Grab 2 Dumbbells and Get Ready to Crush This Trainer’s 4-Move Arms and Abs Workout

You don’t have to hit the gym for an hour plus in order to get a good workout in. Don’t believe us? Just check out Kelsey Wells’s latest workout video on Instagram. Because life can get crazy, Kelsey’s expanded her PWR Program with PWR at Home, workouts you can do at home and even while traveling.

“Many apartments and hotels have gyms, but they have very limited space and equipment,” Kelsey said in her caption. Instead of stressing about the lack of equipment, Kelsey’s solution is simple: use the dumbbells. To save time Kelsey skipped straight sets (completing all the sets and reps of a given exercise before moving to the next exercise) and opted for supersets. Not only will supersets save time, the little rest in between each set will really get your heart rate up.

If you’re short on time, definitely give Kelsey’s PWR at Home workout a shot.

The Arms and Abs Workout

Don’t forget to warm up before starting the workout. Once you’re ready to go, grab a set of dumbbells. “Repeat as many times as possible for six minutes,” Kelsey said. Be sure to cool down once you’re done!

Take 30 seconds of rest.

Take 30 seconds of rest.

Be sure to check out the full video above to see how Kelsey performs each exercise.

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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY ON PREP + DRESS REVEAL (from Nadine Merabi!) – Prep With Me, Episode 8

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY ON PREP + DRESS REVEAL (from Nadine Merabi!) – Prep With Me, Episode 8

Welcome to EPISODE 8 of my new series, PREP WITH ME!

– a full day of eating while on prep
– physique update
– competition evening gown DRESS REVEAL, by Nadine Merabi!

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DRESS IS FROM NADINE MERABI, here’s the link! I wear a size small.

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30 Delicious and Easy-to-Make Recipes That Are Vegan and Paleo-Approved

You’ve heard of vegan and you’ve heard of Paleo, but vegan Paleo? Basically, it means a diet rich with fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds, but no meat, dairy, eggs, grains, legumes (like beans, lentils, tofu, and peanuts), and alcohol and limited sugar. OK, so that may not feel like there’s much left on the “can eat” list, but these recipes, many of which are plant-based, will prove that you can eat a vegan Paleo diet and still eat well.

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Best Sports To Play Solo


Sports are one of the best ways to participate in teamwork, make friends, and relax. Most of the sports generally require teamwork where players give their best to achieve victory. Apart from teamwork, there are many sports where you can go solo to showcase your individual skills. It helps to accomplish individual achievements. In this type of sports, players also target to break their own previous records. The benefits of solo games are numerous and that is the reason that many people prefer it over the team games.

If you are strong enough, you have firm conviction over your decision, you don’t want to rely on others then the individual’s games are well suited on you. You also need to go through a variety of solo sports and figure out which sports appealed you the most. Here we are providing you with some of the best solo sports that are played at the global level.


Tennis is one of the ultimate solo sports and is played at the global level. This sports have gained huge popularity. Some of the top performers of this games are rich and famous. They have a very high fan following. Once you step in the court, you are available only with your racquets. Join a tennis club and start playing the games from today only.


It is yet another solo sports in the series. Here also, your individual performance can help in fetching medals and trophies to your organization. It’s one of the best sports to keep you healthy and active. It is such sports which you can enjoy throughout the year. You can go swimming even in the rivers and the ocean. There is also some caution associated which is needed to be considered while doing swimming.


Cycling can be however be considered as a team sports. Sometimes the average of the entire team to reach any particular position is calculated. However, the performance of the team depends on individual performance. Therefore, an individual cyclist is free to decides his speeds and direction. As part of the solo sports it is one of the most adventurous and fun-loving sports.


Golf is generally not within the reach of everyone and is treated as one of the sports. It is also one of the best solo sports to increase your skills and achievements. It is one of the best sports for enhancing accuracy, concentration, timing and eye-hand concentration. Of course you may need a partner to play but the strategy will be completely yours. It also increases your upper body strength.

These are some of the solo sports where you should try your hands. They are fun generating, adventurous and above all helps you to maintaining good health. You also don’t need to gather a team. You will be much flexible with your timing and strategy. We also encourage you to search for some more solo sports to prove your potential.


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Sales Techniques that Don’t Work on Social Media

Sales Techniques that Don't Work on Social Media

Mistakes New Network Marketers Make!

Despite all the negativity and myths about network marketing, it is a viable, affordable way to create extra income from home. Unfortunately, people who get involved in network marketing make mistakes they probably wouldn’t make if they had a good understanding on the etiquette of this profession.

Even though network marketing has been around for decades, it is still considered an unknown profession and often misunderstood. Mostly because it doesn’t fall into the higher education “in the box” courses and careers. 

Typically, new network marketers will research online how to get started in network marketing.

Depending on the search that comes up, they can gather some business strategies and techniques that can harm them more than help them succeed. 

Additionally, they may learn these techniques from their upline or sponsor.

Network marketing is a business like any other business, and as a result, it needs to be managed and marketed as any other business would. Here are a few common mistakes new network marketers make and how you can avoid them.

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As a fitness instructor, she has been able to help many health enthusiasts and fitness fantastic as well as fitness professionals, create a home business centered all around fitness and helping others achieve their goals.
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A Finish Line Sprint and the Youngest Champ Ever: Congrats to the Boston Marathon Winners

While last year’s Boston Marathon was defined by its freezing rains and heavy winds, the 2019 edition’s heat and humidity presented a different challenge. (Frankly, there are probably no perfect weather conditions in which to run 26.2 miles.) Still, it’s the world’s most prestigious marathon for a reason. The winners pushed over rolling hills and through the heat for a chance at the podium.

Women’s Race

In her first Boston Marathon – and only her fourth marathon ever – Ethiopian Worknesh Degefa nabbed the top spot in a time of 2:23:31. She claimed the lead after the fourth mile and only widened the gap as the race went on, posting blistering sub-5:20 splits early on. Degefa stayed ahead of second place winner Edna Kiplagat, the 2017 Boston winner, who finished in 2:24:13. In third place was Jordan Hasay, the top American, who was running her first marathon since October 2017 after dealing with stress fracture injuries. Desiree Linden, the American who won last year’s race, placed fifth.

Women’s Push Rim Wheelchair Race

Switzerland’s Manuela Schar set the push rim course record at Boston in 2017, and on Monday she took home first place once again, winning the race in 1:34:18. “I had a really bad experience last year,” she said of the 2018 race, when she had to drop out. “I really wanted this, so I’m really happy how it turned out.” Schar beat Tatyana McFadden, the American and five-time winner who won last year’s slog through the rain. Australian Madison de Rozario took third.

Men’s Race

Marathons typically don’t come down to photo finishes, but the 2019 men’s race in Boston did, and it was one for the ages. It came down to Kenyan Lawrence Cherono and Ethiopian Lelisa Desisa racing each other down the stretch, with Cherono edging in for the win with just yards to spare. Afterward, Cherono said his final push came from the determination to win his first major marathon. “I’m so grateful,” he said. “I’m so thankful for the people of Boston.” He beat Desisa by just 2 seconds with an unofficial time of 2:07:57, while Kenneth Kipkemoi of Kenya took third. Watch the epic finish below.

Men’s Push Rim Wheelchair Race

An American hadn’t won the men’s push rim race since 1993. In his third Boston Marathon, Daniel Romanchuk broke the dry spell, winning with a time of 1:21:36 – a new US record. He also made history as the race’s youngest winner ever, at just 20 years old. The new champion and 2016 Paralympian said after the race that the experience was surreal. “Boston is such an iconic race. There’s an extremely strong field this year; it’s an incredible experience to push with all of them.” He beat two-time winner Masazumi Soejima of Japan, who came in second, and the four-time defending champ Marcel Hug of Switzerland, who got third.

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The Art of Creating Magical Experiences with Steve Sims

The Art of Creating Magical Experiences
with Steve Sims

Forbes magazine calls Steve Sims the MODERN DAY WIZARD OF OZ and after chatting with him for this episode, I feel they NAILED it with that name!

You see, Steve grew up in London and came from very humble beginnings. Growing up in the 80’s , when entrepreneurship was frowned upon, he was a bricklayer by trade just like his dad and just like his grandfather. This is all he knew, and was taught to be.

When it hit him one day that THIS was going to be his whole life, he decided to SHIFT and create everything from nothing.

Today, Steve is the CEO of Author of Bluefishing and he is a MASTER at creating MAGICAL experiences for clients,


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to create lasting partnerships
  • How to drive value through relationships
  • Why connections are the most valuable thing in your life
  • Why people pay for experience more than anything

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Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Busy Mornings

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and supporting energy levels throughout a busy day start with breakfast. Sugary cereals, processed energy bars, or even a bagel spike your blood sugar levels and leave you crashing before lunch. These quick and easy breakfast recipes will help you maintain energy levels throughout a hectic day and are effortless to make.