Fitospray slimming Fito Spray Ultra Slim Goji berry Weight Loss Not a drug


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Fitospray slimming Fito Spray Ultra Slim Goji berry Weight Loss Not a drug

Not a drug. Does not require a prescription. Fito Spray Ultra Slim with goji berries. Composition: Green coffee – reduces appetite, removes excess fluid and toxins, prevents the accumulation of fat. Garcinia Extract – blocks the conversion of carbohydrates into fat, reduces sugar cravings. Goji Berries – nourish the body with useful elements, reducing the feeling of hunger, rejuvenate, promote weight loss. Mango, Acai extract – to block the process of fat formation, strengthen the immune system. Citric acid – accelerates the metabolism, detoxifies, reduces the feeling of hunger. Menthol, Peppermint – superbly freshens breath, accelerate metabolism. L-carnitine – transforms fat into energy, reduces fatigue, suppress appetite. It is this combination of powerful in its effects enabled components spray to break step forward from competitors. Natural and carefully balanced composition guarantees weight loss with a probability of 100%. Fito Spray slimming effect on the body complex: -reduces hunger, -sposobstvuet fat burning, -ozdoravlivaet body and charges the body with energy, -provides a pleasant breath. To get rid of kilograms, no longer need to pace yourself hunger or exercise. To cheer up, disappears the need to absorb gallons of coffee. Fito Spray Diet one zilch solves these problems. The feeling of self-confidence – that’s what is lacking in each. We are tormented by doubts about his appearance, think about the freshness of our breath. These and other elements of social life do play a significant role. Manufacturer fitospreya took into account the main points that guided people aspiring to success, and realized his dreams and needs. Lose weight on the go, to lose weight nice and tasty – not a dream if each of us? Why not trust the science and not take advantage of getting results in the most comfortable conditions. Fito Spray for weight loss – a unique tandem of natural ingredients. With just one click, one puff – and natural components of the spray will launch a series of reactions in the body to reduce hunger and burn fat. As part of the spray – only hits in the world of nutrition. Manual in Russian *- The colors and shades of the product images on the website may not match the real one. The manufacturer has the right to change the design of packaging equipment without notice to the end user Payment I accept PayPal only since it is the only way I can offer you the eBay’s buyer protection that provides you 100% security of this transaction. Please include ebay item number, ID seller – Vehuian8. Shipping I will send via “UkrPost” Registered Airmail only. Tracking number will be placed immediately. Make sure you gave me a correct shipping address. International customers are responsible for their countries customs and duty fees. Tracking information can be updated to your email if item costs $50 and more or by your wish (please tell me if you want). Terms Please, watch your country in the list below to know the terms for the item to be delivered internationally. How long it takes to deliver by Registered Airmail “UkrPost”: Europe: 8-15 business days USA or Canada: 10-20 business days Australia: 10-25 business days Japan or Taiwan: 10-25 business days Other Country: 10-30 business days Contact Please do not hesitate to contact me for any question at any time. I will get back to you within 2-12 hours. Message Note DO NOT sign and confirm delivery if the item you receive is damaged or not the one you’ve ordered. If that happens, please contact me immediately. Confirming delivery means that you’ve got the right item in perfect condition. Paying for this item means that you’ve read and agreed to these listing conditions.

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