Four Safe Tanning Tips For A Healthy Summer Glow

Four Safe Tanning Tips For A Healthy Summer Glow


We’ve been working on our summer bods all winter long, and now it’s finally here! The days are longer and hotter, drawing everyone to beaches, parks and backyards across America. Is it time to get our tan on – or is it?
Americans across almost all age groups agree that pale skin is not usually an attractive quality. Survey says, however, that most people do recognize skin cancer as a risk of sunbathing.A tanner complexion is commonly associated with a healthy-looking aesthetic, despite being medically more risky. There are millions of skin cancer cases every single year; it’s one of the most common types of cancer.The sun, unfortunately, is an underestimated enemy when it comes to melanoma. Very few young people even wear sunscreen nowadays, which increases risk.
Tanning may be perceived as attractive this summer, but the long term effects include less satisfactory things like freckling, spots, bumpiness, and wrinkling. Older adults who were careful about the sun in their younger days take years off of their appearance.

In order to tan more safely this season, try to adhere to these four guidelines:
1. Exfoliation
There are tons of great exfoliating products on the market.This process reveals a new, unblemished layer of skin, so instead of tanning your old, dead top layer, you’re darkening a fresh one that will be around a bit longer. Being careful to buff away this top layer evenly will help ensure your new tan will be even as well.
2. Sunblock

You can apply sunscreen and still get a tan! When shopping for a new bottle of sunblock this summer, pick one with a high SPF number and check that it blocks against both UVB and UVA rays. This is especially important for those with pale skin, as it’s more prone to burning.
You bought the sunscreen for a reason – don’t leave it at home. It works hardest for you the earlier you put it on before your outdoor activity. Additionally, you can’t reapply it too often, especially if you’re taking part in water recreation.

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3. Limit Exposure
Be patient. Trying to “binge” a tan by laying outside all day is not your best bet. If possible, plan to be outside for a maximum of 30 minutes and let the tan build on itself that way.
Keep in mind that the sun is most powerful from approximately 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon!
4. Cover Up
Your face is delicate, and prone to showing the most sun-related damage as you age.Just wearing sunglasses can help protect your eyes and surrounding area from dangerous conditions.
Luckily for us, the huge brim sunhats are in style, making them both an intelligent and fashionable choice. Don’t worry; light reflecting off surrounding surfaces will keep your face and neck from staying paler than you’d like. This reflected light is just nicer to your skin.

Again, remember to be patient and vigilant about your health. Follow this advice to achieve a healthy tan this summer!


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