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Muscle Massage Gun

The Yuoko muscle massage gun provides a relaxing experience after any type of work out to help your body recover for the next. Personally I have always been skeptical about massage guns, that is until I tried this one out. I am a very active person working out 4-5 times a week, sometimes twice a…
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dser 23T Robot Vacuum

The dser 23T robot vacuum brings high value to the robotic vacuum world. Even though it is cheap, this vacuum does not compromise is features. We were able to try the dser 23T for a couple of weeks. At first, I was skeptical because the price is much lower than some of its competitors. Boy,…
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What Do You Meme Game

The What Do You Meme Game is like Cards Against Humanity but adding captions to popular meme photos from the internet. We’ve played it and had a blast! You may immediately think of the internet when you think “meme” but this game requires no apps or internet connection. It is purely played with everything delivered…
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No Ragrets Temporary Tattoo

Live your YOLO (You Only Live Once) life with this tattoo telling all your friends you live life to the max, without any regrets. You don’t even regret getting a misspelled tattoo… Let’s face it, most tattoos are incredibly permanent, so this is a way better alternative! This temporary tattoo will have your friends swinging…
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Long Distance Friendship Lamps – Wood

Want your friend down the street or across the world know you’re thinking of them? Get a pair of wood decorative lamps that let your friends know you’re thinking of them! These wood lamps are perfect desk lamps that connect to your WiFi and use a 2-way activation. So whenever you turn on your lamp…
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Pee Pee Teepee Lifesafers

Let’s face it, when you’re changing diapers you have a live cannon pointed right at you. Block that firehose with these Pee Pee Teepee Lifesafers to shield yourself and your clothes from attack! These cloth teepees are a soft and gentle solution to avoid any live fire from your little one while on the changing…
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Nerd Socks with Science Messages

Each of these nerdy socks has it’s own theme (science, math, etc.) with clever images patterned up the side of the nerd sock and clever messages on the bottom of each foot. We’ve had a chance to wear these socks in person and honestly, they’re great! We received them from Amazon and quickly delivered. The…
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27 Best Lego Technic Sets of All Time by Popularity

Based on Google rankings and honestly, what’s really super cool, we have assembled 27 of the Best Lego Technic Sets of All Time by Popularity. We break down Lego Technic Supercars, Lego Technic Boats and Lego Technic Planes in this comprehensive list of gift ideas to make any kid eager to put down their phone…
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Full Size Predator Costume – Customized To Your Size

Haunt the dreams of Arnold Schwarzenegger with an incredibly detailed Full Size Predator Costume. Take alien-chic and tribal accessories to the next level with one of the best Predator Costumes ever! This epically detailed handmade costume is the life of any party, made from materials lattice, schiuma, resina. This is an Etsy special, with an…
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Mini (5L) Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Keep your whisky stored like a professional. Imagine having an actual mini oak whiskey barrel currently aging some tasty whiskey on tap for your friends and family. Can anyone say Epic? This is an actual oak barrel that uses the natural wood to accelerate the aging process of whiskey up to 10 times faster. So…
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Long Distance Friendship Interactive Light

Turn on this lamp in your room, and your friend’s lamp across the world will do the same. These lamps can sync two or more friends anywhere in the world so you can let them know you’re thinking of them. These lamps made from acrylic and LED lights are a fun interaction for friends down…
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Long Distance Tap Bracelet Set

Long distance relationships are tough, but make them a little better with a bracelet that blinks and vibrates to let your partner know you’re “thinking of them”. Tap your bracelet and your partner will feel the tap anywhere in the world. These bracelets are stainless steel and waterproof protected for a great gift idea to…
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Rubix Cube With No Stickers To Peel Off & Reglue

Ever know that kid that couldn’t solve the Rubix Cube so they peeled off the stickers and reglue them in order? Here is the proof of a real brainiac. The post Rubix Cube With No Stickers To Peel Off & Reglue appeared first on Gift Idea Geek.

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