Fitbit Success Stories


Rachel and her husband spent 13 years trying to get pregnant. Then, she was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. “The attitude was: This is you forever,” she says.

So suddenly, it all clicked, and she realized that she needed to lose weight. By making use of the calorie-burn, food-logging, and step-counting features on her Fitbit, Rachel was able to lose 79 pounds—and keep it off. “There’s not an option to give up. There’s not an option to go back,” she says. “You need to find your reason.” Rachel’s reason? After those 13 years, she’s a proud mother now.


All at once, Linnea’s life went off the rails. Her grandfather was diagnosed with M.S. Work was, well, work (which is to say: Demanding.) And she got pregnant. “My body and mind were pretty broken,” she says.

But when Linnea saw “the rush” competitors get from completing the Swedish Classics, she realized: That was her cure. By utilizing the Fitbit’s community features—a type of social network about fitness enthusiasts—Linnea was able to motivate herself to reach her fitness goals and get her life in parity. “It helps me keep balance between myself, my family, and my work,” she says.






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