Do you make these cheat meal mistakes?

Do you make these cheat meal mistakes?


It is not that easy to have a balanced diet and regular exercising. People always start both with great excitement but cannot continue for a long time. The biggest problem is because of the diet. As per the studies, in maintaining a healthy body, only 30% contribution is through the workout and the rest 70% goes to the diet. Generally, the healthy food is not that tasty and therefore people are not able to maintain their balanced diet plan. The easiest way to deal with this problem is through the cheat meal but if you are making these mistakes in your cheat meal then you really have to work hard to lose weight

(1) Too many cheat meals – Cheat meals are fine unless you don’t make it your cheat meal day. Eating too many cheat meals quite often can affect a lot on your progress or they can ruin all your progress.

(2) Too much cheat meal – Have you ever realized how much calories you are eating in favorite cheat meal? Um, not many people bother about this. The problem is that the delicious food that is served in restaurants contains too much oil, butter, and calories. Therefore, if you will eat too much cheat meal then don’t forget that you have to work even harder to lose weight.

(3) Starve and then Overindulge – Most of the people don’t eat anything on their cheat meal day so that they can eat their cheat meal properly and thus they starve themselves for the whole day which is really bad for the health. Starving for any reason is never recommended and if you will eat junk food, oily or high calories food with empty stomach then definitely it’s not going to put a positive effect on your body. Therefore, never ever starve yourself.

(4) No Planning – This is the most common mistake that most of the people make. They don’t plan their cheat day or cheat meal. That’s why they start eating cheat meals quite often. Therefore, always plan at the beginning of every week that on which day you will have your cheat meal and what will you eat in it.

(5) Over-thinking – If you are a foodie and love to eat delicious dishes of different kinds then switching to a healthy diet might be a problem for you. Sometimes people start over-thinking and some went into stress too. If you are among these kinds of people then it is not necessary that you have to start following the healthy diet plan right in the beginning. What you can do is that start with 1-2 healthy meals a day and the rest of the meals can be as per your normal diet. Then after 2-3 weeks, switch to a balanced diet.

People do make even more cheat meal mistakes but the above-mentioned mistakes are the most common ones. You can make as many mistakes as you want but don’t forget you are the one who will have to deal with its consequences. The more mistakes you will make the more time you will have to devote to make yourself healthy.


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