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Roasted Butternut Squash

It’s that time of the year for winter squash (!!), one of our favorites being butternut. In this step-by-step tutorial, we show you how to peel, cut, season, and roast butternut squash to perfection every time! It’s easier than you think. We also include notes for cooking with less oil, what seasonings complement the flavors…
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Salted Cashew Caramel Energy Bites

We’re no strangers to date bites around here, but these may just top them all. Strong claim, but with good reason. If you love the flavors of buttery cashews, salted caramel, and coconut, you’re going to love these energy bites! Just 4 ingredients and 10 minutes required for these naturally sweetened, plant-based gems that are…
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Noom Food List

    How the Noom Food List Works: Calorie Density   To actually have a shot at success when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight for life, it’s important to learn the key elements to healthy eating. While there are many different takes on what actually counts as a “healthy diet,” Noom is taking…
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Garlic & Herb Sweet Potato Nourish Bowl (30 Minutes!)

Lately, I can’t get enough of romaine lettuce, which is weird considering a few months ago it was my least favorite green (next to iceberg). However, with the creation of our Vegan Caesar Salad with BBQ Sweet Potato Croutons, my love affair began, and it’s been going strong for months. This is an iteration of…
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1-Pot Green Curry with Chickpeas, Kale, and Sweet Potato

This comforting curry is inspired by our DIY green curry paste, which is a fusion of classic Thai green curry paste with flavors like lemongrass, garlic, and citrus, as well as whole spices like coriander and cumin seed. I dreamt up this dish after making a dressing with this beloved green curry paste and pouring…
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How to Cook with Less Oil (Guide + Oil-Free Recipes)

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with cooking with less oil. Not no oil, per say, but certainly less. Mainly because it’s somewhat of an experiment and challenge for me, but also because there may be health benefits to reducing consumption of oils. Why No Oil? I’m well aware that a decent portion of our audience adheres…
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Honey Mustard Roasted Brussels Sprouts

This recipe is inspired by the fried Brussels sprouts at a restaurant in Austin, Texas, called Mattie’s, and they’re irresistibly delicious. The sprouts are tossed in a sweet-savory, honey mustard glaze and pan fried to perfection (swoon). This may be our new favorite way to eat vegetables. Prepare to have your mind changed if you…
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Chewy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies (V/GF)

Infusing pumpkin flavor into baked goods can be a bit tricky. But learning from a few past experiments, I got to work infusing all of the sweet, spicy flavor of pumpkin into these cookies. The result was a dream! These pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are naturally gluten-free and vegan, studded with rolled oats and melty…
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Vegan Caesar Salad with BBQ Sweet Potato Croutons

Say hello to our new favorite salad. It’s crunchy, fresh, incredibly easy to make, and boasts BIG zesty flavor from our 5-minute Caesar dressing. The recipe was born out of a simple need to put dinner on the table with minimal effort. We had a bunch of random ingredients that got thrown together, and it…
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BBQ Roasted Sweet Potato Croutons

While throwing together dinner one night, I added some leftover roasted sweet potatoes to a green salad with a zesty dressing and thought, “This would be even better if the potatoes were roasted like ‘croutons’ and tossed in BBQ seasoning.” The rest is history.  Let us show you how this 30-minute, 9-ingredient recipe is made!…
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Gut-Calming Vegetable Broth (+ Miso Tonic)

Every once in a while when a stomachache or upset digestion comes along, nothing sounds quite as comforting as broth. Enter this 1-Pot Gut-Calming Vegetable Broth. It’s versatile — taking advantage of whatever veggies and aromatics you have on hand — and can be used in place of store-bought vegetable broth in cooking. And it…
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5-Ingredient No-Bake Cookie Energy Bites

Friends, are you ready for a throwback? These intensely delicious energy bites are adapted from a recipe I posted way way back in 2012 for No-Bake Cookie Bars, shortly after Minimalist Baker began. #memories The concept was simple: Throw a bunch of really good tasting ingredients like chocolate chips, peanut butter, and dates into a…
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Next-Level PB&J Smoothie

Ever miss the classic taste of the PB&J sandwich of your childhood? I do — often. But I don’t always want a sandwich with all the bread. So, I remedied this problem with a smoothie.  It hit me one day that if you make the strawberries into a compote first, it will intensify the “jam-like” flavors…
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Better-Than-Trader-Joe’s Edamame Hummus

I started working on this knock-off Trader Joe’s edamame hummus recipe two weeks ago. And then on Sunday, my husband and I decided on a whim to stop by Trader Joe’s on the way home from the farmers market. Guess what?

Quick Citrusy Cabbage Slaw (Mayo-Free)

If you tried our Beet Relish recipe, you’d know our fondness for the flavors in this Latin-inspired Roasted Plantain Black Bean Bowl, which is 100% inspired by the vegan bowl at Teote in Portland, Oregon.  Picture this: a bowl of fluffy rice, smoky black beans, citrusy beet relish, guacamole, fried plantains (have mercy), crunchy cabbage…
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Bubble Tea : What is Bubble Tea Made of ? Bubble Tea Calories – How to Make Bubble Tea ? Best Bubble Tea Recipe and Flavors

Are Bubble Tea Pearls Safe? We Requested a Physician for the Info Here is what you have to learn about what’s in your fashionable tea drink. You’ve got in all probability heard the viral story of {the teenager} who reportedly had greater than 100 undigested bubble tea pearls in her stomach. Sounds scary, proper? Effectively,…
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Simple Roasted Beet Relish

This simple, citrusy relish is inspired by the Vegan Bowl at Teote — a Latin restaurant we love in Portland, Oregon. In fact, I already shared my take on the bowl itself here. But there was something missing: The mysteriously delicious and addictive beet relish. I don’t know how exactly they make it at Teote,…
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Make-Ahead Breakfast Quesadillas

Skip the cereal—make this recipe for cheesy vegetarian Make-Ahead Breakfast Quesadillas, easily reheated to make a filling, on-the-go weekday morning meal. Quesadillas for Breakfast?! I am a little ashamed to admit that I never had breakfast quesadillas until about two years ago.

Creamy Coconut Hemp Milk

Say hello to my go-to dairy-free milk I’ve been crafting up for my beloved moringa and matcha lattes, granola, baking, and beyond! It’s made with unsweetened coconut flakes and hemp seeds and sweetened with dates, making it a 3-ingredient recipe that’s made easily in the blender. Let us show you how it’s done! This recipe…
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Freezer-Friendly Vegetarian Chili

After what I posted last week about not being ready for fall recipes yet, you probably think I’m a big hypocrite for posting this Freezer-Friendly Vegetarian Chili today. But let me explain! This is not a fall recipe, you see.

Fluffy Gluten-Free Naan (Yeast-Free, 20 minutes!)

Since making our vegan take on traditional Indian naan bread a while back, I’ve significantly decreased my consumption of gluten, so naan was off the table for a while. Moment of silence as we grieve.  The gluten-free alternatives I’d tried up to this point were admittedly lackluster. I missed the pillowy, stretchy naan bread infused…
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Vegan Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Shake

This overnight Vegan Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Shake recipe has oatmeal added to it so this shake will keep you full all morning long. Early Fall and Pumpkin Spice Even though fall doesn’t start until the end of September, somehow as soon as August ends, it feels like fall to me. Maybe it’s wishful thinking?

Vibrant Collard Green Wraps with Green Curry Tahini Sauce

This vibrant, colorful collard green wrap comes together in just 20 minutes and makes the perfect portable snack or meal. It’s great for making ahead for meal prep and keeps in the fridge for several days. The star of the show is the tangy-creamy green curry tahini sauce made with our go-to Green Curry Paste.…
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Butternut Squash and Caramelized Onion Flatbread

Cook once, eat twice! You can get two meals out of this recipe: Butternut Squash and Caramelized Onion Flatbread and Butternut Squash Penne.

Crispy Cajun Baked Fries (Oil-Free!)

We’ve made oil-free french fries before, but this new and improved method yields PERFECT french fries that are crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and tossed in a spicy Cajun-style spice blend for maximum flavor. The result is crispy fries that aren’t dried out and have BIG flavor. Plus, just a handful of…
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Smoked Cheddar Grits with Broiled Heirloom Tomatoes

This recipe for creamy, cheesy smoked cheddar grits topped with slices of heirloom tomatoes, then broiled to perfection, is so delicious! Finally Exploring North Carolina We’ve lived in North Carolina for a little over two years now and we still haven’t had the chance to explore very much. One of the reasons we were so…
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Panko-Crusted Eggplant Fries with Curried Cashew Aioli

This vegan Panko-Crusted Eggplant Fries recipe uses ground flax instead of egg. Serve these fried with Curried Cashew Aioli for dipping! Miraculous Flax Eggs Can we talk about the miracle of flax eggs?

Nourishing Chocolate Banana Adaptogenic Shake

We turned our favorite adaptogenic hot chocolate into a shake! Because it’s summer and it’s hot outside, but adaptogens are great year-round. Just 1 blender, 10 minutes, and 10 ingredients stand between you and this delicious shake. Let us show you how it’s done! What is an Adaptogen? Good question, and something I wondered about…
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Strawberry Watermelon Sorbet (5 Minutes)

While daydreaming about watermelon sorbet recently, I threw a few things in the blender hoping for an easier, quicker method, and the results were shockingly good. So good we went back for seconds…and thirds. This near-instant sorbet is made with simple frozen fruit, like strawberry, watermelon, and banana, and dairy-free milk or coconut water. The…
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Creamy Vegan White Pasta with Summer Vegetables

Inspired by summer produce and a love for pasta, we dreamt up this dish with sautéed yellow squash, red onion, roasted cherry tomatoes, and a light vegan white sauce. The result is an incredibly hearty yet light pasta with an abundance of vegetables and greens. The perfect plant-based side or entrée for summer and beyond.…
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