Google Chromecast (2018) review: Same as the old Chromecast

Google Chromecast (2018) review: Same as the old Chromecast

Google Chromecast (3rd gen)
The Good

Quick and easy setup • Affordable • Casting from phone to TV still dirt-simple

The Bad

Few upgrades over previous model • Does not automatically pause videos for calls • Amazon video not Cast-compatible

The Bottom Line

The latest Google Chromecast is still a good buy for anyone looking for a simple, affordable streaming option, but if you already have a second-gen model, you should pass.

Mashable Score4.0
Cool Factor3.0
Learning Curve5.0
Bang for the Buck4.0

The new Google Chromecast was conspicuously absent from the spotlight at Google’s recent hardware event. But there was indeed a new, updated version of Google’s streaming dongle; it’s just the company decided to roll it out quietly. Spend a few minutes with the new Chromecast and you’ll see why the company didn’t brag about the refresh at the event — there’s really nothing new to brag about. Read more…

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