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Elev8 Yourself

This strength workout is sure to shake things up.

Looking for a new workout? I’ve built a program called Elev8 for The Oxygen 6 Challenge. It contains four phases and it’s all progressive work, so you’ll build up your strength and cardio over three months.

Oxygen Challenge 6 coach Nikki Snow.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Strength workouts: These are not about speed but instead are focused on range of motion, control and load. How much weight can you use while maintaining great technique? These run 30 to 45 minutes max.
  2. Cardio/HIIT workouts: Here, we’re focused on heart rate. I’m all about true high-intensity interval training and keeping your heart rate up around 75 percent of your heart-rate max. These are shorter workouts, lasting only 20 to 30 minutes max.
  3. Rejuven8: These are all about mobility and recovery, so we’ll use foam rollers and other props to aid with myofascial release. It’s a flowing circuit that also includes core work.

For both the strength and cardio/HIIT workouts, you’ll run through a combination of exercises. Both start with a warm-up called Activ8, which consists of two exercises to prep and prime the body for the upcoming workout. The bulk of the workout includes two rounds of supersets called Isol8 and Integr8, during which you’ll focus on one bodypart and then compound movements, respectively. This methodology really helps maximize your effort. Each workout finishes with a Domin8 Challenge, a comprehensive challenge that encompasses everything we’ve done in the workout so far, plus a core workout.

Does that sound like a lot of work? It is! That’s why I’m a big advocate of rest days and really want you to have at least one day each week when you’re doing absolutely nothing active. All your gains come from when you’re resting, and if your nervous system is always active, your cortisol levels will throw things out of whack.

Finally, please listen to your body and take autonomy for your workouts. Feel free to sub out a strength workout and do a Rejuven8 session instead if your body is feeling exhausted or beat up. Beginners are encouraged to sub out anything that’s too intense. If you want to skip a HIIT workout and go to your favorite Spin class instead, great! If you want to skip a strength workout and head to yoga class, feel free.

I want this to be a plug-and-play experience, not only for the 90 days of this challenge but also beyond. You’ll have access to all these workouts once the Challenge is over, so start thinking now about what happens in the end. Don’t set yourself up for failure by falling back into old habits 90 days from now — we want you in this for the long haul!

Sample Strength Workout:


Perform these moves back-to-back with minimal rest in between. Complete two rounds and rest 30 seconds between rounds.


Perform the moves in each superset back-to-back with minimal rest in between. Complete three rounds of each superset and rest 30 seconds between supersets.

Superset 1

Superset 2

DOMIN8 Challenge

Ascending and Descending Ladders

Perform the exercises below in an ascending ladder format, adding a rep to each round for a total of two minutes. Rest one minute, then perform the exercise in a descending ladder format, subtracting a rep from each round for two minutes.


Complete two rounds of the below exercise, resting 30 seconds between rounds.

Now in its sixth year, The Oxygen Challenge has helped thousands of participants around the world transform their bodies and their lives. This summer, we are bringing you two fitness experts focused on strength, empowerment and the mind-body connection: Jen Esquer, doctor of physical therapy and mobility expert, and Nikki Snow, international trainer and professional coach.

So what are you waiting for? Start transforming your life and body today with their 90-day training and nutrition program designed exclusively for Oxygen — it’s guaranteed to awaken your inner athlete, buoy your spirit and empower your life! Join the Challenge today.

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