Rebooting Your Sleep Cycle

There is absolutely nothing getting in your way of a good night’s sleep. In the article below, we will share you some secrets to not scrape by with little sleep, but actually reboot your sleep cycle to give you the sleep you rightfully deserve.

For your convenience, we will be breaking this into two sections: things you can short term and what things to do long-term.

Short Term Rebooting

The first thing to do is to prepare yourself for getting into a good sleep cycle on the short term. To do that, let’s first tackle some of the misconceptions out there. First of all there is no such thing as a “sleep bank”. We do not have magical tanks where if you get more sleep than usual you bank it. Furthermore you don’t need to sleep more in order to make up for lost time either.

The second is the amount of sleep we need. A lot of people like throwing numbers out there and yes there are certainly studies that show people who have less sleep have issues. At the end of the day though it all comes down to how your body works. This means you sleep for as long as you wake up alert and happy.

With these in mind here are a couple of other things to do.

  • Have Good Sleep Hygiene – Sleep Hygiene is merely a term that covers the activities that you do that lead up to you sleeping or what hampers your sleep. In order to have good sleep hygiene consider your approach to sleep and bed time. Is it a time where you simply collapse after working hard or staying up late or is it a crucial block of time that is important to you?
  • Avoid Caffeine – Depending on your age and gender the half-life of caffeine in the body can range between 5 to 10 hours. In other words if you have a cup of coffee at 7PM you will be up until midnight. So make sure to have this well before bedtime.
  • Avoid Alcohol – On the note of caffeine, avoid booze as well. Although alcohol is a depressant and helps sleep, alcohol also depresses everything in our system.
  • Less exposure to screens – When you are exposing yourself to screens, the bright light from the monitors is a signal to our brain to stay awake. The reason that is is that our body follows a clock where if there is light we stay up and when it gets darker we get sleepier. So dim the lights if you absolutely need to be on the computer or avoid any late night internet surfing.

Long Term Rebooting

With some short-term habits to pick up, let’s take a peek at some long-term things to consider doing.


  • Analyze Sleep Needs – The first thing to figure out is how much sleep you actually need. To figure out how much sleep you actually need one strategy to consider is going to bed 15 minutes earlier than you think you need to and wake up at your own time. You want to keep doing this until you are able to consistently wake up before your alarm clock kicks off. If you can pull that off for a solid week at least then you found your ideal wake/sleep cycle.
  • Follow The Routine – In order to keep this wake/sleep cycle you will need some rules in place. Things like dimming lights at 7pm, no coffee after 3pm and spend 20 minutes reading before going to sleep can be part of your ritual for getting to sleep. If that’s the case, you want to stay dedicated to those things no matter what. In the end, find a routine that works best for you and stick to it.
  • Anticipate The Lack Of Sleep – Sometimes the lack of sleep is inevitable. It happens to the best of us and it can’t be taken back. But instead of panicking or making a big deal about it, find a way around it. In a lot of cases those wild weekends or days where something unexpected happens can be fixed by sticking to those short term rebooting activities.

Sleep is entirely in your own control. All that matters is the habits that you have picked up and continue to nurture and leverage.

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Health Hazard of Late Night Sleep and Sleep Disorder


Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.
William Blake

Thinking of watching YouTube or Netflix all night, churning down chocolate after chocolate? “It’s just one night” you say. A night turns to weeks and months of sleepless night. Before taking such decision of stayinglateup all night or not even sleeping, I’m sure you don’t want to have an unproductive day looking all crankedup and tired. Missingyour whole night of sleep have serious consequences. You put your mental health, human interpersonal relationships and physical health at big risk. You might lose weight, get weakened immune system.
Some, however, can’t sleep because of the sleep disorders. They find it difficult sleeping. A lot of factors might be the cause of these orders. Stress, hectic schedules are few causes. Mental health condition can be another cause. Sleeping disorders are increasingly common in the States. Unlike late night sleep, sleep disorders are indirect consequences of your lifestyle. Environmental factors such as excessive intake of alcohol,asthma, depression and anxiety, all leads to sleep disorder.
To maintain balance and gain optimum functionality, the body needs rest. Chemical and biological balance are restored. Bad tissues are repaired. Brain’s retention is enhanced. The importance of sleep can’t be overemphasized. When you refuse to get ample sleeping time, your lifestyle and quality of life is affected. And definitely not for the best. The negative effects of sleep disorders can lead to poor work performance, relationship strains.
You’ve had a lack of sleeping time, the following are easily observed:
You look drowsy
You yawn always
You get irritated
A person suffering from sleep disorders will exhibit these symptoms:
Irresistible urge to sleep in the day
Poor concentration
Fatigue in the morning.
If you keep staying up late and don’t take a good time to sleep, you are more likely to suffer from:
Poor immune system

When asleep, the body facilitates the production of cytokines,infection fighting substances. Cytokineshelps the immune system fight infections. In the absence of these substances, you’re prone to infections. You get sick so quickly, might get chronic illness. You put yourself at the risk of getting high blood pressure, heart attack and even diabetes.
You probably don’t want to get obese or overweight, but your lifestyle says otherwise. Staying up late and getting no sleep affect hormone levels, particularly hormones for satisfaction after meal and that of appetite stimulation. The connection between these hormones and sleep causes physiological changes. When you stay up late, you get hungry and eats more and gain weight.
Poorbrain power
When sleeping, neurons form pathways to help store new information. Not sleeping makes the brain exhausted and in need of nutrients. Concentration is impaired and the brain can’t perform the necessary activities. Coordination skills are poor and the risk of getting an accident doubles. You begin to feel impatient and cranky. Efficient learning seems impossible.
Cardiovascular diseases
Sleep reduces stress. The heart pressure is normalized when sleeping. All heart vessels (from the capillaries to the arteries) are cared for during sleep. Poor sleep attitude increases the likelihood of cardiovascular disease.
Sleep attacks are common during the day. You become extremely tired and fall asleep during the day. You might even suffer from sleeping paralysis, inability to move after waking up. What’s worse? You might end up suffering from lot of neurological disorders.
Lack of adequate sleep feeds depression. Less sleeping hours at night leads to higher depression rate. Lack of sleep have more dangerous effects on you as depression symptoms increases. Depression have been found to be the major cause of suicide. Hence, goodnightsleeping can help reduce depression if you’re suffering from it.
If you’re suffering from sleep disorders, get to see a doctor and stick to the treatment routine. Otherwise, you are hurting up to 10 of your personal importance.


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Essential Tip #1 For Healthy Living


We Live in a world where scientific advancements and medical breakthroughs happen on a regular basis.

Mental Hygiene

Most people assume that their health problems are related only to physical causes. Reality and late research shows us that the mind could be causing some ailments. Fear, stress, anxiety, bitterness, anger and rage are among the emotions that can lead body to a medical situation of illness. Having a positive look about life, one that arises peace wich come from within is an essentieal key for healthy life.

A clear and alert mind is required in order to control one’s day to day activities. Discipline and focus are also virtues that arise out of a clear mind that is in total control.

A wayward mind can lead to some destructive behaviors that in turn cause health issues.



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Von Miller Gives His Fitness Tips


NFL star Von Miller has become a success not only due to his talent and ability but also his lifestyle and works ethic. Here are some of the fitness tips that helped him reach the next level.

Super Bowl Success

Von Miller with trophy

Although Von Miller was always a successful football player, he really reached the next level when he changed his health and nutrition habits. His changes allowed him to endure a grueling season and become a Super Bowl champion.

Get the Rest Your Body Needs

Man and woman sleeping

It may sound easy to do, but many people overlook their need for rest. If you’re working out and staying active, you have to get enough sleep to reap the benefits. Miller sleeps for extra hours during the playoffs and regular season.

Two-A-Day Workouts

Two people running

Miller’s unique schedule as an NFL player gives him the ability to work out more than once each day. He took advantage of his time during the morning and evenings to work out more often in preparation for his Super Bowl winning season.

Train Your Body In Different Ways

Girl stretching

The doubled-up workouts allowed Miller to use one workout per day on weight training and another on speed and explosiveness. If you have multiple times to work out, you can do the same by working on flexibility, strength, endurance, or other areas during certain workouts.

Nutrition to Succeed

fruits and vegetables

Miller realized early on that his body requires plenty of protein and quality food. He focuses on eating lean meats while taking in raw vegetables from time to time for convenience and nutrition.

Don’t Get Burned Out

Von Miller throws a football

You’ll get tired of working out really fast if you do the same workouts all the time. That’s why A very good fitness tip is to switch things up occasionally. For Miller, that meant occasionally throwing passes or running routes like a wide receiver.

Other Fitness Tips to Consider

Von Miller running

There’s a lot to know when you want to be at your best, but the most useful tips are the ones that are easiest to implement. These other areas to consider will help you ensure your success.

Make Sure Fitness Is Fun

Girls holding yoga balls

Von Miller says that it’s important to have fun when working out. If you aren’t having fun, try taking a break or adding elements to your workouts that will make them more enjoyable. That way, you’ll continue on the path you’re on.

Change It Up Regularly

Girl exercising

Von Miller has also benefited from a multi-faceted approach to health and nutrition. In addition to switching up your strength or conditioning workouts, try different types of exercise, as well. Do some yoga or try Pilates, for instance. You never know what might help you grow as you work towards your goals.


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Your Child’s Gut Health May be Affecting His Behavior


Dealing with a picky eater in the family is not easy. Poor gut health may be the cause of your child’s behavior problems.

red meat

Red Meat

You can give red meat to your child. Red meat is a great source of zinc, which is an important nutrient for regulating behavior. Zinc deficiency is associated with the pathogenesis of ADHD. Red meat also contains iron, which is another behavior regulator. Iron deficiency can be corrected by taking iron supplements. Red meat is a good source of B vitamins as well. B vitamin deficiency is associated with behavior problems in kids and teens. Red meat also has protein, which helps regulate blood sugar.

food colors

Artificial Food Coloring

Artificial food coloring takes over the visual system designed to find ripe fruit. It is partially why children tend to choose junk food in bright colors such as red, yellow and green as these colors look attractive. Colors have also indicated the existence of ripe fruit for many years. According to the FDA, artificial food coloring might affect children with preexisting ADHD.
Research has also shown that dyes can affect even those without ADHD. Researchers have offered a genetic explanation. Children with genetic inclination towards impaired histamine degradation have higher chances of displaying behavioral problems after ingesting food dyes. Read nutrition labels and see if they have “natural” food dyes. These products usually use paprika and turmeric to create colors. You can also completely avoid dyed foods.

suger spon


Remember that not all sugar is the same. The source is very important. A study discovered that the risk of developing ADHD is lower for kids who consumed more sugar from fruit snacks. Sugar-sweetened beverages, on the other hand, are consistently associated with increased risk of ADHD. This is because these beverages are packed with sugar in a medium that is easily digested by the body. A kid may consume 40 to 50 grams of sugar without realizing it. Sugar-sweetened beverages also usually contain caffeine. So, limit your child’s sugar intake.

Pastured Chicken Liver

Pastured chicken liver is rich in B12, protein, folate, iron and choline. It also contains a decent amount of zinc. Since it is lower in vitamin A than other livers, you can give it to your child once or two times a week.
You can also give your kid a dairy-free and gluten-free diet. Getting rid of grains and dairy from your kid’s diet may not have any effect on his or her behavior, but it is still worth a shot. There are many parents who report their kids’ behavior problems waning once they resolved food intolerances.

Children can and will eat well. They don’t need to live on chicken tenders, pizza and hot dogs. Give your kids a chance and provide some “adult” options. Allow them to be in the kitchen and help you prepare food. They can mash food or stir soup. Getting them involved in the food preparation process will most likely encourage them to eat the food they helped prepared.


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Common Nutrient Deficiencies that Lead to Anxiety


The current normal approach to handling anxiety is by means of medication and therapy. While these could be an efficient option, nutrition and diet are frequently taken for granted as possible causes, and you cannot treat the deficiency of essential nutrients with prescription pills and counseling. Poor diets and high-stress levels are very common today, so it really makes sense to address issues like anxiety naturally. This means addressing issues to your lifestyle like diet which might be worsening the problem, instead of just trying to rub out the symptoms.

Vitamin B complex

This assist with the nervous system working and being under pressure or stress could reduce your levels. Vitamin B complex deficiency could lead fatigue, anxiety as well as mood issues. Studies have revealed that Vitamin B Complex useful in treating anxiety disorders, most essentially obsessive thoughts, and agoraphobia. A lot of the popular sources of Vitamin B Complex are animal products such as meat. Whole grain, turkey, bananas and potatoes, and legumes are also rich in this vitamin.

Vitamin B foods


This essential nutrient plays an essential role in over 3000 of your system’s biochemical reactions as well as regulates the production of stress hormones. Researched on mice and humans have revealed a firm connection between the level of magnesium and anxiety and depression. Foods rich in magnesium are pumpkin seeds, whole grains, as well as fruits like figs and watermelon.



This is not a mineral or vitamin, but an essential amino acid. This is the #1 supplement bought for anxiety and stress.
This change into 5-HTP then converts it to “feel good chemical” or serotonin. This plays a major role in regulating sleep, appetite, and mood. Food rich in tryptophan is soy milk, avocados, meat, sea food, nuts, winter squash, and legumes.

Vitamin D

Popularly known as Sunshine Vitamin, this vitamin really helps a lot in treating anxiety and stress. People living in climates which experience dark, cold winters are at risk for Vitamin D deficiency. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that thirty out of 100% of people all over the word are lack of Vitamin D. Study have revealed that people with anxiety and depression also have low levels of D vitamin. Once you have darker skin, do not spend so much time outside, Vitamin D supplementation is indeed the best approach to make sure you are you’re getting enough vitamin D. Foods rich in Vitamin D are fatty fish as well as fortified products like cheese, milk, juice and egg yolks.

Vitamin D


Even if less common than a shortage in, say, Vitamin D or magnesium, lack of calcium has a huge effect on physical and mental health. Your nervous system requires calcium so as to work properly, so mood problems and anxiety extremely often lead from not obtaining enough calcium.
Signs of lack of calcium take account of heart palpitations, shaking, tingling sensations as well as numbness- all these are common signs of anxiety. Foods rich in calcium are soy products and dairy products and tofu, oatmeal, almonds as well as green vegetables.
All and sundry must have a physical annually which includes testing minerals and vitamins levels. For some, most essentially those lack in specific nutrients like Vitamin D, you may want to test more often. Make sure to speak with experts prior to starting taking a new supplement.


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How Yoga Workouts Can Keep You Awake


If you have a busy lifestyle and a lot of daily demands to attend to, you probably struggle with occasional tiredness like the rest of us. Fortunately, getting active can help you to power through your day without so many of those low points where you wish you could just crash and take a nap. Yoga workouts can be one of the best ways to fight fatigue.

Yoga: The Secret to Fighting Fatigue

Girl doing a yoga pose

Yoga is an excellent method of exercise because of the many benefits that it offers. Not only will you build your flexibility and core strength through yoga, but you will also be able to work on your ability to focus and channel your energy productively.

But Isn’t Yoga Relaxing?

Woman performing a yoga pose

It’s true that yoga can be very relaxing, but it’s not the type of relaxation that makes you want to curl up in bed under the covers. Instead, it’s relaxation that relieves your body of stress and leaves you more focused and ready to tackle your next challenge. If anything, yoga wakes you up, since it requires concentration and single-minded focus.

Yoga Poses for Energy

Girl does yoga backbend

Backbends are a very dynamic pose that will release your adrenaline and even bump up your metabolism. The chair pose and sun salutations can also help to wake up your body and get you off to a good start, especially in the morning when you need a quick infusion of energy.

Yoga with Dynamic Resistance

Woman balances during yoga

Many forms of yoga have emerged that include dynamic resistance along with traditional yoga movements. Even without using weights, these movements can help to strengthen your muscles, which in turn energizes your body and boosts your metabolism throughout the next couple of hours of your day.

Yoga with a Spiritual Approach

Woman meditating

The spiritual aspect of yoga is often overlooked, but provides a lot of extra benefits. By taking the time to concentrate on your breathing and consciously let go of the stress that’s holding you back, you can avoid overworking your brain and getting fatigued.

Other Tips to Consider

Woman concentrates during yoga

Yoga workouts are just one part of a healthy lifestyle. You’ll have to make sure that you’re getting enough sleep and relaxation throughout the rest of your day to keep your energy levels high. Make sure you give yourself some time to relax before bed without being bothered by your phone or watching TV, too.

Enjoy Sustained Energy All Day Long

Woman does yoga on beach

By using these tips and exploring what yoga can do for you, you can harness your untapped potential and keep your energy levels more consistent throughout the day. Try it out and enjoy staying awake and staying energized!


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How to Make an Herbal Sleep Aid Tea


We lead incredibly busy lives. Your day may include an early rise, running around to drop your kids off at school before your work day begins. Then when your work day finally ends, you have to run around all over again to ferry your kids here and there. So, it’s no wonder that your ability to sleep at night is hampered. When you’ve spent the day feeling up to survive, it can be difficult to unwind when it’s time. You spend the night tossing and turning, and the following day it all begins again, as you indulge in caffeine and find yourself caught in a vicious cycle.
So, how can you handle such a vicious cycle and finally enjoy a restful sleep? You may have heard different people talk about the effectiveness of herbal teas. It’s true; chamomile tea has been used for years as an effective means of getting to sleep. Herbal tea blends designed to be taken before bed include herbs such as:
• Chamomile provides relief for the nervous system.
• Lemon balm provides balance.
• Hop flowers and valerian root to relax and induce sleep.
• Passionflower for calm.
• Skullcap to relieve anxiety.

Herbal Sleep Aid Tea

Additionally, a tincture of valerian and hops, as well as herbal sleep and pain relief capsules. Guess what, you can make those at home!
For the latter, you’ll need vegetable or gelatin capsules to house the ingredients. You’ll also need:
• ¼ part powdered hop flowers.
• Two parts powdered valerian root.
• ½ part powered Rhodiola root.
• 2 parts powdered skullcap.
• 1 part powdered lemon balm.
• 1 part powdered passion flower.
• 1 part powdered oat straw.
For acute pain, you can take 1 or 2 every 2 hours (no more than 8 in 24 hours). Chronic pain? Take 2 or 3 up to 3 times a day (no more than 6 in 24 hours). For sleep, take between 2 and 4 30 minutes before bed.
For the Tincture:
• A mason jar (around a quart)
• Dried hop flowers, .5 ounces
• Dried valerian root, 2 ounces.
• A mix of 40% pure water and 60% vegetable glycerin.
Use a scale to measure the herbs and then place them in the mason jar. Fill the jar with 40% water and 60% glycerin, and leave around 2 inches of space at the top. Tightly close the lid and allow it to rest in a warm spot for around six weeks, but shake it vigorously every day. When the six weeks is up, strain using a cheesecloth. Put the liquid in a dark tincture bottle and take 1-2 droppers every evening, half an hour before bed.
It should be noted that valerian is only for short term use, though, you shouldn’t need it for long. It should help you rediscover your healthy sleeping pattern.

chamomile tea

Now, for the moonrise herbal tea blend recipe:
You’ll need the following ingredients:
• Lemon balm, two parts.
• Chamomile flower, two parts.
• Valerian root, ¼ part.
• Skullcap, two parts.
• Lavender flowers, ½ part.
• Hop flowers, ¼ part.
• Passionflower, 1 part.
You’ll need to measure each part and mix it in a bowl to combine it well. You can use an infuser, teapot, or carafe to brew your tea. You can store the blend in a cool and dark place for up to 6 months. Drink it 30 minutes before bed every evening.


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