Extremely Surprising Weight Transformations You Have To See To Believe

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Extremely Surprising Weight Transformations You Have To See To Believe

Celebrities are human just like the rest of us, and often have to battle their weight just like us. Here are 50 amazing success stories of celebs who have taken on the task of weight loss and won. If this isn’t inspirational, what is?

Seth Rogen

Like his pal Jonah Hill, Rogen decided to drop some pounds. He’s been more successful than Hill in keeping them off, too. The actor implemented a routine exercise and healthier diet upon learning of his cast for the coveted role of Green Hovet, and in just a matter of seventy days was able to knock off about 30 pounds. His diet included foods packed with nutrition, such as fruit and vegetables, and also foods that scaled lower on the glycemic index.

Seth Rogen weight loss

Zach Galifianakis

It must be hard to be used to playing your portly body for laughs and then lose all the weight, but Galifianakis decided his health was more important than being typecast as the “fat guy.” The actor has reportedly quit drinking, which has largely attributed to his estimated fifty pound weight loss. In fact, even some of the biggest supporters of Zach Galifianakis were unable to recognize the star in his new, slimmer appearance.

Zach Galifianakis weight loss

Drew Carey

The Price is Right host may not be as active in comedy as he once was, but he’s certainly more active physically, as evidenced by his weight loss. Carey dropped a whopping one hundred pounds! Rightfully so, he has been boasting about his weight loss to various editorials, even appearing on the Success January 2016 magazine to give this statement about himself: “I’m eating better, taking better care of myself. When I was doing [The Drew Carey Show], I was eating a lot of garbage, I was drinking a lot, so I had a lot of mood swings. I had diabetes.” Congratulations to Drew Carey on going from The Price is Right to this weight is right!

Drew Carey weight loss

John Goodman

This famous actor is best known for his noticeable Dan Conner on Roseanne; wherein he tipped the scales of about 368 pounds in 2007. Since then, he started to cut sugar from his diet. He works six days per week and weighed down over 100 pounds. Goodman has had a long and successful acting career, and his amazing weight loss ensures that he’ll be able to continue it well into the future. His motivation for the transformation arose from a personal disgust from his previous figure. As he puts it; “I just got tired, sick and tired of looking at myself. You’re shaving in the mirror and you don’t want to look at yourself. It gets dangerous,” Goodman said.

John Goodman weight loss

Alec Baldwin

Baldwin had gained some weight over the years, as most people do, but recently slimmed down by giving up sugar and working out. This simple shift in diet and exercise attributed to a drop in over thirty pounds for the actor, returning him to the attractive body that the actor sported previously in his role on Prelude to a Kiss (1992). Gaining so much weight from sugar came as a surprise to the otherwise healthy actor, who warns about the dangers of consuming too much of it in a daily diet.

Alec Baldwin weight loss


Queen Latifah

The rapper-turned-actress looks phenomenal after adopting a disciplined diet and shedding some extra pounds. While the actress recognizes that not everyone is born into the “barbie” type, perfectly petite body, she still was able to acknowledge that even though she may be big boned, it did not account for all the unhealthy fat. As she puts it in an interview, “I think I got to that place by not being happy with the other side — hating your body and criticizing yourself all the time. When I was around 18, I looked in the mirror and said, ‘You’re either going to love yourself or hate yourself.’ And I decided to love myself. That changed a lot of things.”

Queen Latifah weight loss

Jennifer Hudson

The beautiful Hudson gave up her vices – besides chocolate – to sustain her 80-pound weight loss. The actress also utilized Weight Watchers, a corporation based in Queens, New York that promotes healthy diet and exercise. After the inspiring transformation, the actress had this to say about herself: “It’s like a brand new me. Sometimes I don’t recognize myself.

weight loss

Kelly Osbourne

Osbourne had a tough time growing up in the public eye and had weight problems, to boot. Since the end of her family’s reality show, she’s kept the weight off admirably. The star had a different approach to dieting than many, as instead of changing her meals entirely to incorporate “diet food”, she simply replaced sugary beverages, typically soda, with water, always began her day with a healthy breakfast, and reserved snacks for evening times only.

Kelly Osbourne weight loss

Adam Richman

When Adam Richman retired from his show back in 2012, he decided it was time to lose some weight. Adam started a strict vegan diet and combined it with an exercise routine. In total, he lost about 75 pounds and looks super sexy now. What a shocker for a man whose majority of fame is largely attributed to his professional eating show, Man Versus Food.



Jill Scott

R&B singer Jill Scott weighed 263 pounds before undergoing quite a transformation after the birth of her son in 2009. Following the pregnancy, the singer took to a strict exercise routine , with her favorite activities including boxing and biking. In other words, the R&B singer did some B&B, leading to a 63 drop in LBs. Guess you can say that’s an incredible journey.

Jill Scott weight loss

Jordin Sparks

Sparks were able to lose weight by not focusing on the scale, but instead just adopting a healthier lifestyle. She’s lost 50 pounds with her method! Even more impressive, fifteen of these pounds came off just in the first four months. Her methods included healthier meals, particularly ones with low calories, and a light exercise routine which involved a personal trainer. Again, much like previous actors on this list, consumption of sugar was significantly scaled back on.

Jordin Sparks weight loss

Ricky Gervais

Gervais’ weight loss stats aren’t as impressive as some other celebs, but he’s also put on a fair bit of muscle tone while losing a few dozen pounds of fat, with current reports estimating the weight loss to total around forty pounds. His exercise routine was rather simple, as instead of opting for expensive personal trainers or state of the art equipment, Gervais simply jogged around his local London roads and declined late night snacking. Just goes to show you that even the simplest of changes can produce efficient results.

Ricky Gervais weight loss

Jonah Hill

Like his pal Rogen, Jonah Hill, decided to drop some pounds. He’s been more successful than Hill in keeping them off, too. Even long after his stardom in 21 Jump Street, the actor suffered numerous insecurities due to his weight. In fact, was always reported to have an altering weight status, with one week paparazzis catching him losing pounds, only to have him seem much larger in the following days. Now, however, Hill’s weight loss seems to be a permanent move, with the actor taking much inspiration from Japanese diet, as well as a different persona mentality. As he said himself back in 2013, “Getting in better shape is a sign of maturity.”

Jonah Hill weight loss


Star Jones

A gastric bypass surgery helped Star Jones drop over 160 pounds, though she’s since started to pack on some weight again. For those unfamiliar with the term, a gastric bypass surgery refers to a surgical procedure in which the stomach is divided into a small upper pouch and a much larger lower “remnant” pouch and then the small intestine is rearranged to connect to both.

Star Jones weight loss

Tom Arnold

One look at Roseanne Barr’s former beau shows that he’s lost a lot of weight in the last couple of decades.. Arnold’s transformation warranted him over a 100 pound weight loss drop. Not only that, but his workout routine was far from typical, as his busy schedule prevented him from adopting traditional weight loss methods. Instead, Arnold would always ensure he had easy access to cardio equipment, allowing him to work out on the go.

Tom Arnold weight loss

Rosie O’Donnell

O’Donnell has always suffered from been for being a bit bigger. At some point, she realized just how heavy she got, and decided it is time to get her life and her weight back on track. Today, Rosie looks 15 years younger and feels great! She looks so awesome now! Yet, the recent political outcry from O’Donnell has lead internet “haters” to still critique the actress on her weight in spite of her losses.


Carrie Fisher

Much was made about the fact that Fisher was asked to lose some weight for the recent Star Wars film, but she looks great!

Carrie Fisher weight loss

Graham Elliot

It must be hard to lose weight as a celebrity chef. Even so, Elliot cleaned up his diet enough to lose over 150 pounds! The chef was able to become eligible for one of the latest weight loss surgeries known as a duodenal switch. Not only was the surgery successful in restricting Elliot’s food intake, but he was referred to by his doctors as an “ideal patient”, mostly thanks to his rapid recovery and general upbeat attitude about the procedure.

Graham Elliot weight loss

50 Cent

The great rapper 50 Cent used to be known for his strict training routines. When he was cast to play a football player with a deadly illness for a movie he had to change his body to fit the role. 50 dropped about 40 pounds making his fans wonder if he actually was ill. The good news is that he’s perfectly healthy and he is now in great shape. What an amazing commitment to a role, yet, experts worry if method acting or extreme changes to a personal lifestyle in order to conform to a role can severely harm an individual.


Wendy Williams

The gossip queen’s massive mammaries are about the only holdover from her previous physique, as she’s lost over 50 pounds. Done over the course of three years, Williams claims that the most high rated celebrity diets did not produce nearly as much effectiveness as simply telling herself “Just stop eating, fatso.” Hopefully Kevin Hart, her now ex-husband, won’t regret leaving Williams as she shows off her newly fit physique.

Wendy Williams weight loss

Ruben Studdard

Studdard was the winner for the second season of the American Idol, back in 2002 and even earned himself a Grammy nomination. At that point of time, he decided to shed some pounds, and with a combination of diet and exercise routine, He managed to drop 120 pounds. Wow! His appearance of The World’s Biggest Loser, a fitness reality show, tracked his progress and broadcasted his inspirational journey to fans worldwide.


Al Roker

Roker was one of the first notable celebs to get gastric bypass surgery, way back in 2002. He lost over 100 pounds and even more impressively, has kept the weight off.

Al Roker weight loss

Christina Aguilera

Pregnancy is hard on a woman’s body, and Aguilera is hardly the only woman to have gained weight during the process. As you can see, she’s bounced back, though.

Christina Aguilera weight loss

Kevin Liles

When Kevin Liles decided it was time to lose weight, he turned to gastric bypass in order to fulfill his goal. He underwent the surgery in 2007. Today, Kevin is looking slimmer and sexier than ever before.


Paul Wall

The grill-sporting rapper looks presentable now, in part because he traded the silly t-shirt for a suit and in part because he dropped over 120 pounds.

Paul Wall weight loss

Janet Jackson

When she was in her heyday, Jackson famously ate under 1,000 calories per day while dancing almost nonstop. She gained weight in recent years but seems to have gotten in great shape for her recent comeback.

Janet Jackson weight loss

Dr. Dre

While Dre was never hugely overweight, he wasn’t in the kind of shape he is now, with all kinds of added muscle on his frame and not much fat to be found.

Dr. Dre weight loss

Kim Kardashian

Even Kim K. is not immune to the weight swings that can happen during pregnancy. As you can see, she worked very hard to get back into pre-baby shape after her last pregnancy, although she still has her signature curves.

Kim Kardashian weight loss


Tyra Banks

Banks was never a super skinny model and even looked good with a few extra pounds on her frame. With that said, she’s obviously worked to get back in great shape.

Tyra Banks weight loss

Mariah Carey

It’s not easy having the lifestyle Mariah Carey leads, and she’s struggled with anxiety and weight issues. Recently, she’s worked very hard to keep her figure looking more amazing than ever.

Mariah Carey weight loss

Randy Jackson

Jackson reached a peak weight of about 350 pounds in 2013, but has lost over 130 pounds since.

Randy Jackson weight loss

Aretha Franklin

Franklin looks completely different than she used to. She still has a big voice, but the rest of her is much smaller than before.

Aretha Franklin weight loss

Ricki Lake

Lake credits healthy food delivery services and a more active exercise routine with her ability to keep off the weight.

Ricki Lake weight loss

Perez Hilton

Famous gossip blogger Perez has really transformed his body from the chubby physique he sported when first achieving fame.

Perez Hilton weight loss

Oprah Winfrey

While Winfrey has been the butt of jokes for her weight fluctuations, she deserves credit for staying very trim in her 60s!

Oprah Winfrey weight loss


Drew Barrymore

For Drew, portion control, yoga, and jogging have been the secret recipe for healthy living.

Drew Barrymore weight loss

Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian has been overweight for most of his life.  Now, Rob, a fresh father needs to be in shape for his new baby girl.


Raven Symone

Raven battled some weight issues as she grew up, but the former child star of The Cosby Show has worked hard to lose over 70 pounds.

Raven Symone weight loss

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

I think it’s fair to say that Nicole is definitely not the Snooki we knew and loved on “Jersey Shore.” She is now a strong and lean mother who prides herself on her intense daily workouts and commitment to clean eating and as always, a little “GTL.”


Gabourey Sidibe – Precious

Gabourey Sidibe was the actress who starred in Precious. She now is less than 300 lbs. – and admits that she feels better than ever.


Austin ‘Chumlee’ Russell

After seeing his close friend Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison drop almost 200 pounds, “Pawn Star’s” Austin ‘Chumlee’ Russell decided it was time to drop some weight as well.



Kirstie Alley

The former Cheers actress has had some much-publicized weight issues, but she’s done a great job keeping her weight in check in recent years.

Kirstie Alley weight loss

Ronnie Magro Ortiz

Ronnie Magro was one of the cast on  MTV show, Jersey Shore. During the time on the show, he started to gain on the pounds, and it wasn’t just because he wanted to look like a juiced out guido. One day he decided to take control of things and look at him now!

He works in real estate p before he joins reality TV circuit in 2009. He instantly builds a reputation of being a big guy and he certainly surprised the world when he admitted that his weight gain was due to kidney stones. He lost weight through regular workouts.




Chris Pratt

Pratt wasn’t exactly ripped when he starred in Parks and Recreation. Just look at how toned he was while preparing for Guardians of the Galaxy, though!

Chris Pratt weight loss

Susan Boyle

“Britain’s Got Talent” runner-up Susan Boyle became an international sensation. The superstar has gone through a noticeable makeover since her initial debut in front of the camera.


Jerry Ferrera

You will probably recognize him as Turtle on the hit HBO comedy, Entourage. With a diet plan and an exercise routine, Jerry managed to slim down his body, transforming from chubby to sexy.


Abby Lee Miller

Abby Lee Miller, you probably saw her staring on Dance Moms, she is also a famous dance instructor. However, during past couple of years, she started gaining weight. She decided that a time for change has come and took on a strict exercise regime. We must say, she looks quite impressive!


Holly Madison

She is the former Peep Show and Girls Next Door leading lady who took approach to weight loss by means of adding Yoga and Pilates to her fitness routine. She also followed a low carb diet. To lose weight effectively , she also gave up fast foods.

Holly Madison before after

Sara Rue

She confessed having weight issues but everything changed when she got engaged. According to her, you can completely control what you are putting into your body. Sara Sue joined Jenny Craig. She also followed healthy eating with meals added with fruits and veggies. This is how she made it and have successfully lose weight with such healthy approach.

sara-rue before after

Jason Alexander

He actually did not set his mind and sights on ultimate weight loss and this is probably the secret behind his success. He successfully lost about 30 pounds and he was able to achieve it by means of slashing his day to day caloric intake from 4500 up to 1500. He also adds regular workouts and was able to drop weight in six months.

Jason-Alexander before after

Melissa Joan Hart

It is no secret that Melissa Joan Hart is someone who went from flab into fab. Her successful and healthy weight loss plans include cutting out the unhealthy junk. Individuals with weight problems can follow her tactic and also succeed in losing weight.

Melissa Joan Hart before after

Tami Roman

When she quit smoking, she noticed scales shooting up. Upon reaching out 185 pounds she exactly knew that she needed to do something so she turned into weight loss supplement and yoga. In such ways, she was able to shed pounds in sustainable and healthy manner. Tami Roman now weighs 40 plus lighter.

Tami Roman before after

Buyi Zama

She used to like sweets and she hate skim milk but later on she begin trying it on her cereal in just two weeks. She begins to convert and one good thing is that it quickly adapt to her taste bud. Overall, Buyi Zami lost 55 pounds.

Buyi Zam before after

Christian Bale

This famous celebrity lost 63 pounds. One way that helped him lose weight is taking supplements. He also makes sure that he takes his vitamins hardly and performs regular exercise to trim himself more. He is 6 feet tall and he weighs only 122 pounds. He successfully slimmed down more again recently.

Christian Bale before after

Kevin Federline

He was once a toned dancer, this former Mr. Britney Spears weighed about 240 pounds during his 30th birthday. Though he experienced a lot of struggles while losing weight but still he still succeed in losing weight.

Kevin Federline before after

Jared Leto

This well-known actor needs to gain 60 pounds in order to fit the role of killer of John Lennon in the movie Chapter 27. The dramatic and sudden gain left him with extreme gout like pain on the foot. Leto admitted that he was forced to gain weight for the role but he worked hard to not gain more weight again.

Jared Leto before after

Charlize Theron

This actress gained about 30 pounds eating sweets like doughnuts. She got almost unrecognizable as a serial killer and prostitute in the 2003’s Monster. She managed to return to her average weight before the premiere of the film. She even won the Golden Globe as Best Actress for the role she played. As she received her award, many individuals notice he curves.

Charlize Theron before after

Michael Moore

He was an opinionated filmmaker dropped about 70 pounds dramatically by eliminating sugar, salt as well as white flour on his diet and boosting his workout regime by walking about 30 to 40 minutes per day. Moore, allegedly check in to Florida weight loss spa in year 2007 and 2010.

Michael Moore before after

Nicole Richie

In 2006, this 5’2” famous socialite weigh only 90 pounds which is dangerously thin even by the Hollywood standards so she sought treatment for her known weight issues. There are rumors that she is even suffering from eating disorders though she never did speak openly about this.

Nicole Richie before after

Renee Zellweger

To successfully lose weight, she seriously dieted and strived hard to lose the fat she had put into her body. She has experienced constant weight fluctuations which are factors that make it hard for dieters to lose weight but Renee Zellweger still managed to lose weight in the long run.

Renee Zellweger before after

Valerie Bertinelli

Upon reaching 172 pounds in 2007, Valerie Bertinelli became spokeswoman exclusively for Jenny Craig and she managed to lose about 50 pounds. This former cover girl now weighs about 18 pounds by means of watching portions of her food intake and getting really active. She even ran the marathon to sweat it out.

Valerie Bertinelli before after


Though this actress has always been vocal about loving her body the way it is, she still made the decision to get healthier after she was diagnosed with high blood pressure topping it out at about 262 pounds. She lost weigh I 2009 by about 45 pounds and she did it by means of eating healthier.

Mo’Nique before after

Ron Lester

He is best known for playing the role of Billy Bob in Varsity Blues in 1999. At 43, Lester weighs more than 500 pounds which is his heaviest. But in December 2000, he got tired of playing obese characters and started to move very uncomfortably in the set. He had undergone procedures to eliminate excess skin and h successfully slimmed down to healthy 193 pounds.

Ron Lester before after

Al Roker

He was a famous weather anchor who is also faced with weight issues. He combats weight gain by being mindful about the food portions he consumes and he exercise regularly to shed pounds.

Al Roker before after

Angie Stone

She first marked a name in the music industry. Since she has faced some weight issues, she started to lose weight in 2006 when she participated in the VH1’s Celebrity Club. She lost about 75 pounds during the last few years. She now looks younger and healthier than before. She also learned to manage her diabetes and her weight as well.

Angie Stone before after

Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes is so beautiful, a few years ago, she wasn’t happy with her weight and was actually quite embarrassed. Shonda managed to ditch 127 pounds of extra weight and looked happier than ever now!


Lauren Alaina

The American Idol standout has been able to drop some extra pounds and looks very healthy and happy today.

Lauren Alaina weight loss

Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia is known for his role in the great TV series ‘Lost’ acting as Hugo “Hurley” Reyes.

These days Garcia plays Jerry Ortega on Hawaii Five-0.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes weight loss


Pauley Perrette



Chaka Khan

With her amazing voice, Chaka Khan is a true Diva! Previously, her overweight caused her some real health problems, she was diagnosed with diabetes. Realizing the situation she decided to take control of things and on 2014, she shed 60 pounds!!


Rebel Wilson

Hilarious actress, nowadays you can find her starring in Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2. Lately, Rebel has started on a very strict diet; she also exercises daily. She looks better than ever now!


Mama June

What an incredible transformation! June told the press:

“Just 11 months ago, I weighed 352 pounds and I never thought this weight loss would be possible,” she told the camera. “It’s been a long road through all these three surgeries, struggling with my emotional eating, these intense workouts, a dress I thought I would never be able to fit into, dealing with my ex’s fiancée/soon-to-be Alana’s stepmom, and all the while I’m trying to stay healthy and good for my kids.”

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