and budgets in order, to afford your dream home on ANY income with my fun budgeting program: //budgetbootcamp.com/. Use the code YOUTUBE for 10% off!

Please note: we respect traditional real estate agents as well! And have used them many times. We are just showing alternatives and new technologies since one size does not fit all!
Also, we are not licensed agents nor in the loan industry, so these are just our opinions and should be accepted as such.

Thanks to Homie and Neighbor for sponsoring this video. It was our idea and all the content and talking points were 100% ours as well!

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I’m a blogger at //funcheaporfree.com/. My husband Bubba and I have (soon to be) 6 kids in 8 years and live in Utah. I’m all about family, budgeting, frugal living, productivity and organization, and fun! You might have seen me on TLC, The Today Show, Rachael Ray, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and more. I have two programs, a super fun budgeting program called Budget Boot Camp (//bit.ly/1PWZZXb) and my brand new program, Productivity Boot Camp (//bit.ly/2ILSGTn)!!
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