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The Parent’s Guide to Using Smart Home Devices

My wife likes to make fun of me for the fact that I apparently “want to live in a spaceship.” Which is to say that I have “a lot” of smart-home devices integrated into our lives. But after our son was born several months into the pandemic, we realized we could use those devices for…
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The Best Cloth Face Masks for Kids

Kids are superheroes for enduring the Covid-19 pandemic, and now they have the gear to prove it. Cloth face masks are easily the most important back-to-school item this year, but they are also among the most challenging. We looked at some 70 cloth masks for kids, pored over scientific studies, spoke with health experts and…
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The Best School Supplies for Back to School

If you’re a teacher getting ready for a new class, a parent prepping your kindergartener for their first day, or a college student transitioning to university life, this school year will likely be different—and bring new concerns and needs—from those of the past. But whether you’re planning for in-person learning, remote school, or a combination…
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How to Make Space for Kids to Be Creative at Home

By the end of the past school year, my 8-year-old daughter (like many kids) was stressed from pandemic homeschooling, and she was tired of her improvised workspace in my home office. When summer started we decided she didn’t just need a better space for school—she needed some upgrades for open, creative play, too. With a…
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The 20 Best Gifts for 3-Year-Olds

At age 3, the gift-giving game changes. Kids are more likely to know—and tell you—what they want. They have opinions, interests, and the language to express their excitement for presents. But that doesn’t take away the thrill and value of a good surprise. “Often the idea of receiving a gift is what’s exciting for them,…
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How to Pick the Best Smartwatch (or Dumb Phone) for Your Kid

If you don’t want to give your kid a smartphone but do want them to have a way to communicate as they become more independent, a smartwatch or a flip phone could be your answer. After testing eight of these devices with our own tween-age kids, we think a smartwatch is a better choice than…
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How to Set Up a Remote Learning Space for Your Kids

When the coronavirus pandemic forced schools to abruptly shut down earlier this year, my family, like many others, scrambled to make distance learning happen. My 14-year-old daughter would sometimes work on her iPad on the couch, at my desk in my home office, or even in bed. It was emergency remote learning, with the emphasis…
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Which Computer Should You Buy for Your Kid?

Shopping for a computer for your kid is stressful, even when everyone isn’t trying to figure out remote schooling in the middle of a pandemic. But now many more grade-school, middle-school, high-school, and college students need access to their own computer for both entertainment and virtual classes.

School’s Back, and It’s Anything but Normal. Here’s What You Need.

This is an uncertain time, especially for parents trying to plan for the upcoming school year. One thing, however, is certain: Until there’s a vaccine for COVID-19 or a significant reduction in cases, it won’t be school as usual. Whether you’re sending your kids to an in-person classroom, organizing a homeschooling pod, or planning for…
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The Best Folding Wagons

Folding wagons can be useful tools for families, beachgoers, or really anybody who needs to tote a lot of gear from one place to another. We researched dozens of wagons, tested six of them, and concluded that the MacSports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon is our favorite all-around wagon for basic toting. And we found…
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14 Antiracist Books for Kids and Teens Recommended by BIPOC Teachers and Librarians

Teaching children about racism is one of the hardest and most essential things any parent or educator can do. If you’re struggling with where to start, you’re not alone. In this extraordinary moment in history, many parents on our (mostly white) staff have also been thinking and learning about how important it is not just…
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Our Favorite Gear for Outdoor Fun With Kids This Summer

Perhaps you, too, are looking for ways to liven up the yard now that it functions as your family’s playground, beach, and outdoor living room—at least until parks are safe to visit again. Wirecutter has long reviewed gear for outdoor recreation, and we’ve spent dozens of hours researching and testing it all. (We once spent…
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Our Favorite Diaper Creams, Nail and Hair Tools, and Other Baby Care Essentials

Keeping a squirmy infant clean is a task worthy of Sisyphus—the minute you get them washed, brushed, and diapered, it’s time to start all over. But the right tools can make grooming your kid a little less of a battle. From the best diapering supplies and tiny scissors that keep sharp nails at bay to…
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Our Favorite Kids Beachwear

Getting in some outdoor time with the kids at the beach, lake, or pool may come with additional challenges or concerns this summer—but adequate sun protection doesn’t have to be among them. Below are some of our staff’s favorite items for keeping kids covered from top to bottom; elsewhere, we also have recommendations for sunscreen,…
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Learning Toys and STEM Toys We Love

We don’t think there’s a right or wrong way for kids to play. For this kid-oriented gift guide, we focused on learning toys—open-ended games, kits, toys and crafts that promote lifelong skills like critical thinking, problem solving, logic, and even coding. To choose from the hundreds of toys available, we spent more than 30 hours…
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Organic Kids Mattress – A Guide to Choosing the Best Organic Mattress for Kids

One of the most important decisions a parent can make is choosing the best mattress for kids, and more importantly – an organic kids mattress. In shopping for an organic kids mattress, price and comfort may be your top priorities. But did you know that even organic mattresses can have toxicity issues? Since your kids…
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A Breathable Crib Mattress? What You Need to Know

You want the safest possible sleep situation for your baby and you might have been told to get a breathable crib mattress. But is this really necessary and how do you know what’s right for your baby? Does a Breathable Crib Mattress Prevent SIDS? The CPSC ‘Back to Sleep’ campaign makes it clear that the…
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Are You Ready for Your Kids to Listen to You?

How many times do you say something to your child that gets completely ignored? Sometimes you end up yelling before you are heard and then everyone feels bad. It’s extremely frustrating and upsetting. It makes your job as a parent much more difficult when your kids don’t listen to you. It’s exhausting, really. Children’s brains…
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Use an Air Purifier for Smoke from Fire

  Air quality is at dangerous levels from fire smoke Update 10/31/19: We returned home last night after being evacuated for 5 days due to the Kincade Fire in Sonoma County. So grateful for our home, our community, the brave firefighters and our Austin Air Purifiers that are keeping our home clear from wildfire smoke. With…
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What’s Causing Your Child’s Meltdowns?

Does it feel like you’re in a constant battle with your child? Are you dealing with frequent emotional outbursts – intense meltdowns, defiance, explosive anger, or aggression? Sure, all kids have tantrums. But does it seem like your child’s meltdowns are intense and extreme? Maybe you’ve been told your child has ADHD or ODD or…
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Is Your Angry Child Purposely Defiant or Emotionally Stressed?

Is your child’s difficult behavior on purpose? “She knows it’s not ok to scream at me and say hurtful things.”“All of a sudden he goes into a rage and starts hitting and throwing things.”“We’ve tried everything and he should know better by now.” Why doesn’t he? It can certainly seem like your child is intentionally…
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What Causes Stress in Children?

In my previous post, Is Your Angry Child Purposely Defiant or Emotionally Stressed?, you learned that emotional stress is a major cause of children’s meltdowns. We all know what stress is. But what if your child doesn’t look stressed? When your child explodes into a rage over what seems like nothing, what can possibly be going…
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Underlying Physical Imbalances May Cause Aggressive Meltdowns

Did you know that aggressive behavior and frequent meltdowns can be the result of physical imbalances in the body and brain? The possible underlying physical causes of intense behavior might surprise you. These imbalances can be complex and difficult to detect and can certainly affect your child’s brain development and behavior – in both subtle and…
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ADHD Meltdown: Get to the Root Cause of the Explosive Behavior

  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD) Anxiety Disorders These are a few of the conditions now being diagnosed in children at alarming rates. If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD or a mood disorder, it might seem that the disorder is the cause of the…
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4 Steps to Help Your Kids through their Worst Meltdowns

We’ve all been there…. You’re tired and stressed and your child begins to have an intense meltdown. You think you know what to do until you’re caught in the highly charged frenzy of your child’s tantrum and find yourself reacting…what do you do now? If you’re like most parents, your immediate reaction is to want…
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How to Use Smart Lights to Help Your Kids Get to Bed (and Stay Asleep)

My son has never been able to sleep in complete darkness. And according to a 2018 study published in Physiological Reports, a dark room is best when it comes to kids getting a good night’s sleep. Know what’s not best? Sheer terror and flipping the lights on every five seconds.

Social Nature – Free Kids Anti-Viral Flu Care

Social Nature – Free Kids Anti-Viral Flu Care Log into your Social Nature account and select “Apply To Try”. If selected, you’ll get a free bottle of Sambucol Black Elderberry Anti-Viral Flu Care for Kids. You can also Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter Or join our Deals & Discounts Facebook Group for…
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Home Depot Binoculars Workshop (Kids 5-12)

Home Depot Binoculars Workshop (Kids 5-12) Set out on an adventure with your child in this Binoculars Workshop. Kids develop hands-on skills by gluing, hammering and more. With help from parents and Store Associates, your child will create their own pair of binoculars to take home. All kid get to keep their craft, receive a…
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How We Get Our Kids to Sleep

Once you become a parent, a full night’s sleep can feel like a precious gift. Those of us at Wirecutter with babies and toddlers lean on each other for advice and sympathy when it comes to getting our kids—and ourselves—more sleep. We have deeply researched guides to blackout curtains and shades, white noise machines, crib…
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The Best Pregnancy Pillows

After more than 30 hours of research and testing, including a session evaluating eight pregnancy pillows with a prenatal physical therapist, the Bluestone Full Body Contour U Pillow is the pillow we’d recommend to help you sleep comfortably and keep your body well-supported during pregnancy.


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