Children Learning Reading Review

Children Learning Reading Review

children learning reading review

Children Learning Reading is a two stage eBook system that teaches you how to help facilitate and develop your child’s reading at home. Using a unique and systemic approach that covers the use of phonetics and blending, you can accelerate your child’s reading capabilities using a tried and tested method. Whilst it is partially the job of teachers in school to assist your child’s reading, studies have shown that children who are supported at home are more engaged, fluent and avid readers.

About Children Learning Reading

Children Learning Reading was created by Jim Yang, himself a parent of three children and a successful reading teacher. Yang noticed when he was a reading instructor just how much his students benefitted from the support of reading at home, and developed and refined this system to ensure that his own children, and many others from around the world are being supported in becoming fluent, interested and accurate readers.

“Once you learn to read, you’ll be forever free” is the opening quote of this books, which gives an insight into the ethos of Jim Chang, and the idea behind his system. Children should feel empowered by the knowledge they acquire and begin to be independent readers. Facilitating this in your own child will help them to become inquisitive, intelligent and intellectual. As opposed to sitting a child in front of a TV screen, this program encourages parents to spend time with their child, helping them sound out words and decode meaning.

Aimed at parents of children from about 2 years and up to 5, this program is ideally suited to children of around 2.5 years old, and can assist reading in as few as 12 weeks. Engendering the principles of a reading instructor, this program allows parents to become phonics instructors with support and specific lessons.

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Key Points of Children Learning Reading

Children Learning Reading is based on phonemes and phonetic understanding. Phonemes are the individual sounds we make so when you are trying to say the word ball you start with b. How we actually sound these out to our children make an important part of their learning, which is where some parents have accidentally caused a misunderstanding in the correct pronunciation.

Totalling 324 pages, the Children Learning Reading system is separated into two sections, which comprise of information and lessons to demonstrate the various parts of reading. Initially the eBook explains the

During the first seven years of a child’s life, their brains are the most susceptible to learning and this is the time during which they acquire the foundations for later learning. One such foundation is the phonetic understanding of sounds and how they blend to make first words and then sentences. This then develops into decoding and deciphering meaning.

Honing your child’s reading skills at the young age of 2 to 3 can lead to greater academic intelligence and deeper enquiry within the reading skill set and the key points of this program are essentially educating you how to educate your child. For example, a common mistake when pronouncing individual phonemes is to put too much emphasis on the end of the phoneme, rather than its pure sound.

Describing them as the two pillars of the program, synthetic phonics and phonemic awareness make up the major part of teaching your child to read. This includes a section on the difference between smooth and choppy blending, so that your child’s reading skills are enhanced to the best of their ability. This has a positive impact on their spelling as well, so you are really setting them up to be successful.

What You Get When You Purchase Children Learning Reading

Children Learning Reading contains 2 pdf documents, which are broken down into 50 short and effective lessons. These lessons have been crafted to take only a few minutes, and develop a close bond between you and your child.

You will develop confidence as their teacher because as Yang explains you know your child better than anyone and can therefore give them the individualised learning they need.

Within this advanced system for teaching your child to read you will find the truth about alternative reading methods such as how whole word learning can be detrimental to your children’s reading progress.

Even if your child is under two years old, you can still teach them the preliminary steps of phonic awareness such as:

Phonemic Identity – recognising specific sounds such as that ‘b’ is the same letter in ‘ball’, ‘bat’ and ‘baby

Phonemic Isolation – recognising the individual sounds in words. Such as ‘c’ being the beginning of ‘cat’ and ‘t’ being the end.

Phoneme Substitution – Understanding that words change when phonemes change. E.g ‘cat’ becomes ‘can’ when the ‘t’ is switched for a ‘n’.

Word Segmenting – when you say a word, e.g. ‘cat’ and the child recognises that it’s made out of ‘c-a-t’ and can say these individual sounds.

Oral Blending – Making smooth sounding words out of the individual sounds. So as well as knowing that c-a-t has individual sounds, this part is recognising that these blend to sound out the word cat.

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The Benefits of ‘Children Learning Reading’ Program

Children Learning Reading contains a thorough and detailed introduction, which explain the Yangs’ story and how the program is effective in a child’s early years. In fact, you can begin phoneme training way before the child can read.

Easy to follow, this program is laid out in sequential steps which are short lessons. This develops bonding time and helps you to really understand your child’s language acquisition and progress.

As well as the main pdf documents, you will gain access to sound clips which teach the correct pronunciation of the phonemes. This is where parents have struggled in the past. For example, the phoneme we present to the child must be the pure sound. Many people, for example, pronounce ‘c’ as ‘cuh’ or ‘cer’. This can mean that the child misunderstands the sound of c and has led to the word ‘castle’ being written ‘car-sul’.

PA is the leading way to teach your child to read, and you and your child will be at the leading edge of their reading development.


Children Learning Reading is a thorough and comprehensive guide to ensuring your child becomes the most astute and avid reader they can be. At a bargain price, we recommend this program unreservedly.

Order today and you can get your little ones off to a flying start!


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